Exclusive Review: Maria Jacinta – “Human” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of the Netherlands, Techno/Dance recording artist Maria Jacinta began hitting the ground running in the early 2000s with her electronically-infused, distinctive sound. Since then, she has garnered an insatiable buzz throughout the music world with many solid releases, industry exposure and word of mouth. And she continues her winning streak with her latest single “Human”.

This song’s Techno and Dance combination is very atmospheric and upbeat, mixing in textures of Pop elements as well which gives her the outlet to really shine in the infectiously catchy chorus. Her exotic mid-to-high range vocals are encompassed perfectly in this song and feels like she was meant to be a vocalist for this specific genre; her lyricism is projected smoothly, her vocal melody choices are wholesome and on point, and the overall production value makes “Human” a completely visceral listening experience from beginning to end.

Maria‘s vocals really carry the torch on this track, but there’s also brilliant key progressions and structure as well, and even includes an incredible EDM-oriented synth solo towards the end of the song. But overall, one of the biggest things this track has going for it is its ability to have staying power – where the song stays with you even long after it’s over, and can still be appreciated wholesomely even years later where you find yourself coming back to this track time and time again. “Human” is currently available online and several digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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Exclusive Review: Darshae Kiér – “Halasana Girl” Single

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Fun, vibrant, and unique are a few good ways to describe Miami-based recording artist Darshae Kiér, but most of all, he is authentic and real. And he demonstrates these qualities in his newest single “Halasana Girl”.

After a heavy street buzz formed from the success of his previous single “Translation”, Darshae knew he had to keep his winning streak going by putting out this anthemic single, and just like before, he hit the mark once again. Taking on an approach that combines smooth elements of Pop and Reggaeton, “Halasana Girl” is one of those tracks that is bound to get your hips shaking and the dance floor moving. Darshae‘s lyrical ability serves up rhyming techniques that are clear and crisp, projecting smooth bars and rhymes that is perfectly parallel with the song’s ambient and uplifting beat structure. It’s a formula that works, and Darshae sells it perfectly from start to finish.

“Halasana Girl” released last year on September 27th, and since then has become an anthem for summer-fall vibes and a staple among digital music playlists. Darshae Kiér is quickly becoming a vital voice in the hip hop community and is direct proof that underground hip hop is alive and well. If he keeps up the pace, he will easily cross over into the mainstream market; and we will be stoked when it happens. You can listen to “Halasana Girl” on SoundCloud and other digital music streaming platforms. Be sure to also follow Darshae Kiér on social media to stay up to date on his current activities, as well as future events.

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Exclusive Review: La Sinclair – “La Golden” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

When it comes to vibe, ambience and atmosphere, La Sinclair‘s newest single “La Golden” absolutely delivers in full. And will immediately grab you by your senses.

Based on an advocacy for the legalization of hemp and delving into its usage as a potential cure, this positively visceral and uplifting R&B/Pop-oriented single has style and resonance that has a uniqueness that makes it something completely authentic in its own right. Featuring seductive and hauntingly ominous verses, La Sinclair‘s Spanish vocals are lustful, precise, and addictive. Her vocal range is an immediate standout and this song gives her the perfect amount of breathing room to really showcase her vocals. While you can hear some very authentic 90s R&B influences in this track, it also serves up a modern makeover that puts it into a perfect position for the 2020s; giving a nod to both yesterday and today’s modern music eras with a perfect balancing of both equal parts originality and familiarity, encompassing the audience with a feeling of nostalgia and something completely fresh.

The production value on “La Golden” is right where it needs to be and doesn’t outdo itself whatsoever. It lets La Sinclair shine through every measure while taking in an electronic beat that shares groove and resonance, adding not only charm, but effectiveness and thoroughness as well. It’s honestly something you have to hear to believe.

“La Golden” is currently available on all mainstream music downloading platforms and online. We can’t recommend this single highly enough.

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Exclusive Review: Project Rod Williams – “Spin Me” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

After Rod Williams‘ debut album ‘Fire’ released in January 2019, an insatiable buzz was set and would ultimately lead the pioneer Artist/Songwriter to begin his journey on his sophomore record. Now, in May 2020, Williams has done just that with his newest collab-driven and electronically infused juggernaut ‘Spin Me’, and it doesn’t disappoint in the least.

Under the official name Project Rod Williams, this ten track album is led by Rod himself as principal songwriter/synth/programming/backup vocalist alongside co-lead vocalists Ben Dial and Matt Williamson, who are reprising their roles from Rod’s first record, respectively. Other notable artists including Aleisha Leo and Fabian Hernandez also make contributions to the record as well. From the gate of the opening track “Shake It On The Dance Floor”, the album immediately introduces an atmosphere that is packed with many clever punches. Combining elements of Dance, Funk, Pop, Rock and Indie, this opening smasher gets right into business and really showcases an unrelenting strength of both talent and high quality production value that sets the tone for the rest of the album. With well executed three part harmony vocal melodies, catchy groove beats, melodic song structures and many different electronic textures, this record really brings the dynamics of technical production and strong songwriting to the forefront with cleverness and staying power.

