Exclusive Artist Review: Arhkota – “Victoria” Single

Known for his versatile style and dynamically distinct signature sound, LA-based recording artist and drummer Argel Cota (known as Arhkota) has been hitting the ground running in the music realm over the last two decades and has collaborated on more than 70 projects. Nowadays, Arhkota continues to be a sought-after musician for live and in-studio recordings, due to his ability to quickly adapt to all musical styles, his amazing fat sounds, and natural talent for improvisation.

Now with a solo career as Arhkota‘s primary focus and the upcoming release of his sophomore album, the veteran drummer continues to encapsulate his musical aura and amaze his fan base as well as the music world in its entirety with his new atmospheric anchor single “Victoria.” This ambient track is aligned with both top-notch performance and production value, paralleling with the songwriting and crafty style that is apparent from start to finish throughout the song’s duration. Produced entirely by Arhkota himself and featuring additional blissful and ambient vocals by Lubna Maher, “Victoria” encompasses an atmospheric indie approach and really showcases Arhkota‘s authenticity and artistic merit. Each component of the song is crucial and multilayered with multifaceted angles that bring forth a style that is diverse and magical. It explores several moods and delivers an essence of nostalgia through several measures that plays out with a story-telling method; leaving us with a listening experience that touches on both visceral and versatile textures.

There is insatiable staying power with this track where it stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s the type of song where you can truly feel Arhkota‘s craft and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his discography and career altogether. It’s an amazing single that’ll create anticipation for what the rest of the album will deliver. The album releases on May 7th and is titled ‘Dreamy Hamilton’. But the single “Victoria” releases tomorrow (April 2nd) and we honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. It’ll be available on several digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and many others.


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Exclusive Artist Review: No Sky Can Blind Us – “This Is Not For You” Anthology Single

Written, performed and recorded in November 2020 for National Solo Album Month, “This Is Not For You” is a sprawling and ambitious debut affair from No Sky Can Blind Us, an experimental project by West of House singer Erick Bieger. The 34-minute song is broken down into nine movements and a coda, and is to be considered an album unto itself. Loosely inspired by the novel “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski, “This Is Not For You” seeks to capture the internal chaotic struggle of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia – a theme which runs through every note and lyric. It’s designed to be intentionally jarring, genre hopping from brutal extremes to droning ambient beauty, and taking the listener through their own journey of peace and chaos.

Bieger’s debut solo effort is a standout of its calibre. Starting off with a hyper EDM intro and merging into a multifaceted and multilayered metal signature sound, every sequence of this anthology track leads into something more progressive as the duration of the song plays out. The musicianship factors are heavily apparent in every measure and really showcases the versatility and creativity of the artistic merit. The performance and production value parallels each other perfectly and really encapsulates an atmospheric aura that gives this project the authenticity it truly conveys. Bieger brings forth a visceral take on several metal sub genres from symphonic metal to black metal and really diversifies the approach with cleverly executed production techniques and atmospheric textures that add the multi layers in all the right places. This anthology is doused with raw talent, unsurpassed originality and deserves undivided attention from start to finish.

The staying power is very real and this is also the type of project you can listen to uninterrupted. No skipping sequences necessary. Prepare to get your mind blown. “This Is Not For You” releases on April 3rd and will be available on several digital music streaming platforms. Keep your eyes (and ears) open.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Dru – “Declamation of Useless Genius” Album/LP

NYC-based recording artist Dru (full name Dru Hepkins) is well renowned in the voice acting realm and has built an insatiably reputable career out of it. However, before discovering his love of that field, Dru would embark on a path of musicianship and eventually wrote an arsenal of songs with his own signature sound and stylization. And even though there were trials and tribulations throughout some of his earlier years, the overall result would ultimately showcase its unsurpassed worth with his anthology album ‘Declamation of Useless Genius’ – a nine track LP that delves deep into Dru‘s musicianship factors and artistic merit.

This record showcases several crucial angles of Dru‘s career and features tracks he wrote from the last decade – giving the listener the opportunity to hear him evolve and develop a sound that is authentic, cleverly structured and diligently produced. Opening track “Sit and Wait to Die” is an exceptional piece of music that truly casts a spotlight on Dru‘s songwriting structures and clever lyrical outbursts. Featuring a hauntingly ominous atmosphere comprised with dynamic piano measures, silky smooth bass lines and hypnotic female backup vocals, this song in particular really grabs hold of the listener and demands undivided and uninterrupted attention. Dru‘s subtle yet effective vocal melody choices give us a visceral listening experience with his authentic approach and story-telling narratives that really put his multifaceted nature right out to the forefront. It’s a transparently powerful first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the album’s duration without any borders or boundaries. Another anchor highlight from this record is the acoustic-based “Jackie’s Song”. An anthemic tune with dynamically crafty guitar riffs that add a sense of multi-layers to the overall song structure that really paves the way to an atmospheric musical landscape in its execution. It has undisputed wholesomeness and defining factors that make this a truly solid entry on this album without reservation – adding to the journey into Dru‘s musical direction as the record plays out.

The attentiveness to detail that this album encompasses is heavily apparent from the very beginning and really highlights Dru‘s many angles of talent. It’s the perfect record for anyone just discovering him and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his career and discography. You can get your copy of this release on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.


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