Exclusive Artist Review: Heather Smith – “Took My Breath Away” Single

South Carolina’s Heather Smith began hitting the ground running in the Country Music realm in 2018 with her debut album “A Brand New Start”, a spiritual Gospel/Country record that introduces her captivatingly catchy and distinctive signature sound which garnered her an insatiable buzz upon release. That same year, she followed up with her sophomore album “The Gift Of Love”, a second anthemic record that further manifested her style and artistic merit altogether, amassing a wider fan base and a multitude of new listeners that would immediately draw into her catchy catalogue of wholesome and spiritual Country songs with the same Gospel factor that made her debut release just as effective; proving that her talent and hard work perfectly parallels her passion to make memorable and impressionable music that any fan of the Country genre could enjoy.

Now in 2021, with several successful releases under her belt, Heather Smith has put together “Took My Breath Away”, a catchy new single that encompasses her musical aura and presence in the world of Country that showcases her graceful vocal delivery, diligent songwriting ability and her distinctive recipe for vocal melody choices that truly capture her versatility. This single has top-of-the-line production value that parallels Heather’s performance on this release, brilliantly blending a classic country approach with today’s more modern sensibility. It’s a track that could easily be heard on today’s more prominent Country radio stations and could easily draw comparisons to today’s biggest Country stars.

One major factor of Heather’s new single however is the staying power – the ability to stay with you even long after it’s over. It’s a track that will easily get passed around among today’s biggest fans of the Country genre, and you could definitely see a rising artist like her on tour with some of the genre’s more successful artists in the Country music circuit. With the success of her releases and top-notch production value that accompanies them, she’s on her way to doing just that – and so much more. Heather Smith has really raised the bar with “Took My Breath Away” not just for herself, but for the genre altogether. She’s definitely not an artist to sleep on by any means, she’s making major headway with her career and now would be a good time to get to know her before she makes it to the world stage. The single is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Natalis – “But God” & “Sin Duda” Singles

Bronx, NY’s Natalis is no stranger to the musical world. The crafty and versatile singer has appeared on albums with J. Cole, Kanye West and a slew of other industry heavyweights over the years, is a 2-time Grammy nominee and has multi-platinum status. She has built an insatiable name for herself and continues to thrive in the game with her hypnotic vocals and multifaceted image; raising the bar with every project she gives herself to. But on top of everything she has appeared on with other prominent artists, Natalis herself also has her own solo releases that truly give every listener a full visceral listening experience, allowing the world of music to get to know her much more exclusively. One of those releases is her most current album ‘Good Fridays’, a Christian, high spirited record with a brilliantly crafted R&B signature sound with a futuristically modern approach.

Released last month on April 2nd, ‘Good Fridays’ is a 7-song record that shines a spotlight on faith and spirituality in a way that truly encompasses the concept of a higher power and love for the Lord as something greater than ourselves. Produced by Mr. Foster and Davis Chris, the album’s opening track and first anchor single is “Sin Duda”, a hypnotically ambient track that plays out kind of like a dream sequence. This anthemic and atmospheric song really showcases Natalis’ visceral vocals and parallels the lyrical concept beautifully with the diligently-placed harmonies and spiritually crafty melodies. The song structure has a very modern aura with tastefully blended layers, ambient swells and brilliant touches of atmosphere; delivering a powerful track that captures a true essence of spirituality. Second single is “But God”, a much more rhythmic track with a dynamic beat structure that tastefully blends a classic R&B approach with textures of electronic and EDM sensibilities. Once again, we have another beautifully performed track with several crucial vocal harmonies and key melodies that really showcases Natalis’ range. It’s definitely a single that’ll entice any listener to dive deeper into her discography and definitely sets the tone for the rest of what this album offers. Her breed of R&B is very next-level and both of these tracks are direct evidence.

Both singles, as well as the rest of the ‘Good Fridays’ album, are available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. Natalis is definitely not a singer to sleep on by any means and you’ll be more than happy you gave her a listen. It may be your first, but definitely won’t be your last.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Jeremy Gorman – “Brave Enough To Be” Single

San Francisco-based multi musician Jeremy Gorman has built an insatiable following and signature sound since his inception into the market. His natural talent is very apparent and his story-telling writing structures are known for being inspirational and innovative. Music has been nothing short of a lifetime journey for him, and his music definitely reflects that. With the recent release of his single “Brave Enough To Be“, Jeremy‘s craft comes to the forefront full circle and truly encapsulates his artistic merit from beginning to end.

This single is very anthemic, wholesome and has a performance value that perfectly parallels the production value. Jeremy Gorman’s vocals are not only brilliantly controlled, but the effective content behind the song makes it so much more than what may appear at the surface with the average tune. Delving into an alt/indie style that balances originality and familiarity, Gorman’s diligently placed vocal melodies and guitar progressions share equally effective roles and really brings his artistic merit right to the forefront. This is the type of track that showcases many angles of his talent and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his career and discography altogether.

