Artist Review: Kevin Borland – “Talking To Dead People” Album

Orlando, Florida’s Kevin Borland started making his impact in the music world with his 2016 debut album ‘Harbor City Meltdown’, a record that handsomely boasts his artistically progressive pop/alternative rock signature sound with a stylization that is original and dynamic. Tackling the realm of music with many successful releases under his belt over many years, Borland has a true knack and passion for being a composer/solo artist with several crucial influences from industry heavyweights like David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, as well as guitar pioneer Steve Vai.

Consistently putting out an array of notable releases since his debut in 2016, Borland has manifested into a thriving and rising solo artist, upping the ante with every record in terms of catchiness, coherence, creativity and originality. And this is heavily apparent with his newest album ‘Talking To Dead People’, a 15-track juggernaut that brings Borland’s colorful musical landscapes into to the forefront with cohesively catchy guitar riffs, progressive keyboard measures and melody-driven vocals fused together with well thought out lyrical themes. The track “Spoon Without a Fork” is a good example of this. With an unwavering groove from start to finish at the helm of this song, this track’s bass lines really tighten up the rhythm section in a way that drives the song in a dynamic direction alongside the story-telling narrative of Borland’s vocals. Topping the flavors off with prog/rock-style single-picking guitar riffs, this song is a standout of the album with its innovative verses and dangerously catchy chorus alongside all of the layers this song peels back as it plays out. If this is your first time hearing Kevin Borland, then this song will leave you with an insatiably unforgettable impression.

Another notable track on this record is the synth-driven “Autographed Picture of a Robot Dog”, a more jam band kind of approach with a gritty, bluesy rotund low end carrying an ominous melody that reminds you of the London nightlife. This song is anthemic, atmospheric and continues to demonstrate Borland’s inventive lyrical narratives – giving this song a distinctive edge that is sharp, witty and altogether innovative. Every part of this song is put together very diligently, especially the background vocal layers in the chorus that really give the entirety of this song’s melody an enhancement of compliments and style. It’s a brilliant listen from beginning to end and really solidifies the album’s overall tone.

One other song that really stands out on this record is closing track “No Love in the USA”, a more upbeat track with cruising tempos, diligently paralleled keys and guitars, and a big chorus that encompasses an anthemic arena of catchiness. This crafty closeout song not only wraps the record up with a shiny bow on top, but also entices you to start the record over again and do a deeper dive into Kevin Borland’s discography altogether. One thing this album has especially is multi genre approaches without crossing into absurd genre-mixing territories. It’s not some experimental craziness, it’s a diligently-composed and brilliantly themed collection of songs with crafty thought provoking lyrics that implement artistic outbursts of spoken word measures that really lend to the theming aspects of each song – coherently showcasing a signature sound that’s not only effective, but innovative in its execution as well. The attention to detail is amazing not only in terms of writing, but the performance factor as well. The production value is on point and doesn’t outdo itself in any way throughout the record’s duration. All in all, ‘Talking to Dead People’ is hands down Kevin Borland’s best release effort yet and will definitely hold a high regard upon those giving him a first listen. Those who are just discovering him will especially be impressed and will likely find enticement to go down the rabbit hole of Borland’s past releases, as well as pay close attention to the prospect of future ones as well. This album will not (and does not) disappoint in the slightest. ‘Talking to Dead People’ officially drops in June of this year and will be available across all digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: The Harmalators – “Two Great Minds Think Alike” Album

We’ve had The Harmalators duo on our platform before, and they have yet to do disappoint. Since that time, the elite Californi-natives have put together another plethora of colorfully eclectic songs with top notch production value and songwriting technique versatility – some which have landed them in award/charting positions. Comprised of eight amazingly blissful textures and structures that melodically soar throughout the musical landscape, the two brothers in The Harmalators have truly hit it out of the park with their 8-track collective, titled ‘Two Great Minds Think Alike‘, an exercise in innovation, thoroughness, blissfulness and so much more that’ll captivate your musical aura and ambience.