The grooves continue on “Don’t Stop Me Baby” and title track “Spin Me”, which both bring additional touches to the album that really exceed your expectations after the opening track. The mysteriousness of songs “Because” and “Tears” are completely visceral and really show off the versatility of this record and are definitely standouts of this album. The consistency of the record is definitely worth noting and it makes it very easy to delve into and get comfortable with. The vocal ranges are instantly noticeable and beyond impressive when they first kick in; the dueling vocal tracks and signature synth sound really comes together in a way that gives a nod to 90s/early 2000s Dance elements with a complete modern makeover into something completely of its own kind, producing equal parts originality and familiarity with its overall execution. Most of all, ‘Spin Me’ is an accessible album for both fans and new listeners alike. It’s an impressionable album, and you can tell that it was written and produced with absolute care. If you haven’t heard Project Rod Williams yet, then this album will make you an instant fan. ‘Spin Me’ completely lives up to its title. The album officially drops on May 24th and will be available online and on music downloading platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Lucas Gil – “Escape” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of the UK’s Brighton area, recording artist and producer Lucas Gil began hitting the ground running after dropping his debut album in 2018, and since then has manifested an insatiable buzz and respectable following since his inception. Now after two albums in the books and relentless DIY promotion, Lucas has come back out swinging with his newest single “Escape”.

Honing a signature sound that captures the essence of 80’s Synth-Wave and today’s more modern EDM approach, “Escape” is a song that puts a nostalgic feel into the electronic experience, balancing equal parts originality and familiarity; giving his listeners a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His rhythms and progressions are diligently placed and have a simple yet effective aura throughout the first half of the track. It grabs the listener’s undivided attention and embraces you with both smart melody choices and a subtle yet suspenseful buildup.

There’s a great use of synth parts throughout the track’s duration and it really showcases Lucas‘s craft as a producer as well as a songwriter. It never tries to outdo itself in any way nor are there any repetitive one trick pony tactics. Each measure offers up intrigue and fresh angles that contribute to this song and Lucas‘s attentiveness to detail is very much present.

“Escape” is currently available for download on all mainstream digital platforms and we can’t recommend this highly enough. If you dig today’s EDM realm with 80’s and 90’s flavors, then this track will not disappoint.

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Exclusive Review: Ruby Rayo – “Joker” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With insatiably catchy hooks, a versatile vocal range and production skills to top it all off, UK’s Ruby Rayo is no joke when it comes to her recent anchor single, “Joker”.

At only 19 years old, Ruby has been writing and producing her own music for the past year and so far has been hitting the ground running. Since mastering her craft behind the vocal booth and mixing board, she has manifested a signature sound that encompasses a visceral balance of pop and EDM styles that share equal parts originality and familiarity. And “Joker” is a perfect reflection of this sound. Based off the DC comic Batman series character, with a driving digital beat and synthesizers that give this track a unique 80s texture, Ruby‘s melody choices are one of the biggest standouts on this song and it really showcases her vocal range very effectively. The chorus is undeniably catchy and it really demonstrates Ruby‘s songwriting ability and attentiveness to detail.

The mix is diligently crafted and puts all of the important details out into the forefront. There’s no unnecessary post-production theatrics that take you away from the song and Ruby‘s vocals carry the torch from the very beginning and throughout the song’s duration. It gives you an interest and intrigue that makes you wonder what else this young artist is capable of, and will definitely entice you to keep tabs on what she comes out with next. Especially because Ruby wears many hats, including the producer’s, which is a rare feat with most young female artists. Her ability to put together a solid mix is very present on “Joker” and really shows us many different angles of her talents both behind the vocal booth and mixing board brilliantly.

“Joker” is more of an anthem rather than just a song, and really has the potential to grab the attention of the industry at large. Her vocal abilities, knowledge behind the scenes and persona as an artist and creator showcases Ruby strongly and makes her a standout of her caliber. And once you take a listen to “Joker” yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why. You’ll definitely be hearing more about her in the very recent future, and she’ll be a name you won’t forget.

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Artist Review: Dizillian – “Tonight” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Some songs grab you from the very second it starts. The voice, vibes, and all around aura just has a way of enticing you to pay your undivided attention to a song, producer or artist you’ve never heard before. Dizillian‘s anthemic single “Tonight” is one of those songs.

Originally hailing from the San Jose and California music scene, the current Utah-based producer brings a glistening feel to this single with undeniable melody choices by not only the music on its own, but the featured female vocalist as well. The song’s stylization to this ambient pop/dance track is reminiscent of current industry stars like Dua Lipa, while the vocal approach itself carries a torch similar to other artist industry heavyweights like Selena Gomez and others of a similar caliber. But altogether, Dizillian holds his own on solid ground and will be a name we will all be hearing about much more often in the producer’s field. The song’s production quality is right where it needs to be, giving Dizillian an innovative and extraordinary signature sound that immediately shines a light on his artistic merit.

The vocal range on this track is not only impressive and versatile, but is utilized in a way that makes this track’s structure a mainstream-worthy one that could easily be seen on today’s Billboard figures. The energetic and creative breakdown after the verses really raises the eyebrows of the listener and really puts “Tonight” on a pedestal that makes it sincerely unwaveringly catchy and hip swaying. The rhythmic textures with all the correctly placed post production sequences really add an element that is not only unexpectedly dynamic, but charismatically distinctive as well. This is a song that can’t be mistaken for anything else, it holds its own in every way both melody-wise and production-wise. It has unrelenting musicianship factors, a perfectly crafted melody section, and flavors that leave a taste that can’t be mistaken for anything else.

“Tonight” could easily be a chart topper and club anthem, the only problem is, due to its relatively short run time, you’ll never get enough of this song. Easy solution, put it on repeat. We already have. “Tonight” is the type of track that will entice you to check more into Dizillian‘s catalogue, both past, present and future. Because this is a name (and track) that will have you following this producer’s work relentlessly. Once you take a listen to this track yourself, you’ll see and hear exactly why.

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