Artist Review: Caramel Smooth Heaven – “The Shallows” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With blissful moods, dark dream sequences and subtle landscapes that encompass an atmospheric ambience, Caramel Smooth Heaven delivers an articulate demonstration of cinematic and musically crafted visuals with their single “Blue Clouds.”

Signed to Michigan-based label Kaiseki Digital and taken from their newest album The Shallows which released on October 26th and described as “an atmospheric, nonlinear experience of drowning in the ocean”, CSH is a very visceral production of emotions that captures your attention and psyche in unexpected ways.

The production value is very detailed without being too elaborate, and really connects you to the artistic realm that CSH encompasses with the signature sound that’s being showcased. It’s thought provoking, extremely innovative in its caliber and is very reminiscent of a climactic movie sequence from film creators like Darren Aronofsky and David Lynch.

The song is colorful, eclectic and never loses its pacing. It has great use of multilayering that parallels with the song’s rhythmic flow and subtle tempos, keeping every measure interesting, alive and intact with its wholesomeness and depth as a soundtrack worthy composition.

Everything you hear (and see) in “Blue Clouds” plays a role and has its rightful place in this song, and is the perfect impression for what the rest of the album has to offer. The Shallows is available now on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and you’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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Artist Review: Untitled Art – “The Change” & “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Singles

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Get ready for an electronic throwdown from eclectic Artist/Producer Untitled Art and his double-single release of “The Change (Part 1)” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”

Both of these tracks do not disappoint. We get a heavy dose of ambient and energetic sequences with “The Change (Part 1)” with versatile vocal leads and a modern electronic sensibility with a touch of the 90s era.

This track conducts itself way and has very interesting transitions into each set of measures. The use of synthesizers is very thought provoking, multifaceted, and glistened over with vocal melodies that really bring out this song’s anthemic atmosphere and rhythmic aura. You can tell it’s been perfected with a fine tooth comb – a blemish has yet to be found.

Then we get a cruising shockwave of electronic landscapes with “Live Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)” which grabs hold of you and refuses to let go. Accompanied by a hypnotizing catchy chorus that gives this song a visceral signature, this track’s energy is a takeoff and landing into a whole new realm of electronic bliss. But mostly just a takeoff.

While the vocals are showcased more, it’s this song’s bridge and breakdown that absolutely highlights the eclectic nature and heavier components of the overall song structure. It’s a face-melter, pure and simple. And could possibly be the Death Metal of modern electronic music. Regardless – “Love Will Year Us Apart (Part One)” will tear off the roof of your house. And you’ll love every second of it.

Whether there are sequels (or at least a Part 2) planned for these singles remains to be seen, but I remain hopeful. Untitled Art‘s wave of eclectic authenticity is definitely encompassed with both of these tracks, both as an artist and creator. They’re a strong reflection of his skills, a brilliant demonstration of his musicianship, and an accurate depiction of his craft. These tracks will absolutely shake you to the core.

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Artist Review: Nokturnal Funeral – “Creatures Of The Night” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With haunting rhythms, atmospheric narratives and a cinematic eeriness that brings electronic music to darker realms, Nokturnal Funeral puts the perfect industrial spin on today’s EDM sensibility with the latest album Creatures Of The Night.

Conceptually, every track is its own creature in and of itself. It delves into the darkness of places our minds never go, and leaves us with a feeling of losing ourselves in the moment and giving into our most primal urges – whether we expect to or not. And that’s what makes this album so brilliant, it brings us to places we’d never go on our own. Both musically and visually.

Each track has composed production value, but has a surprise around every corner that grabs us by the throat and refuses to let go. It’s an anthemic album that is worthy of video game soundtracks and today’s modern thriller films. It has that atmosphere that really holds the power to enhance even the most semi-visceral visuals, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokturnal Funeral got picked up for some work in film scores.

Each song delivers a new realm of dark moods and emotions that takes us for more than just a mild rollercoaster. These tracks are climactic and cliffhanging, and have a relentless way of keeping us at the edge of our seats – whether we strapped in for the ride or not. Regardless, the strength is unwavering but not overpowering. Which is the perfect medium that sits between 90s industrial artists like Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails, and today’s more mainstream EDM circuit that has hit the industry like electric shock in the last decade.

Either way, Nokturnal Funeral fits right in with the climb of electronic music and just might be the new anchor to EDM’s darkest pleasures. And you won’t hesitate to indulge.

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