Exclusive Artist Interview: Lawless Ben

As an established artist that has been writing music since the age of 9 and recording since the age of 14, Texas-based rising recording artist Lawless Ben (Born Benjamin Chiralaksanakul) has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted musician over the years with his own signature sound and stylization. After releasing nine mixtapes since 2005 along with two albums, an established career on the Datpiff platform, an EP and amassing an insatiably loyal fan base, the independent artist continues to raise the bar and hit the ground running with every release – and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

So we sat down with Lawless Ben for a comprehensive interview regarding his career, his past and present, as well as what the future holds in 2021 and beyond.

•How long have you been active under your current artist name?

Since 2014.

•What music scene/city do you currently represent?

Reppin for my hometown Alice, TX and currently residing in San Antonio, TX.

•The pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the live music experience and for artists altogether. How has it affected you and your career?

Before the pandemic really came into full effect, I was actively doing shows. Since then, things slowed down of course with everything closing during the lockdowns so I decided to take advantage of the time and spent it recording, writing and composing music. I definitely made the most of the time and was nothing short of productive. Coursed out a new plan and am ready to get back on the road.

•What are some of your music influences?

J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, King Koopa, Run The Jewels, The Cool Kids, Bryson Tiller, William Singe, Ryan Leslie, and many others.

•What kind of concepts do you tend to write about as an artist? Shine some light on that.

My musical content can vary. It’s hard to really narrow it down to one particular style or topic but majority of the songs of mine you will find are either a raw hip hop sound or a smooth rnb vibe. Most of which are inspired by true events, feelings, and real emotion. Capturing a unique sound for every session.

•When is your next release coming out?

My new single “O.K” produced by Billboard charting producer Zbeatz will be available March 19th.

•What’s in store for you in 2021? Give us the goods.

I have a handful of singles set to release every other Friday starting March 19th. Me and my team are also currently working on new videos and are booking shows as we speak. Picking up right where we left off, with a vault full of unreleased records ready to be heard.


Exclusive Artist Interview: Rhyme Poetik

When it comes to clever lyrical punchlines and a dynamic signature style that can resonate with just about any Hip Hop era, Poetik is your draft pick. Active since 2005 and emerging onto the scene as a solo artist in 2011, Poetik began hitting the ground running since his inception and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He has received critical acclaim, has amassed an insatiable fan base and has artistic merit that makes him a standout of his calibre. He’s a come-up story that is inspirational, authentic, and full of twists and turns.

Influenced by industry heavyweights like Tupac, Wu Tang, The Lox, Big Pun, Canibus, AZ, Nas, Royce 5’9 , King Crooked, Dipset and Ransom, Poetik‘s style touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; combining a sound that resonates diligently with yesterday’s old school flavors and today’s more wholesome modern music approach. He is an authentic artist on the rise and has proven he’s willing to grind his way to the top, so we sat down with Poetik for an interview to get to know his career more exclusively.

•What got you into music? Tell us about your musical foundation.

I was always into music since I was a child, used to family house parties gatherings, but what got me wanting to rap were my older cousins and older guys back in Portugal in my neighbourhood

Miratejo- Margem Sul, there was always some sort of cyphers going on, even thou I was a kid that wanted to play football day and night.

•What are some of your musical influences?

National influences; Black Company, Boss AC, Chullage, Sam the Kid, Valete, Nigga Poison & Celso Opp, I came up listening to alot of their music, international influences, I was heavy on Tupac, Tha Dogg Pound, Wu Tang, Canibus, Big Pun, The Lox, Mos Def, Common, the list goes on – the so called Golden era of HipHop!

•How is your city’s music scene in Portugal?

The music scene in Portugal and countries of the same language in the diaspora, mainly Africa and South America I wouldn’t say its easy to thrive, but I can say its more difficult to convince the masses to get acostumed, there are many musicians, competition is at an all time high, so as an artist one must thrive to really stand out or end up hardly unnoticed.

•The pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the live show experience. How has the coronavirus affected your music career?

