Press Release: Rising UK Country Starlet Saskia Vese Continues Her Winning Streak With Her Upbeat and Catchy Single “Good Girl”

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

UK’s Saskia Vese has been dominating the Country Music spectrum these last couple years with her charismatic vocals, stunning good lucks, wholesomely catchy lyrics and an artistic merit that has been very consistently versatile. Her single “Say Hello” hit the ground running immediately, being featured as “Song Of The Week,” then quickly upgraded to “Song Of The Month” in the prominent US Radio circuit. The skyrocketing track was also used as a theme song for another radio station and also began climbing the Country Music charts in the UK and EU, igniting a fire for the song’s popularity as a fan requested favorite. These past few weeks, she grabbed the industry’s attention again with her highly anticipated single “Headlights,” which amassed an insatiable following in the Country Music community and garnered sever positive reviews and critical acclaim since the track dropped on July 12th.

Now, relentlessly keeping her momentum thriving at locomotive speeds regardless of the barriers created by the COVID virus, Saskia proves once again that nothing can stand in her way when it comes to keeping her career climbing to new heights. Her follow-up single “Good Girl” has been fully written, tracked, mastered and is ready to be unleashed throughout the Country Music world and beyond, and this time she has really raised the bar. While her past singles have showcased her artistry in a way that has delved into her growth, ideas, thoughts, lyrical concepts and everything else an artist goes through – “Good Girl” truly captures a dynamically fun side to Saskia’s writing style and takes us through a journey of a heart, mind and soul of a good girl looking for a bad boy; the type of scenario almost any young lady in her teens and twenties could resonate with by putting this song in their own shoes while sharing their own stories of a story all too familiar – chasing the bad boys!

“Good Girl” right from the beginning kicks in to high gear with a Bluesy guitar riff that sprinkles in that Country edge that Saskia’s music is identifiably known for and completely encapsulates her distinctive signature sound we’ve all come to know and love since her first single. Featuring story-telling vocals with diligent additives of upper 3rd harmonies to compliment each measure, Saskia immediately shows the listener from the very first verse that she has a story to tell and an arsenal of vocal skills to showcase. The chorus in this single is powerful, wholesomely presented and comes together in a way that fully embraces Saskia’s unwavering knack for multilayered and multifaceted vocal projections. Her stylistic mid-to-high range is performed solidly without any post production additives and is brilliantly executed just like her previous singles where her authenticity remains at the forefront. Her band on this song provides tightly-knit rhythmic verses, exuberant drum and bass fills accompanied by a lead guitar and key section that emphasizes every measure of this song. The instrumentally-perfected unified unit of renowned pro musicians truly bring out the best of Saskia’s vocal approach and even heighten her potential throughout the song’s duration.

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Exclusive Review: David Punch – “In This Together” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of David Punch’s New Single

With the COVID19 pandemic coming closer to an end, we are discovering that lots of artists during the lockdown period spent their time writing and reflecting on how the virus was impacting the world. One of them is Ireland-based artist David Punch, a young and eclectic musician that began hitting the ground running six years ago when he first manifested. His optimistic and uplifting single “In This Together” is an anthemic song that reminds us that we aren’t alone in this pandemic, and that we will be stronger and wiser once things return to normal.

His catchy indie Rock and acoustically-infused style is fun, upbeat and catches your attention from the onset. David‘s mid-range vocal approach is effective and presents melody choices that give you an instant indication that he knows how to structure a song very diligently. When it comes to his lyrics, just about anyone can resonate with them. His punchlines (no pun intended) are crucial, clever and really gets his story across with a realistic outlook. The chorus in this song is delivered very strongly and will have you singing it by the second time it comes around. It’s a powerful song with insatiable artistic merit and explores several angles of David Punch‘s abilities as a musician.

This song also has unwavering staying power – the ability to stay with you even after it’s over. Its realism and self awareness is inspiring and will easily capture hearts and minds with every listener. You can find David Punch‘s single on YouTube and several other digital platforms. This song is recommended to anyone wanting to hear a refreshing outlook on COVID19, and to any indie Rock fan that loves to discover new eclectic talent. This is a very important song for 2020.

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Exclusive Review: David Vaters – “When I Met You” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of David Vaters’ New Single

With a great vocal range and well structured melodies, Country-Rock recording artist David Vaters brings on a journey of anthemic soul and substance with his newest single “When I Met You”.

Garnering success and highly acclaimed recognition from previous hits like “Red Sea” and “Forgive” (which currently has a quarter million views on YouTube), David Vaters is no stranger to the industry and has amassed an insatiable buzz and extensive fan base since he began hitting the ground running in the music realm many years ago. His distinctive Country sound with versatile Rock elements has captured the hearts of thousands and continues to stay on his winning streak throughout 2020 and beyond. His newest single “When I Met You”, featured from his upcoming album ‘A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 3″, is a masterfully crafted track with multifaceted musicianship factors and production value that effectively showcases Vaters‘ songwriting and performance abilities with his wholesome signature sound and heartfelt lyrics. With great blends of acoustic and electric guitar progressions combined with finely tuned vocal melodies and harmonies, the precision on this song is unwaveringly tight knit along with the raw catchiness.

