Exclusive Review: “We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Really Like It” LP

This charismatic’s very bassy, ominous and whispery vocals that are heavily reliant on rhythm sections are almost impossible to go unnoticed. The jazziness is almost gripping when it comes to the UK’s Wild Horse‘s indie and relentless rock record We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It that manages to put 16-brilliant songs in many multifaceted ways in the best ways possible.

Introductory track “Sympathy” is a very indie guitar-oriented track with a disco drum feel to its mantra. Lots of personality in the vocals truly brings enchanting choruses to the forefront with sweltering guitar swings and love for the power of the indie rock calbre….just the way it’s supposed to be. Moving on to track “Times Up“,There’s a plethora of dynamic story telling aura in this song, and Times Up is definitely one of them. Time to up our guy!

Moving into “Broken and Forgotten“, the perfect crossbreed of blues, indie and rock components all placed in the perfect but measuredly-measure among this song this one really brings the three-harmony, key-change and true emo-soul nostalgia completely to the forefront makes this one fun and truly a fun filled redemption .

So many tasty tracks. The bluesy indie-blues tastiness of “Eager”, the unrelenting energy of “My Friend Said”, the funky vibey and reggae-ish tone of “Can’t!” and the subtleness of “True”, a song that truly explores the upwards, downwards, and so much atmosphere that is implemented. All 16-tracks of have brilliant choruses, relentless choruses and full of life stories that truly bring life to the solid ground; without cooking cutting, without lies to make you feel better and with a cutting edge sword that truly comes towards you, but never hurts – just cuts delicately and delivering the hungry truth from the angle you yourself see it through your eyes. And that’s what this record is about — good times, the now-and-then wonders of life of putting one front foot in the other. Oh, and the occasional adversity, and how you deal with it.

This is 16-track really gets into your head and truly puts the depth into meaning. We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It. It tells many stories, philosophies, fun, complain to, and tightly driven from beginning to end. You can find the band’s excellently crafted record on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be picking this one up in no time.

Stream the album below:


CAN’T STOP (MEETING ON THE DANCE FLOOR) — A feel-good tune about being in love with your clubbing friend who’s in a happy relationship with someone else…”

Key artists influencing can’t stop (meeting on the dancefloor) – Stevie wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, Blossoms, Wham.


THE ROOM” — “This track is really just a reaction to 2020 as a year. The feeling of being confined to one “room”, as many people were during lockdown /quarantining, is a difficult one and the lack of human contact has made life feel a bit hazy. This track also touches on the increased sense of division between people this year, with violence becoming more and more prevalent, symbolized by the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and so many more, and the fact that equal rights for all has become a political issue rather than a necessity of life. 2020 has been a strange year, one that I’m sure we wish we could all forget.”

Be sure to keep up with Wild Horse as they continue to write about the pandemic and be sure to all so to have a holly jolly Christmas!


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Exclusive Review: Adam Watson – “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad (The Nation’s Single)”

Cover Art of Adam Watson’s Single

Visceral artists like Adam Watson know how to truly convey a powerful message. One that is relevant, ambient and truly earth shatteringly real when it’s authentically delivered. Adam, who has been honing his musical craft for 20 years, breathes true life into his powerful anthem “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad: The Nation’s Single”. A song about the devastation of COVID19 and how it has affected us all both individually and wholesomely. The sickness, pain, and overall pandemic this tragedy has brought to the forefront.

Inspired by a few of Adam‘s favorite TV personalities like Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), one of many who had COVID scares, compelled the rising Hip Hop/R&B and Indie up-and-coming star to put his pen to paper and voice to mic. With a gold standard beat that is subtle with ambience and an essence that brings a vast array of emotions, this track’s mood is completely content but expressive as well; bringing beauty to subjects even like this. It’s a song that encompasses the beauty of a tragic truth; one that is avoidable and all too real.

Adam Watson‘s low-to-mid vocal tones are more story-telling than anything else and delivers the message in a way that resonates with your undivided attention. It’s no wonder this song has received the critical acclaim that it has – its content is hard hitting, relatable, undeniable and connects all of us in some way. If real hope for this pandemic comes from a true voice, then Adam Watson is that voice; togetherness, realness, and a true form of a nation’s re-introduction and strength. This song truly parallels the national anthem and brings a sense of equality to the idea altogether. All for one, one for all. Adam Watson wrote this song to stand with you…will you stand with him?