The chorus really has that anthemic feel that really encompasses Gorman‘s craft and showcases his ability to truly write a memorable song. Its performance value is top notch and the overall production techniques compliment it perfectly. It’s also a song that has that staying power, where it stays with you even long after it’s over. It has that next level quality and if this is your first time discovering Jeremy Gorman, then this single will absolutely win you over. You can listen to the track now exclusively on SoundCloud and you can find his other releases on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be an instant fan from the very first listen.



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Exclusive Review: “We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Really Like It” LP

This charismatic’s very bassy, ominous and whispery vocals that are heavily reliant on rhythm sections are almost impossible to go unnoticed. The jazziness is almost gripping when it comes to the UK’s Wild Horse‘s indie and relentless rock record We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It that manages to put 16-brilliant songs in many multifaceted ways in the best ways possible.

Introductory track “Sympathy” is a very indie guitar-oriented track with a disco drum feel to its mantra. Lots of personality in the vocals truly brings enchanting choruses to the forefront with sweltering guitar swings and love for the power of the indie rock calbre….just the way it’s supposed to be. Moving on to track “Times Up“,There’s a plethora of dynamic story telling aura in this song, and Times Up is definitely one of them. Time to up our guy!

Moving into “Broken and Forgotten“, the perfect crossbreed of blues, indie and rock components all placed in the perfect but measuredly-measure among this song this one really brings the three-harmony, key-change and true emo-soul nostalgia completely to the forefront makes this one fun and truly a fun filled redemption .

So many tasty tracks. The bluesy indie-blues tastiness of “Eager”, the unrelenting energy of “My Friend Said”, the funky vibey and reggae-ish tone of “Can’t!” and the subtleness of “True”, a song that truly explores the upwards, downwards, and so much atmosphere that is implemented. All 16-tracks of have brilliant choruses, relentless choruses and full of life stories that truly bring life to the solid ground; without cooking cutting, without lies to make you feel better and with a cutting edge sword that truly comes towards you, but never hurts – just cuts delicately and delivering the hungry truth from the angle you yourself see it through your eyes. And that’s what this record is about — good times, the now-and-then wonders of life of putting one front foot in the other. Oh, and the occasional adversity, and how you deal with it.

This is 16-track really gets into your head and truly puts the depth into meaning. We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It. It tells many stories, philosophies, fun, complain to, and tightly driven from beginning to end. You can find the band’s excellently crafted record on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be picking this one up in no time.

Stream the album below:


CAN’T STOP (MEETING ON THE DANCE FLOOR) — A feel-good tune about being in love with your clubbing friend who’s in a happy relationship with someone else…”

Key artists influencing can’t stop (meeting on the dancefloor) – Stevie wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, Blossoms, Wham.


THE ROOM” — “This track is really just a reaction to 2020 as a year. The feeling of being confined to one “room”, as many people were during lockdown /quarantining, is a difficult one and the lack of human contact has made life feel a bit hazy. This track also touches on the increased sense of division between people this year, with violence becoming more and more prevalent, symbolized by the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and so many more, and the fact that equal rights for all has become a political issue rather than a necessity of life. 2020 has been a strange year, one that I’m sure we wish we could all forget.”

Be sure to keep up with Wild Horse as they continue to write about the pandemic and be sure to all so to have a holly jolly Christmas!


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Exclusive Review: Adam Watson – “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad (The Nation’s Single)”

Cover Art of Adam Watson’s Single

Visceral artists like Adam Watson know how to truly convey a powerful message. One that is relevant, ambient and truly earth shatteringly real when it’s authentically delivered. Adam, who has been honing his musical craft for 20 years, breathes true life into his powerful anthem “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad: The Nation’s Single”. A song about the devastation of COVID19 and how it has affected us all both individually and wholesomely. The sickness, pain, and overall pandemic this tragedy has brought to the forefront.

Inspired by a few of Adam‘s favorite TV personalities like Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), one of many who had COVID scares, compelled the rising Hip Hop/R&B and Indie up-and-coming star to put his pen to paper and voice to mic. With a gold standard beat that is subtle with ambience and an essence that brings a vast array of emotions, this track’s mood is completely content but expressive as well; bringing beauty to subjects even like this. It’s a song that encompasses the beauty of a tragic truth; one that is avoidable and all too real.

Adam Watson‘s low-to-mid vocal tones are more story-telling than anything else and delivers the message in a way that resonates with your undivided attention. It’s no wonder this song has received the critical acclaim that it has – its content is hard hitting, relatable, undeniable and connects all of us in some way. If real hope for this pandemic comes from a true voice, then Adam Watson is that voice; togetherness, realness, and a true form of a nation’s re-introduction and strength. This song truly parallels the national anthem and brings a sense of equality to the idea altogether. All for one, one for all. Adam Watson wrote this song to stand with you…will you stand with him?

The song released just a few days ago, but will hold its strength for years to come. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and several other digital music streaming platforms. If the national anthem still holds that unconditional feeling in your heart, then I compel you to put “Goodbye…” on that same scale. This is 2020’s true anthem, and every measure expresses this direction no matter how heartsick you may be.


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