Press Release: Rising Recording Artist Toby TomTom Gears Up For The September Release Of His New Single “Love-o-Lution”

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Toby Tom Tom’s new single “Love-o-Lution

There have been many anthemic tracks that have utilized the revolutionary mantra over decades from the like of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Prince, Rage Against The Machine, Tupac, The Who, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, and many others of a similar caliber. Each song and artist over those years have had insatiable influences on many passionate music fans and events that impacted the revolutionary complex with its massive followings and compelling message.

With recording artist Toby Tom Tom, we conjure a similar construct that once delved into those concepts – except with love as the centerpiece instead of anger in the desire for societal change by force; which is brave and a positive concept to behold considering the current political climate that has been sweeping the nation this year. Toby‘s electronically infused sound is very effective, well structured and includes female feature artist Mac Mittens that brings out a hip hop edge throughout the song’s duration that is multifaceted and attention-grabbing. Toby himself puts a modern bliss throughout the track that is wholesome and brings a major presence to the song that really gets you to hone in on his craft, lyrical components and overall message with his largely composed musicianship factors. This song overall is effective, utilizes state of the art production value and really adds many flavors to keep the listener interested. “Love-o-Lution” is a modern anthem that really explores many angles of Toby Tom Tom‘s talent and will easily convert you into an instant fan.

This type of song will also get you to really delve deep into Toby‘s catalogue as well as pay attention to his future releases. His eclectic sound is very versatile and serves up a perfect balance and composure between touching on equal parts originality and familiarity. It’s a signature sound that really draws you in and you’ll be loving this artist in no time. “Love-o-Lution” will be dropping in mid-September and will be available on several digital music streaming platforms. Keep your eyes (and ears) open!

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Exclusive Review: Paolo Virdis – “Rimango Qui (I Stay Here)” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Paolo Virdis’ Single

With hauntingly ominous beats that are electronically infused and rhythmically driven, Italy-based Artist/Producer Paolo Virdis proves that his skill set behind the mixing board is exceptionally versatile and prominently creative with his single “Rimango Qui (I Stay Here).”

Utilizing diminished synth progressions and rotund low end that adds heavy elements of bassy EDM and electronica, Paolo demonstrates that he can piece together musicianship factors that are effective and crucial. This song is like a shot of adrenaline – once it gets started, it relentlessly thrusts forward and never stops for the entire duration of the song. Drawing influences reminiscent of many artists of a similar caliber, Paolo conjures a sound that is comprised of strictly his own musical vision and stylization. Each measure encapsulates consistent barriers, but still leaves the door open to throw in experimental components with clever use of plugins and sampling. He also lends his own voice to facilitate the darker atmosphere that this song embraces; making “Rimango Qui” a standout of its kind.

The production value is very effective and well balanced. Each transition works smoothly and meshes brilliantly with every layer this song showcases as the track’s buildup becomes more apparent. It’s a fun, energy fueled anthem that grabs your attention and raises eyebrows with its versatility, and it’s a style that will please any fan of the Electronic/EDM spectrum. You’ll be adding this one to your playlists in no time. The single is available on YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and several digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Corbin Canvas – “Jive Jive” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Corbin Canvas’ EP “Jive Jive”

Hailing from the boroughs of New York City, recording artist Corbin Canvas has been garnering a significant fan base since the release of his most recent 7-track EP “Jive Jive.” The record is a contagious futuristic Soul, House and Hip Hop project fully written, produced and performed by Corbin himself and touches on many unique musicianship factors and production techniques; molding into a solid signature sound that showcases versatility and atmosphere.

This record has fascinating genre blends that are well executed and diligently crafted. Each song has different components of structure but still remains consistent enough to be identified as something conjured by the same artist. The electronically infused beats, plugins and samples provide wavy textures that really set the tone throughout the record effectively and contribute many structural components that make each track stand out. Each track is like a new journey through the artistic mind of Corbin‘s facets of talent and you can tell that he is a visionary when it comes to songwriting. The production value is on point and really emphasizes crucial elements of each song. When heard from start to finish, you begin to feel that each track is a chapter of a musical concept.