Opening track “Love On Fire” really emphasizes their vocal melody approach, all while keeping that indie feel at the forefront with several facets of different instruments playing their respective roles. Each vocalist really helps enhance the other and you can tell that their togetherness and solidification really puts the melody strength into the writing structure in its entirety. It’s a brilliant intro to the album that will easily entice you to listen to the duration of the record in its entirety.

“Where Would I Be Without You” is a much more simple listen but is undeniably a much more basic structure – and that is held to the highest regard. It’s a shorter song, one that is easily to take in as a classic, and could definitely be heard as an intro to one of those 90s sitcoms (a GOOD one, by the way). Another facet of this track is to find it impossible to get it out of your head. From its title track lyrics, addictive melody structure and just overall charming presence with its well-put-together.

Overall, ‘Two Great Minds Think Alike’ insatiably showcase both brothers’ strongest points in both production and performance value in ways that entice any listener to hear what they’ve put together over the years together and solo-wise as well. They’ve put out a small catalogue of their innovative gems in the past foür😝 its time, but this 8-track collection of highly-produces bliss will definitely turn some heads; especially when an album like this is in the band’s arsenal.

“Two Great Minds Think Alike” have also garnered them some award status. Including…

If this is the first time you’ve heard the first time you’ve heard The Harmalators, then it definitely won’t be the last!



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Key Strategies and Equipment to Promote Your Music in 2021

Recording your music with the intent of releasing it and getting it heard can be quite the journey. Fortunately, independent musicians now have the resources to do this without needing a full-blown production setup and an extensive budget. In fact, indie artists were estimated to have generated more than $20 billion in 2020 alone. It’s important to remember, however, that recording is only half the work done. Bringing all that hard work into fruition means having the right strategies to release and promote your music. There are many ways to do this, but we’ve narrowed it down to the five key ways that you can successfully promote your music in 2021:

1. Set up a pre-order

Setting up a pre-order is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz early and build anticipation for the music you will release. It also lets you gauge how much attention you’re getting and whether to increase promotional efforts for the actual release. Similar to selling a product idea, there are several advantages to pre-selling your music before launching: it provides validation, gives you greater assurance of success, and helps you create partnerships and gather support. As you gain momentum for your release, your pre-order will also act as a call-to-action during any interviews or press releases you may do. If someone hears you on a podcast, for instance, they can pre-order your album right there and then. It’s important to set up the pre-order on your website so that you can gain access to statistics on how sales are performing.

2. Create quality promotional materials

Attracting more people to listen to your sound will depend on the quality of your promotional materials, too. Do not underestimate the power of visuals when it comes to publicizing your music. This involves taking professional-quality photos and excellent graphic design. You’ll need promo photos and videos to share with different websites and publications. More than just creative vision, you’ll also need professional cameras to capture detailed, high-resolution images that can be manipulated and edited for your promotional materials. The Sony ZV-1 Compact 4K HD Camera is a great option because it’s sleek and still manages to provide a resolution of 20 megapixels and has 4.35x optical zoom capabilities. Plus, a good set of high-definition photos and videos can be used for different formats, so it’s a good investment.

3. Develop your presence on social media

There’s no better way to promote your music than on social media. However, it’s not enough to just post and share random snippets of your music. Develop and maintain a consistent and engaging presence on all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. For instance, if you’re releasing something like a guitar instrumental, try engaging your audience by asking them to add lyrics, share it on their social profiles, and tag you. This creates a relationship with your audience that is extremely valuable when promoting the rest of your music. Make the most of your social media presence to boost your music’s reach.

4. Release a music video

People often look for visual cues that will hook them to a particular song. An exciting and original music video can get you more attention than if you released a single by itself. Similar to your publication materials, creating a good music video will require the right gear. Some of the best videos in 2021 have become even more creative, using handheld cameras to weave interesting narratives, like Wiki and Navy Blue’s rap video. When shooting music videos, you can use 4k cameras like the Sony A7S III or the Panasonic Lumix S1H to ensure consistent, crisp quality. They also have a wide range of options for lenses, so you can get as creative as you want with your segments. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when making a music video for your upcoming release. The best videos always have something unique and intriguing about them, so it may be a good idea to take the same approach.

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