Exclusive Artist Review: Marc Armitage – “Augmented Soundtrack” EP

Fans of the gaming world will absolutely love this. Since the early 2000s, Keyboardist/Programmer and Producer Marc Armitage has been hitting the ground running in the music realm with his distinctive futuristic style and formulaic textures. He has put out many solid releases over the years and has amassed an insatiable fan base. And now, with the release of his newest EP ‘Augmented Soundtrack’, Armitage has undoubtedly raised the bar as he continues to soar to the top of his game.

Comprised of 6 brilliantly visceral tracks, ‘Augmented Soundtrack’ is a collection of electronically-infused cover songs from various popular video games including Deux Ex and Duke Nukem. Armitage uses his extensive experience in programming and production on this record to bring forth a futuristic aura that will leave gamers out there with a feeling of nostalgia like never before. He uses many layers throughout each song and is very attentive to detail when it comes to making every measure as wholesome as possible. The track “Stalker [Factory Reset v2]is an energetically versatile listening experience with punchy grooves and jam packed with high gain guitars and hauntingly ominous melody choices. Each facet of this track is not only well executed with its songwriting structure, but also performed with absolute precision. This is definitely a personal favorite that really sets the tone for the record’s duration. “NYC Streets [Reamplified]” is another notable track with an anthemic atmosphere that continues to showcase the many angles of Armitage‘s artistic merit. It further explores his ability to craft songs with unparalleled performance value and really delves into his overall signature style. The keyboard scales divulge in melodies that not only stand at the forefront, but also contributes to the integrated and innovative structure that this song lays down with its foundation. It’s a magical listening experience and definitely brings every effective musicianship factor to the spotlight.

‘Augmented Soundtrack’ will definitely be beloved by veteran gamers out there spanning back the last few decades. It has that classic electronic sound we’ve come to know and love, but also takes on a modern twist that gives this record a perfect balance between originality and familiarity. This EP was officially released this past February and is currently available as a free download on Bandcamp. It’s also available on Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms as well. Be sure to give this one a listen – you’ll love every minute of it.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Alex Woburn – “Clown” Single

Any song with two key changes is okay with us. A finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest and hailing from the elite London music scene, rising artist Alex Woburn proves with his new single “Clown” that he continues to hit the ground running.

Comprised of a distinctive signature sound with several multi layers throughout the song’s duration, Woburn‘s newest single is a dynamic stroke of genius when it comes to an effective Indie/Pop approach. His attention to detail is front and center from start to finish and truly embraces indie elements with absolute precision and transparency. Woburn‘s vocal range has appropriately placed melodies and uses proper techniques to solidify his vocal execution effectively. His lyrics also parallel the production value accurately, maintaining a consistency that makes this song the gem it really is.

This track definitely has staying power – the ability to stay with you even after it’s over. It’s the type of track you can put on repeat and hear more detail each time. It’s carefully crafted, dynamically versatile and will definitely entice you to delve into Woburn‘s career and discography. If you haven’t heard him yet, then this song will instantly give you fan status. “Clown” is available now on YouTube, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than happy you gave it a listen.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Craymo – “Love Power” EP

Orlando-based award winning artist Craymo needs no introduction to our platform. He’s graced our reviews before and it’s no secret just how ridiculously talented this man is. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that he always finds new effective ways to raise the bar with his career, even after already raising it several times before. He literally ages like fine wine. And with the recent release of his most recent anthemic EP ‘Love Power’, Craymo continues to prove that his artistic merit has no boundaries – and that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Craymo is a self made man who writes, performs, and produces all of his own music and independently puts it out to the masses before him in a way that has garnered him an insatiable fan base that is very enthusiastic about his projects. He is the type of artist that will leave an everlasting impression on you, and this new EP parallels it completely. Anchor single “Give Me Your Love” won Best Dance Recording in the 2020 Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles and is a standout of its kind that diligently demonstrates the power of Craymo‘s signature sound. This electronically infused single is crafty, ambient and really delves into multi layers that are completely multifaceted. Craymo‘s attention to detail on this track is untouchable and really showcases several angles of his songwriting techniques and production abilities. Utilizing several instruments in carefully crafted arrangements, Craymo‘s hypnotic vocals give this song a truly visceral listening experience and is jam packed with versatile vocal harmonies and melodies that match the clever wittiness of his lyrics. It’s no surprise at all that this track won an award.

Second single from this record is the track “Love You More”, an upbeat tune with an atmospheric Beatles-like feel that tackles more of a classic Rock and Pop approach. This is a side of Craymo we haven’t heard just yet and proves that his talents can be implemented in almost any genre. The lyrics are brilliant, simple and parallels vocal melodies that are highly effective in this approach. The glistening guitar progressions are a standout of their calibre and truly add a wholesomeness that is made apparent right from the beginning. It’s a side of Craymo that we definitely look forward to hearing much more often! A personal favorite on this record is definitely the song “Be Myself.” Another track that truly embraces the attentiveness to detail that we’ve heard throughout this record and is clearly a musical trademark of Craymo‘s distinctive style. This song’s arrangement is complex in all the right places and provides a swagger that truly enhances the overall listening experience. The tight-knit rhythms on this anthem are full of addictive flavors and will easily raise the roof in any club atmosphere. It’s the type of song you need to hear to believe. The production value has endless musicianship factors and will easily intrigue anyone with a studio background.

‘Love Power’ officially released in April of 2020 and won Best Indie EP on the Clouzine International Music Awards in the Fall of 2020. This record has amassed exceptional critical acclaim and continues to bring Craymo to new heights in the music market with promising direction and destination. The EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. Pick this one up right now – you’ll thank us later!


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