Exclusive Artist Review: Elektragaaz – “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 1” EP

Very few artists have achieved the technical uniqueness of Elektragaaz. Comprised of Netherlands-based electronic composer/songwriter Poppo Redband (or just Redband for short) and a slew of guests/contributors, Elektragaaz‘s dynamic and versatile signature sound began laying down its foundation in 2017 and began hitting the ground running since its inception. Even though there is a big level of mystery surrounding primary project leader Redband, Elektragaaz‘s atmospheric textures are laid down diligently in epic proportions on their debut EP “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 1”.

This six-track juggernaut is likely unlike anything you’ve ever heard when it comes to style and composure. Blasting into an upbeat tempo with opening track “Cabin Fever”, this record immediately launches into an atmospheric assault that balances style and execution. The attentiveness to detail is very apparent from the start and continues through the track’s duration with a vast array of instrumental choices and melodic measures. This opener is highly effective and really delves deeply into the musicianship factors that Elektragaaz shows no shortage of. Another highlight of this album is the song “She Walks It Like She Talks It” which also incorporates dynamic tempos but brings the levels of uniqueness in a slightly different effective direction. But one song that has an anthemic quality is closing track “Dancin’ With The Queen of Hearts” which stylistically is more ballad-like but maintains a type of intricacy that focuses more on the distinction of energy as opposed to the more in-your-face technical touches this EP has plenty of. This track is definitely a standout of its calibre and further encapsulates the distinct uniqueness that is heard throughout the runtime of this EP and really showcases the artistic merit of this project in several angles.

This EP is also a record that has staying power – the power to stay with you even long after it’s over, and will undoubtedly entice you to dive deeper into the Elektragaaz discography and career altogether. This EP is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. This is a record you need to hear to believe.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Forest Robots – “Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning” Album

We were beyond impressed with solo artist Forest Robots‘ third album when we reviewed it last June. Now in 2021, he has conjured up a fourth album that exceeds all expectations. The new record ‘Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning’ diligently showcases Forest Robots‘ evolution and really brings his signature sound to the forefront in this ten-track juggernaut.

Comprised of ambient guitar swells, atmospheric textures and anthemic electronic additives throughout the album’s duration, ‘Amongst A Landscape…” truly encompasses a multi layered sound that is articulately crafted and cleverly executed. The performance and production value parallels each other perfectly and the atmosphere of the album sets a tone that encapsulates many moods throughout. It has brilliant touches of Jazz, Indie, and Orchestral instrumentals with tons of different flavors in each song to bring a unique and captivating listening experience to anyone that encounters this album. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions that have steep ups and downs, which really explores many different angles of Forest Robots‘ unique ambient style. It’s a record you need to hear to believe.

Each song meshes beautifully with the next and goes together like a storybook or concept album. The track “All Great Things Must Grow Through Dirt First” has a sampled sound of rain in the background and really puts an atmosphere into the song that is rarely heard. The dynamic use of sounds of nature really breathes life into this album and enhances the listening experience through the textures and chemistry that is conveyed in every song. It has insatiable staying power – the power to stay with you even long after it’s over.

This album deserves multiple listens and you’ll discover something new each time you encounter it. You can listen to it exclusively on BandCamp and you can find several Forest Robots releases on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Forsaken Garden – “Fruitful Dilemma” Single

Through the subconscious mind of recording artist Mauricio Arrue, his electronically-infused Dark Rock project Forsaken Garden touches on an authentic sound that is ominously haunting and viscerally thought-provoking in his anchor single “Fruitful Dilemma”.

First thing I noticed about this track was Mauricio’s baritone-ranged voice having a stark reminiscence to Rock legend Peter Steele, late bassist/vocalist of Type-O-Negative. And that is something gifted and scarce. Delving into the song as the duration plays out, the ominous electronic drums really adds to the song’s mystery and really brings out the artistic merit that Mauricio Arrue brings to the forefront. His diligent vocal presence enters the measures in whispers and sets a dark tone that is captivatingly real and atmospherically vital. The indie component is a factor of this track and is complimented by the authentic production value that is at the helm throughout each measure. It tells a story that is realistic and entices the listener to dive deeper into this song to investigate its meaning. The result is a rabbit hole of Mauricio’s musicianship factors which come to the fold in a buildup that is edge-of-your-seat from the second it starts.

This song is over six minutes long and never wavers from its very effective signature sound. It is doused with authenticity and truly sticks to your core from its realistic nature. It also brings forth an edge of industrial vibes that parallel the overall structure. If this is your first time hearing Forsaken Garden, prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions. Mauricio Arrue’s stylization leads you to an ominous aura and this track will definitely entice you to look further into his discography and career overall. “Fruitful Dilemma” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.

Listen to the single:

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