Exclusive Artist Interview: Anya Tischler

Denver-based recording artist Anya Tischler is a versatile and passionate singer that has been honing her craft since the age of 11 and has been hitting the ground running since her inception into the market. The music video for her hypnotically visceral debut single “Won’t Be Broken” released earlier this month and so far has amassed over 1,000 plays and has drawn in an insatiable following. As a new artist in the musical spectrum, her experience in music is undeniably apparent and reflects very effectively when you hear her distinctive style. We sense some major things happening for her in the very near future, especially since being managed by Joe Patella from the Florida Songwriters Association. So we sat down with Anya for a comprehensive interview and got to ask her some questions about her career, influences, the past, present and future.

How long have you been active under your current artist name?

I have been active under my current name of Songs by Anya since approximately October of 2020. This is the name I use in most of my social media. However, my artist name is my given name, Anya Tischler.

What music scene/city do you currently represent?

I live in denver so I represent the Denver Music scene here in Colorado.

The pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the live music experience and for artists altogether. How has it affected you and your career?

Honestly, the pandemic started my music career. I started posting covers because I was stuck at home for 2 months and so I just started playing all the time. Joe Patella discovered me through my youtube channel and reached out to me about letting him listen to some of my original work. It started out as him reviewing my work and giving me suggestions, and then evolved into a partnership of manager and artist.

What are some of your music influences?

I have a lot of different ones and some that I was really influenced by growing up were bands like Evanesence and Three Days Grace. I also listened to artists like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran and Sara Bareilles. I have tend to reflect a different artist’s style and influence on me in every song that I write. 

What kind of concepts do you tend to write about as an artist? Shine some light on that.

 I generally tell stories about my life experiences. Sometimes those are painful moments, but sometimes they are about people in my life that fill me with joy or who amaze me so much that the words I say couldn’t express how I really feel. And my music has always been a way for me to sing what I can’t find the words to say.

When is your next release coming out?

My next single release is set to be sometime in June of this year, probably the early part of June, but we have not nailed down a specific date as of yet. We are looking at it closely in the next couple weeks and should know soon.

What’s in store for you in 2021? Give us the goods. 
Besides the release in June, I will be releasing more music and maybe even getting to meet some other artists and collaborate with them, and I’m excited to continue working with the Florida Songwriters Association. I’ll be the featured artist in one of their next virtual workshops this year, so that will be a pretty cool experience! They are also planning now to organize an artist collaboration with some of their members, each of us helping the other to begin, or finish, writing a song.  I also will continue to hone my craft and learn some new tips and tricks to the business, as I get to see how it works from the inside. 


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Exclusive Review: “We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Really Like It” LP

This charismatic’s very bassy, ominous and whispery vocals that are heavily reliant on rhythm sections are almost impossible to go unnoticed. The jazziness is almost gripping when it comes to the UK’s Wild Horse‘s indie and relentless rock record We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It that manages to put 16-brilliant songs in many multifaceted ways in the best ways possible.

Introductory track “Sympathy” is a very indie guitar-oriented track with a disco drum feel to its mantra. Lots of personality in the vocals truly brings enchanting choruses to the forefront with sweltering guitar swings and love for the power of the indie rock calbre….just the way it’s supposed to be. Moving on to track “Times Up“,There’s a plethora of dynamic story telling aura in this song, and Times Up is definitely one of them. Time to up our guy!

Moving into “Broken and Forgotten“, the perfect crossbreed of blues, indie and rock components all placed in the perfect but measuredly-measure among this song this one really brings the three-harmony, key-change and true emo-soul nostalgia completely to the forefront makes this one fun and truly a fun filled redemption .

So many tasty tracks. The bluesy indie-blues tastiness of “Eager”, the unrelenting energy of “My Friend Said”, the funky vibey and reggae-ish tone of “Can’t!” and the subtleness of “True”, a song that truly explores the upwards, downwards, and so much atmosphere that is implemented. All 16-tracks of have brilliant choruses, relentless choruses and full of life stories that truly bring life to the solid ground; without cooking cutting, without lies to make you feel better and with a cutting edge sword that truly comes towards you, but never hurts – just cuts delicately and delivering the hungry truth from the angle you yourself see it through your eyes. And that’s what this record is about — good times, the now-and-then wonders of life of putting one front foot in the other. Oh, and the occasional adversity, and how you deal with it.

This is 16-track really gets into your head and truly puts the depth into meaning. We Are In An Identity Crisis, But We Love It. It tells many stories, philosophies, fun, complain to, and tightly driven from beginning to end. You can find the band’s excellently crafted record on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be picking this one up in no time.

Stream the album below:


CAN’T STOP (MEETING ON THE DANCE FLOOR) — A feel-good tune about being in love with your clubbing friend who’s in a happy relationship with someone else…”

Key artists influencing can’t stop (meeting on the dancefloor) – Stevie wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, Blossoms, Wham.


THE ROOM” — “This track is really just a reaction to 2020 as a year. The feeling of being confined to one “room”, as many people were during lockdown /quarantining, is a difficult one and the lack of human contact has made life feel a bit hazy. This track also touches on the increased sense of division between people this year, with violence becoming more and more prevalent, symbolized by the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and so many more, and the fact that equal rights for all has become a political issue rather than a necessity of life. 2020 has been a strange year, one that I’m sure we wish we could all forget.”