“Jive Jive” is definitely an atmospheric record that explores many angles of the production process. But the best part is definitely the EP’s ability to be able to remain consistent yet multifaceted all at the same time. It’s a brilliant stroke of originality. You can find “Jive Jive” on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Freddie Bourne – “The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Freddie Bourne’s New EP

When it comes to versatility, next level production value and attentiveness to detail, Freddie Bourne‘s EP “The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco” really raises the bar and brings a huge, wholesome sound to the table. It’s his fifth studio release and features four larger than life tracks that explore many facets of Freddie‘s talent, and is the farthest thing from a disappointment.

Self proclaimed as “Conscious House-Pop”, Freddie‘s EP, produced by Stephen Horning of Dirty Dogg Productions, gives great nostalgic callbacks to the 90s and early-2000s era with his electronically infused Pop/Indie Rock sensibilities topped with House Music textures and exceptional song structures. Starting off with the opener “I Hope You Don’t Forgive Me”, we get a great acoustically-led guitar progression that builds up to something much more climactic and anthemic as the song plays on. Freddie‘s mid-to-high range vocals are strong, effective and presents this song’s chorus with absolute conviction. The Pop razor edge really works here and could easily be heard as a chart topper among many other artists of a similar caliber. The standout of this EP is definitely “Jeni”, a song with beautiful electronic and guitar textures, solid rhythmic structure and story-telling lyrics that really bring Freddie‘s songwriting ability to the forefront. This song is very busy, but not convoluted in the least; everything fits in its proper place. The 3-4 part harmonies in this chorus are very notable and big, and really encapsulates Freddie‘s precision as a vocalist. This track also has that classic 90s Alt/Rock feel reminiscent to REM, Goo Goo Dolls and Coldplay.

“Pale Blue Sky” (feat. E. King) and “Spacedust” (also co-written by producer Stephen Horning) are very ambient songs with innovative synth additives and bassy layers that drive both tracks into multifaceted territories. Freddie‘s vocals continue to shine and really showcase his ability to choose his vocal melodies wisely. His strength and projection really gives his vocal textures a wide array of techniques for both songs and really solidifies this EP’s signature sound. All four tracks of this record are diversely different, but you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist. Each song is carefully crafted, handled with absolute care and really paves the way for other artists that hone similar styles. “The Troubled Boy…” is a must-listen by all accounts and you will definitely be enticed to dig further into Freddie Bourne‘s career and discography. You can currently grab a copy of this EP on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad that you did.

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Exclusive Review: Dama – “Deep Thought” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Dama’s New Album

Crafting a signature Hip Hop sound comprised of rhythmic textures, layers, moods and raw emotions that can fit into one musical aura is something to behold when it comes to Denver-based recording artist Dama, who has been building an insatiable street buzz with everything he adds to his discography. Now, with the release of the aptly titled “Deep Thought”, we take a deep dive into Dama‘s many angles of artistic merit and explore several facets of his talent through this 19-track LP.

From start to finish, “Deep Thought” is a journey through the realm of musical vision. The moods that navigate us through each track are subtle, versatile and sometimes even ominous. There’s a great sense of anticipation when it comes to some of the structural buildups, however leads us to a path of comfort and redemption both musically and spiritually. The production value focuses strongly on layers and setting the tone for what’s to come; making sure every vibe and detailed measure is something that can easily resonate with every listener. The album has a vast array of audio imagery and visionary techniques that get you to see (and hear) through the perspective of the artist, which is a major standout for Dama where we get a glimpse into his artistic approach. Each song is anthemic, effective and completely lives up to the album name.

This exercise of ambience and atmosphere is far beyond the ordinary visionary concept. It’s calculatedly diligent, brilliant in its production and intelligent in its musical execution. “Deep Thought” will definitely take you on a musically spiritual adventure you’ll never forget. You can currently find the album on Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You won’t regret grabbing a copy.

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