The song released just a few days ago, but will hold its strength for years to come. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and several other digital music streaming platforms. If the national anthem still holds that unconditional feeling in your heart, then I compel you to put “Goodbye…” on that same scale. This is 2020’s true anthem, and every measure expresses this direction no matter how heartsick you may be.


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Exclusive Interview: Cody Tyler

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press Photo of Cody Tyler

Recording Artist and YouTube Star Cody Tyler has graced our platform many times and has been a favorite among the Artist Reach camp as well as our readers. His versatile and catchy signature sound is a standout of its kind, he’s one of the coolest people you could ever meet, and the industry has embraced him for all the right reasons and continues to do so throughout 2020 and beyond. With his new single “Thursday” dropping July 17th (Spoiler: we reviewed it), we caught up with Cody in an exclusive interview setting.

When did you begin your career in music?

Hmm very good question… I first was inspired after being baker-acted in the mental hospital back at the tail end of 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to that, I had been studying at the american academy of dramatic arts here in LA and had been struggling with depression issues and that was how I ended up in there. But while there seemed to be a God-send because I never had experienced such a low in my life before and After having regular therapy sessions with the in house therapists I was asked what I liked to do to vent and just feel better and poetry had been my vice since 7th grade so I started to write and after the first poem I wrote i broke down and cried due to just how good it felt and from there everything became clear.. after the 6th or 7th poem I got melodies and knew music was my love and I knew I could reach others like me and just help people.

•I understand you went viral on YouTube. Can you tell us a little about that?
Well back at the end of 2013, I had written and recorded my very first serious song called “Mine” at a legit recording studio called velvet basement in Miami,Florida. A week or two later my friend from college Erix shot the video and we did it very gully style and just wanted it to be like a message .. once it was edited I put it up online and within like a weeks time it was in the hundreds of thousands of views and I was in shock… I honestly didn’t believe it lol.. I remember opening and closing my laptop chronically! Eventually it went viral passing 1 million views and from there I planned on moving here to LA to further my dreams and here I am.

What inspired you to get into music?
What inspired me the most was just being in the mental hospital not knowing what to do or how to go about my life after that low point. And then to discover that I have abilities to truly convey all the deep emotions that at times am overwhelmed with.. smh it made me feel free and over time honing in on the craft its opened up so many aspects I’ve learned about myself. It’s truly DOPE...

Where are you currently based out of?
I’m in Los Angeles California.

•I see you have new music coming out, can you tell us a little about that? What is it about?
For sure! Well I have been working on a completely new studio album.. so far I’ve gotten hit up by bigger name producers whom I cant name as of now but i’m very excited man and Ive gotten a chance to write for others as well.. I’ve got 2 singles coming one is called “That Guy” and it’s about just feeling good about yourself and not caring how it makes others feel because you deserve to love yourself and have confidence in yourself. It’s got a lot of edginess to it. Lastly, my engineer Austin Conner produced my other single called “Thursday” and it’s about breaking up with someone who’s not good for you and realizing life is to short to be moved by someone else and we should try to live our life as free and true to ourselves as possible. I actually used inspiration for the track from an old relationship with this girl from Miami named Alexandria Daimes. LOL.

Press Photo of Cody Tyler

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
I’d say my biggest influence musically would have to be Kid Cudi. At least hed have to be ranked 1st. I say this because Cudi just makes such pure music and has never deviated since day 1. I remember the first time I heard Cudi’s music. It made me tear up and I was like wow there’s someone who speaks on ALL subjects and is in his own lane…it was so beautiful and I was so moved because I related so much. My other influence would be Kanye because just like Cudi he didn’t try to be anyone else but himself and graduation changed my life man… I remember hearing champion for the first time on the highway in my whip and again i broke down because I related to what he was saying and usually you don’t hear artists talk about subjects that aren’t trending you know? I like Chief Keef as well because his music is just organic and so raw… the production is always on point. I love all music though and listen or at least try to listen to everyone in  hip hop all the way to house music. Lastly 2pac is another major influence and even though i wasn’t cognizant during his major run.. my uncle would babysit and sneak and let me listen to his records  and  I caught on after and as i got older I listened and even though I didn’t live the life he did or know anything about it I still could feel everything he spoke and that to me shows the talent and reach of an artist.. and to this day his music and writing are impeccable. 

Lastly, where can we find your music?
You can find me on every single platform from Apple Music to IHeartRadio! I have two singles coming – one this month called “That Guy” and another by next month called “Thursday”. 

Connect with Cody Tyler:

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