Exclusive Artist Review: Maalthepsalmist – “Cursed By Cupid” Album/LP

Very few artists could release a debut album with the impact that Maalthepsalmist has. Hailing from the West Palm Beach, Florida scene, the rising artist began hitting the ground running at full speed just this past year and so far has shown no sign of slowing down – and he makes this all the more apparent with his viscerally swagger debut full-length LP ‘Cursed By Cupid’ for all the right reasons.

This 13-track banger delves into several crucial elements of R&B, Hip Hop and Pop sensibilities. Maalthepsalmist‘s distinctive signature sound is balanced by equal parts originality and familiarity to give each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His stylistic nature also has a reminiscence to industry heavyweights including Michael jackson, Mary J Blige, Prince, Boyz II Men, and New Edition. Anchor single “Don’t Holla At Me” is a tastefully swagger track that showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s versatile vocal approach with a subtlety that is hypnotic and even haunting at times. One thing that’s apparent in this song and throughout the record is the distinctive melody choices he makes that follow along diligently with the lead instruments. It’s a very authentic style that really showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s vocals in the most effective angles.

The track “Superstar” is jazzy, bluesy and has a more upbeat dynamic when it comes to its rhythmic approach. It’s a solid tune with wholesomeness in all the right places. While closing track “Unforgiven” has a more hypnotic bossa nova angle that leans more towards a classic R&B approach that shares parallels with the 90s and early 2000s. This entire record has several crucial parallels but the bottom line is it showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s insatiable vocal and songwriting skills most effectively, leaving us with an authentic sound that is brilliantly crafted and diligently executed. “Cursed By Cupid” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms – it will definitely entice you to delve deeper into the career and future releases of Maalthepsalmist altogether. You’ll definitely become an instant fan after giving this record a spin.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Forest Robots – “Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning” Album

We were beyond impressed with solo artist Forest Robots‘ third album when we reviewed it last June. Now in 2021, he has conjured up a fourth album that exceeds all expectations. The new record ‘Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning’ diligently showcases Forest Robots‘ evolution and really brings his signature sound to the forefront in this ten-track juggernaut.

Comprised of ambient guitar swells, atmospheric textures and anthemic electronic additives throughout the album’s duration, ‘Amongst A Landscape…” truly encompasses a multi layered sound that is articulately crafted and cleverly executed. The performance and production value parallels each other perfectly and the atmosphere of the album sets a tone that encapsulates many moods throughout. It has brilliant touches of Jazz, Indie, and Orchestral instrumentals with tons of different flavors in each song to bring a unique and captivating listening experience to anyone that encounters this album. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions that have steep ups and downs, which really explores many different angles of Forest Robots‘ unique ambient style. It’s a record you need to hear to believe.

Each song meshes beautifully with the next and goes together like a storybook or concept album. The track “All Great Things Must Grow Through Dirt First” has a sampled sound of rain in the background and really puts an atmosphere into the song that is rarely heard. The dynamic use of sounds of nature really breathes life into this album and enhances the listening experience through the textures and chemistry that is conveyed in every song. It has insatiable staying power – the power to stay with you even long after it’s over.

This album deserves multiple listens and you’ll discover something new each time you encounter it. You can listen to it exclusively on BandCamp and you can find several Forest Robots releases on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: LAPP – “Selvacava” Album/LP

LAPP is one of those gems just waiting to be discovered for several crucial reasons. From musicianship factors to creativity complexes in his production value, LAPP is much more than just a musician; he is a visionary. He’s been part of the music realm for the past ten years and is completely multifaceted with his music ability. His upcoming album ‘Selvacava’ is a 16-track juggernaut that reaches new heights in the Indie spectrum and is comprised of story-telling songs that showcase his versatility in the most impactful way. It’s a record you need to hear to believe.

‘Selvacava‘ is an Alternative/Folk album about a little village in Central Italy called Selvacava. Full of big ballads and intimate tales, it touches on themes like adulthood, childhood, loss, dreams and nostalgia, and questions how memories may evolve into something different over time. LAPP plays a DIY style that is infused with Folk, Soul, Rock, Jazz and whatever sound that seems appropriate at the time to tell tales of the human condition. Once a purist of seventies singer-songwriter soul searching, he is now a stranger in a dark room writing, producing and making weird noises on a laptop, mixing it all together and seeing what happens. And that is what ultimately manifested into ‘Selvacava’.

This album has dreamlike sequences and several acting interludes that really add distinct elements to the Indie factor of this record. “Goodbye, Josephine” is a piano anthem that is nostalgic and atmospheric. LAPP‘s vocal ability throughout this record is captivatingly visceral and melodic with his high range and clever lyricism. This track in particular showcases his voice most effectively and really sets the tone for the rest of the record. “Correano” has a witty skit in the intro and coasts into another dreamlike sequence that gives off a soothing aura that really delves into the Indie component. Title track “Selvacava” has haunting and ominous string arrangements that lead into explosive melodies that blend several multi layers, including guitar swells and touches that hit an intricate climax – leaving the listener with a feeling of wholesomeness. Meanwhile, “La Giostra” has a deep Folk feel with glistening vocals that stand in the forefront reminiscent of a spotlight; which perfectly parallels LAPP‘s vocals on this song diligently, casting a spotlight on this track’s most visceral component.

This is an album you listen to uninterrupted from start to finish in its entirety. It’s more than just a listening experience, it’s an eclectic journey. LAPP grabs hold of the listener on every track of this record and arranged each song like chapters in a book. Like said before, it’s a record that you need to hear to believe, and you’ll be beyond glad that you did after listening to it in full. The album is slated to release this May and will be available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. We cant recommend LAPP highly enough.


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