Vaters‘ mid-range vocals have great projection and makes this song’s chorus into an anthem-quality, surpassing expectations of just the same old standard chorus. His vocals stand out in many crucial areas that really delve deep into David‘s artistic merit and lyrical arrangements. The melody-driven guitar parts accompanied by a solid rhythm section really ties the song together and showcases each instrumental role. The slide guitar solo at the end is a beautiful touch and adds textures throughout the song that makes it not only effective, but charming as well. It’s the perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s more notable Country-Rock that we’ve all come to know and love over many decades, and this is the type of song (and artist) that will keep paving the way to keep Country music alive and kicking.

No matter what, “When I Met You” is a track that just about any Country fan will appreciate. You can find the song on YouTube and several digital music streaming platforms. You can also find more info on David Vaters‘ official website which is listed below.

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Exclusive Review: Norquay – “In Time” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Norquay’s single “In Time”

Exploring the trials and tribulations of social issues, political fallacies and the consequences of societal downfalls, Norquay‘s single “In Time” is a thought provoking anthem that touches on many focal points of why our nations are collapsing, how we’ve come to this, and the desire to become better people so we can do our part in healing the damage that’s already been done. This powerful message is not only pivotal, but also relevant as ever.

With a solid acoustic guitar progression at the helm of this track’s structure, Norquay‘s melodically Indie Rock signature sound is full of ambient textures and atmospheric resonance. His low-to-mid range vocals are crucial when it comes to effectiveness, lending a stylization that parallels beautifully with the story-telling verses and unrelenting chorus. With a sound reminiscent to industry greats like Coldplay, Muse and a touch of David Bowie, Norquay successfully blends an atmosphere of dreamlike musical sequences and next level lyrical outbursts that give this song a high pedestal to stand on, and a loud message to send across the soundscapes between himself as an artist and the world at large.

Each measure after every chorus adds to a buildup that encompasses a terrific payoff. The production value has been handled with care and the performance value is natural and showcases Norquay‘s artistic merit perfectly. It’s rare that a song of such importance comes along in a way that is truly profound. It asks many questions that many others may be too afraid to ask, let alone answer. And that’s why this song hits home and dives deep into your soul the way that it does. “In Time” is a must-listen for all those out there looking for something reflective, deep, and all too real. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: The Breaks The Beat – “This Town & The Next” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of “This Town & The Next”

Renowned for their acoustic, electric and eclectic signature sound, The Breaks The Beat have been cleverly described as a culmination of an undying passion for music and friendships – which is definitely a strong foundation between any group that is set out to live the dream among the industry greats that have influenced and inspired them. With members living in different areas of North America including Vancouver (Canada) and Tacoma (Washington), this collective has come together to create music that raises the bar in good ideas, strong songwriting, and a wholesome stylization that balances equal parts originality and familiarity. And with the release of their recent album ‘This Town & The Next’, The Breaks The Beat prove that their multifaceted musicianship is a true tour de force that is set out to claim a rightful place in the industry far above contemporary levels.

This album is full of anthems, rather than just songs. Their acoustically-infused Indie/Rock style with many multi-genre textures serve up a consistent flow of tracks that all compliment each other and tie in together on this 14-track record, and never lets up the charm. Songs like “The Other End of Town” and “The Evolution of Revolution” are beautifully executed tracks with well put together acoustic progressions, versatile vocals with a Pink Floyd sensibility, and a smooth rhythm section to solidify an unforgettable wholesome sound that just about anyone will enjoy. The subtle verses are soothing and encapsulates an early 2000s Indie vibe while the choruses are more mainstream with an immersive parallel between a low-to-mid range vocal approach and a direct vocal projection that stand out in the forefront. The catchiness is absolutely contagious and these tracks are definitely strong in the album’s first half.

“Extract Happiness” is another charming song with great vocal play that includes well-adjusted rasps, uplifting guitar riffs and story-telling lyrics that really grabs your undivided attention. While songs like “Birdhouse” and “Hawaii” are a little more upbeat and achieve really well paced rhythms and diligently crafted vocal melodies that are big standouts and definitely resonates perfect tie-ins with the rest of the album. Ending track “Lock On My Tongue Tied To My Teeth 2.0” goes out with a bang with its Rock-influenced energy, low gain electric guitars and the same effectively anthemic vocals that makes this album what it is. It’s a mess load of fun that will entice you to give a standing ovation after this track plays out, and really gets you to appreciate this album in whole.

It’s also interesting to note that The Breaks The Beat have also been highlighted in international songwriting competitions and have built an insatiable buzz and dedicated fan base since they began hitting the ground running after their inception into the market in 2017. This album definitely reflects the band in a way that gets you to believe that it’s not surprising such a band could accomplish achievements like this, but at the same time does surprise you that they haven’t accomplished more. But we’re not worried, with an album and direction like this, The Breaks The Beat have plenty more in store as they continue to thrive throughout the scene and make more of their dreams a reality. They clearly have what it takes and we are stoked to see what they do next in the very near future. ‘This Town & The Next’ released this year on June 5th and is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than happy you gave this record a spin.

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