Be sure to keep up with Wild Horse as they continue to write about the pandemic and be sure to all so to have a holly jolly Christmas!


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Exclusive Review: Kowshik Saha – “Love Yourself”

Cover Art of Kowshik Saha’s “Love Yourself” (Cover Song)

We don’t usually review too many cover songs on this platform, but with cases like the multilingual Kowshik Saha, exceptions can definitely be made. Kowshik, who is also amazingly a doctor, is fluent in an array of languages including Hindi, Bengali, and of course English as well. He’s been taking vocal lessons these past 5-6 years, but never put much thought into recording it or putting much of it out to the world. Luckily, he has had a change of heart since then and has currently blessed many ear waves with his current rendition of Justin Bieber’s smash hit “Love Yourself”.

While the song itself needs no introduction, Kowshik‘s version absolutely does and reimagines the song in a way that changes it, but still manages to leave the song’s prominent charm intact. First off, the bold and precise guitar work is amazingly performed and executed with full, thick chords that lay down a solid foundation for the rest of the song. Once Kowshik‘s voice kicks in, you can hear the immediate brilliance of this cover along with his insatiable talent as both a vocalist and performer. Another great quality is his ability to be precise but still allow room to explore different dynamics this song offers; whether it be through additional chord structures or vocal techniques.

Either way, whether you’re a Bieber fan or not, you can’t deny just how well executed this cover is. Kowshik‘s mid-range voice is soothing, the track’s recording quality is ambitious but also expresses a more indie performance value, and the charm of this cover easily matches Bieber’s chart-topping original. So even though Kowshik may have been a little studio shy in the past, we at Artist Reach absolutely recommend that he continues down this on-record path with more tunes. And even though he deems himself more as a cover artist, we would highly anticipate to hear what kind of original music he could conjure as well. Kowshik‘s version of “Love Yourself” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. You absolutely need to hear this one.


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Press Release: K-Syran Releases Rousing New Single In Celebration Of Everyday Heroes

Norwegian dance-pop sensation K-Syran invites you to liberate yourself from lockdown lethargy with the release of her uplifting new single, “Search for the Hero.” An exuberant, dance-infused reimagining of the 1994 M People track, K-Syran’s rendition of “Search for the Hero” serves as a rallying cry to celebrate the extraordinary strength, kindness and resilience of everyday heroes. With Covid-19 making studio time an impossibility, the song – and its accompanying video – was recorded at K-Syran’s home in Switzerland. K-Syran said:

Recently, we’ve all had to search for that little hero within ourselves. To see over 100 people participating in the video for this song – each from their own homes across the world – is a beautiful testament to idea. I hope it spreads a little joy and encourages everyone to keep moving forwards to the better times that lie ahead.

Offering a glimmer of hope amongst the cancellation of music festivals, Eurovision and hundreds of Pride events, on Saturday, June 20th, 2020, a preview of “Search for the Hero” was livestreamed as part of Virtual Pride: a 7-hour online party featuring dozens of artists and DJs.

Dan Thomas, who produced and remixed the song, said:

“Around the world people have to search for their inner hero, to collectively overcome a global pandemic. We will come out the other end of this stronger and more connected than ever before – we will each become our own heroes.”

K-Syran’s new single “Search for the Hero” is out now on Intimacy Records, and is available on all streaming platforms.

To discover more about K-Syran:

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Exclusive Review: Andrew Farstar – “Classics” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Andrew Farstar’s “Classics” LP

This album of classics, just like the album name ‘Classics’ suggests, is a nostalgic treat from the way-back-when machine that features a vast array of songs from renowned artists that we’ve come to know and love over many years. With the voice of Sydney-based artist Andrew Farstar at the helm of this record, tackling these beloved anthems with a modern and youthful approach that gives us a whole new perspective on these high profile covers, ‘Classics’ is not just a run-of-the-mill tribute or half hearted renditions, it’s a visceral reimagination.

Featuring chart-topping hit songs on the record that includes classics like “Your Song” (Elton John), “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” (Crystal Gayle), “Sealed With a Kiss” (Brian Hyland), and many more, Andrew Farstar breathes new life into these songs with a modern millennial signature sound that brings out a whole new world to songs that have been loved for decades by a widespread of fans from many different generations. His versatile and multifaceted mid-to-high range vocals are precise and punctual as they are charming as well. He also brings these tracks out in a way that could resonate with younger generations, who will find an entirely new perspective and appreciation for songs older generations may or may not know…but most likely definitely do.

The musicianship factors and production value parallels perfectly with both performance and structure. A lot of the tracks have a distinctive sound that could be reminiscent of artist pioneers like Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, James Arthur, Harry Connick Jr., and those of a similar caliber. But, when it comes to the overall execution, Andrew finds a way to truly make these songs his own reimagining in a way that gets us to appreciate these classic tunes in a whole new spectrum. Basically, if the renowned artists that wrote these songs took a listen to Andrew‘s versions, they’d be definitely mind blown at the brilliant balance between the insatiable feeling of originality and familiarity he brings to these songs. It’s an album of nostalgia, skilled musicianship, and a demonstration of making something completely your own when it comes to artistic merit.

You’ll love every rendition of these songs that Andrew has put together and will remind you that these songs still can have a major relevance in your life. You’ll love ‘Classics’ from beginning to end, unconditionally. You’ll be glad we recommended this to you. You’re welcome.

Connect with Andrew Farstar:

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