Adapting to the pandemic during the Corona virus times has not been easy. Initially from the gate I had 3 shows cancelled straight away! Those 3 shows would have been the segway to more shows eventually. Many recording studios had to close and that affected my recording process because I don’t have a home studio I can at least apply my vocals and ideas to. As I got more aquented with the pandemic regulations, I decided to use the availability of time to get back into my creative process, as far as song writing and perfecting my craft.

•If you could go on your with any musical act, who would it be and why?

If I could go on with a musical act, ermm I’m not sure, probably Nas, to me he embodies what a real HipHop artist should represent, and that is the culture first and above everything!

•When is your next music release coming out?

My next music release is a combined project I have with an artist called Don Jaga, we are aiming for around easter times but no set date specifically yet.

•What are your plans for the rest of 2021? Give us the goods.

The rest of my plans for 2021 is to keep working on my artist endeavours, I have 2 projects in the making, a mixtape and an LP. So as soon as this pandemic fixes up I will get back to the lab (studio)


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Exclusive Interview: Fly Guy Freddie

Hip Hop pioneer Fly Guy Freddie has been through many twists and turns in the Rap game. From working intimately with labels, other artists and even performing himself, Fly has worn many hats throughout his extensive career in the Hip Hop realm. And he’s done it with boldness and style, without reservation.

So FGF is no new camper in this musical wilderness, he’s played many crucial roles throughout his career and has a plethora of accomplishments and resumé details that have given him the resources and connections to hit the ground running and keep that pace at a breakneck speed. So we here at Artist Reach got the chance to do an exclusive interview with Fly Guy Freddy in regards to his past, present and the prospect for 2021 and beyond.

Q: Give us some insight into your artist name Fly Guy Freddie, as well as all the skills possessed by you as an artist.

A: As FlyguyFreddie, I have insight on giving my listeners on what’s real and what’s authentic.

Q: As an artist, what are some of your biggest strengths and witnesses when it comes to your artistic merit?

A: For strength…being able to relate to different generations is definitely imperative. Weakness? Not always fitting in with what’s going on, and being different.

Q: You’ve been active in the USA music scene for 15 years now. What particularly got you started? Shine some light on your beginnings.

A: Growing up around clubs, family, being involved in the scene, owning, cooking, and so forth. Doing anything to get my foot in the door.

Q: During the age of 14, it says you were part of a group collective/band called Country Boyz. What was your position with that group and which label brought you guys together as a signed unit?

A: In the Country Boyz, I was a writer. The label.. well they don’t get credit. We’ll just leave it at that.

Q: In 2006, you were eventually signed with Executive Records. Tell us a little about that and what the label expected of you.

A: With Executive Records, I was a writer and collaborated with artist Nocturnal from the West Coast and eventually became a Grammy nominated writer for the multi-platinum artist on “The Return Of The Hustle” album.

Q: By the next year, you made an impressive stint on MTV. How did that come about? Give us the goods.

A: The MTV stint was brought on by my song “Donk-A-Donk” produced by the Bubble Monkeys. 1/3 is my business partner Nwill, and RIP to my other partner Manchu. The track achieved song of the week on MTV.

Q: In 2008, things took a turn where you had to start going your own way, without the major label support. Hence, starting Fresh Ticket Ent. How did you get that off the ground?

A: I tried to get Fresh Ticket Ent off the ground but it did not work. The reason it didn’t work is because I found out you can’t do anything by yourself.

Q: Who have been some of your biggest musical influences throughout the years?

A: Some of my biggest musical influences has been my business partner Nwill. I see and admire his ability of being able to master just about all genres of music.

Q: From 2007-2010, some of your more prominent years of your career manifested pretty diligently. Tell us a little about that.

A: In July 2010, I teamed up with Tree Dogg to create a conglomerate of street promoters and artists. What we did was get everybody promoting everybody in each club no matter if you had any music out or not. In Da Streets Promotions. During that time it was hard to get other artists to work with other artists because everyone was just thinking of themselves. I just wanted everyone to make dope music.

Q: What does the future hold for you now? What’re your plans for 2021 and beyond?

A: For 2021, I’ll be getting on my grind to produce music to a higher standard. As of right now in the meantime, the audience should check out “Momma“, my new release. Produced by Nwill. The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and several other digital music streaming platforms.

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