Exclusive Artist Review: The Relics – “Addicted” Single

When it comes to catchy riffs and full-throttle Rock elements that perfectly implement stylizations from both yesterday and today’s Rock eras, Atlanta-based rockers The Relics‘ newest single “Addicted” absolutely delivers the goods.

Known for their anthemic riffs, punchy rhythm section and solid vocal hooks, “Addicted” is The Relics‘ newest effort that is definitely appropriately titled. From the second this track starts, it goes all in from start to finish completely uninterrupted. Their authentic sound is apparent immediately and fits in perfectly with just about any era of Rock you desire. It has elements of Classic Rock, 80s hair band Rock, 90s grunge and today’s more versatile Rock sound. But the best thing is definitely the top notch songwriting and performance value. There’s no over-production theatrics whatsoever and reinforces the plug-in-and-play formula that made Rock what it is today. The vocals have an impressive mid-to-high range that follows a formulaic melody that really drives this tune. The lyrics are clever, the catchiness is unwavering and the band is unapologetically authentic. You just can’t go wrong with this song.

The Relics have been hitting the ground running since their inception into the market and “Addicted” is definitely going to take the band to new heights. If you haven’t heard them yet, then this track will give you an instant fan status. One of the most notable parts of the song is the staying power — the power to stay with you even after it’s over and will leave an everlasting impression on you. It’ll also entice you to look into The Relics‘ discography. Past, present and future. “Addicted” releases on March 12th and can be pre-saved at the link below. You’ll be more than glad you did.


Exclusive Review: Eric Peterson – “Tonal Accents” Album/LP

Very few veteran artists have accomplished what Salt Lake City based multi-musician Eric Peterson has. With 21 CDs under his belt of a vast array of musical styles, it’s no wonder his latest 12-track juggernaut, Tonal Accents, is clearly breaking new grounds in the world of instrumental releases.

This record cleverly mixes several angles of genres that adapt both 90s and 2000s Rock elements with hints of Classic Rock vibes as well. Emerging into the scene in the 90s, Eric Peterson has manifested a signature sound that is both innovative and multifaceted. From crisp and catchy openers “Friday 4:59PM” to the appropriately titled “Smooth And Serene”, to the hauntingly ominous “Cryptic Talk” and “Subdued”, you get a clear glimpse into the versatile songwriting style that Peterson diligently executed throughout this album’s duration. And that’s one of the most effective ways to put out an instrumental record – showcase as many angles as possible. The classic Rock-era stylistic drum tempos lay a solid foundation on every song and will easily captivate both old listeners and new upon the first listen. Tonal Accents really demonstrates the authenticity of Peterson‘s musicianship factors and really lays out the perfect blueprint to putting out a truly impactful solo record.

The production value on this record is something to behold. It touches on both equal parts originality and familiarity, delving into atmospheric elements that diligently mix yesterday’s and today’s engineering styles. It has a little bit of everything, which will easily provide that dose of nostalgia for fans of older Rock eras, and today’s more modern take on the genre. The guitar work plays a big role on this record from smooth bass lines, energetic acoustic riffs and electric melodies that bring Eric Peterson‘s writing skill set to the forefront. If you dig guitar legends like Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, then Tonal Accents will be one of your favorite releases this year. The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. Pick this one up if you’re looking for a fresh take on your favorite guitar-driven records.


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Exclusive Review: Working Class Hussys – “Things That You Do” Single

If you’re craving a signature Pop Rock and Indie sound with insatiable catchiness, top notch production value and dynamic guitar work, then Working Class Hussys newest single “Things That You Do” will definitely be your draft pick for 2021.

There are many standouts on this track, and too many is never enough. From impressive chord progressions and an amazing vocal range at the forefront, Working Class Hussys are definitely dressed to impress and this newest single will catch new fans upon their first listen. Utilizing a multifaceted Pop Rock sound with the right dosage of indie qualities accompanying it, this group has put together a song that’s not only radio friendly, but will undoubtedly catch the ears of underground/indie fans as well with their clever musicianship factors that really help solidify this track altogether. Vocalist Ian Patrick Gentles reaches the top of his game on this song with an incredibly diverse vocal range, thought provoking lyrics and distinct melodies that really catch his artistic merit.

Another notable feature on this track is the production value. With several layers in this song diligently mixed, the overall master really showcases the band’s talent and each band member’s contributions to this track. Every detail helps bring forth an atmosphere that is effective, original and versatile in its own right. This track is more anthemic than it is contemporary, and will serve as an influential release for 2021’s Rock genres. Overall, this is an absolute must-hear on every level. The band has an innovative sound that sustains the perfect mix of yesterday’s and today’s Rock favorites, and will be enjoyed by many fans from several musically influential generations. “Things That You Do” officially releases through Distrokid this Friday on Spotify. You can get details below – and you’ll be glad you did.

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