Exclusive Artist Review: Marcellus – “Notice” Single

California-based rising R&B artist Marcellus has been making some serious moves lately, and his latest single “Notice” is direct evidence of this. Utilizing an anthemic R&B approach with hints of Soul and Indie, Marcellus brings his very distinctive flavors to the forefront with his soft and almost falsetto vocal style, delivering a sense of subtlety that is not only comforting, but visceral as well.

The production value for this song is cleverly executed, weaving an edge that teeters on classic R&B elements but still effectively showcases many facets of today’s more modern and innovative sensibility of the genre. Marcellus’s vocal approach is cohesive, sensual and engaging. His elegant use of melody choices parallel perfectly with the guitar and piano textures, delivering a signature sound that is versatile, effective and well balanced. The track is also accompanied by a very cinematic music video that visually follows the song’s concept, adding multi layers to a track that is already on several crucial levels to begin with. It enhances the flavors, even in the mix drinks that Marcellus makes throughout the video.

Overall, “Notice” is an anthem that lives up to its title. It’s a song that you’ll definitely notice for its originality, familiarity and unwavering sensuality in its approach both musically and lyrically. It has that insatiable staying power where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s also a song that’ll entice you to dive deeper into Marcellus’s discography as well as future releases. It’s the perfect gateway track into his career and artistic merit.

“Notice” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

•Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/q1iDlWPezhI

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Exclusive Artist Review: Ivana – “Can’t” Single

Up-and-comer Ivana is quite the voice and presence to behold since emerging into the music market last year in 2022. Originally hailing from from the Poconos, Ivana’s most recent digs in the Brooklyn sector of NYC have opened up many more horizons for her, both spiritually and musically. Ivana (appropriately branded as iVANA) channels her deepest and most raw emotions, through her musical expression. Her songs reflect significant moments in her life and are manifested through ethereal, dreamlike soundscapes. She is a multifaceted and versatile artist with the type of aura and ambience that will resonate with the hypnotic portion of your chemistry as a music listener. A vital connection, if you will; her melodies are designed to take you to a much farther, deeper musical landscape

Once you take a listen to “Can’t”, you’ll see (and hear) exactly what she’s all about. Authentic, bassy, and with a Middle Eastern swagger that really sucks you in. Throughout this track, you can really latch on to iVANA’s story-telling method; utilizing her more high ranged vocal approach while paralleling with a more punchy, rhythmic and ambient electronic aura. Basically, if you’re looking to satisfy a knack for a more aggressive bass, then this song will not disappoint.

One lovable aspect you’ll hear throughout “Can’t” is just how authentic iVANA is. Her voice gives you a visceral listening experience and she encapsulates a signature sound that isn’t meant to align with anyone else’s style or stature. She’s raw, original and truly knows how to tell her own story with hypnotic sensibility from the rhythms in her songs. One other thing worth noting is iVANA’s staying power – the power to stay with you even long after the song is over. She is an artist that will easily grab your undivided attention, whether it’s doing a deep dive into her discography or career; past, present or future. Either way, despite the name of the song title – iVANA truly can.

You can hear the single now at Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital streaming music platforms.

•Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0Hh5j1IetAacz9bA0ZBAwv?si=8f90f0f4ed854232

•Instagram: http://instagram.com/localhotdad

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Exclusive Artist Review: Tobias Hoffman Jazz Orchestra – Conspiracy

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is truly only one Tobias Hoffmann.

Hoffmann was born in Göppingen (Germany) in 1988 and during this time discovered his passion for music and saxophone aroun his high school years. From Circa 2008 – 2010, he studied at the University for Music, Drama and Media in Hannover tilb 2010 at the Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen (Netherlands), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in June 2013. After that he started his studies of Jazz Composition and Arrangement at the Musik und Kunst Universität der Stadt Wien. At the same time he studied Jazz-Saxophone at the Musik und Kunst Universität Wien and graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) with distinction in 2015.

Between 2005, when he started performing, and 2016, he won a few national and international awards while playing in different formations. Among those were a second prize at the “Jugend Jazzt“ competition of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg; the first award (cum laude) at the competition of the International European Music Festival in Neerpelt (Belgium) and first award at the. Euroregio Big Band Contest 2013“ in Enschede (Netherlands).

Besides working on his own projects, Tobias Hoffmann also became a sought-after sideman,
composer and arranger for a wide variety of lineups and styles. From 2014 to 2017 he was
conductor of the Vienna Spittelberg Jazz Orchestra, for which he also appeared as
composer and arranger. Concert tours have taken him to Russia and several European countries. He has played with musicians such as Bob Mintzer, Joe Gallardo, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Kuhn, Benny Golson.

With an enormous background in Jazz, Hoffman would eventually start composing, arranging and releasing his own solo records. His 2022 effort Conspiracy is one of his most notable to date. Comprised of 10 solidly composed and creatively dynamic Jazz tracks full of many moods, outbursts, subtleties and everything in between, Conspiracies brings a whole new modern edge to old school Jazz flavors, completely to a whole next level. From the James Bond-like intro to opening title track Conspiracy”, to the hauntingly ominous guitar swells of “Renegade” and the to chunky rhythm guitar chugs in “Who Knows”, this record’s versatility has just about something for everyone in the world of jazz.

This record has an incredible vast array of moods, landscapes, outbursts, tempo changes, paralleled solos and instruments, all concocted into one big major next level soundscape xcomprised of a 10-track juggernaut. Any Jazz fan will find themselves in awe over Conspiracy.

Tobias Hoffman is an award winning composer, and this record is one of many reasons why. His world class talent is untouchable, his passion for the genre is unwavering and anyone who gives this record a listen will instantly agree. You can listen to Conspiracy on any digital music streaming platform.

Listen/Connect: https://linktr.ee/tobiasmhoffmann

•Official: https://tobiashoffmannmusic.com
•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tobiasmhoffmann/
•Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tobias.hoffmann.921

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Exclusive Artist Review: Mary Ann – “Wake Up Call” Single

Rising Alternative-Starlet Mary Ann hails from the landscapes of Porto, Portugal, but so far has made some major industry moves since her inception into the market. After accumulating an insatiable buzz from her debut single last year with 2022’s “Toxic”, her fan base and industry quickly demanded Mary Ann to follow up with another single – one that would step the bar up even higher.

That follow up would take the form of her current prominent single and banger “Wake Up Call”, a title that easily lives up to its name and the justice that surrounds it. This track starts out with a subtle swagger, it has a hauntingly ominous tempo that combines a brilliant concoction of ambient guitar leads and swells doused with reverb/delay melodies, and atmospheric synths and keys that parallel the guitars as well as the overall aura of the song. It’s a huge song with dreamlike melodies. The dueling leads and experimental implementations lend a major innovative factor to the track’s versatility, multifaceted multilayers and fluid originality altogether. You just won’t hear anything else like this.

As for Mary Ann — WOW. Just, wow. Her lower-end range is not only one of a kind, but provides such character for the innovative style this particular track provides. She implements her many facets and layers perfectly into this song in a way that can’t be untouched. You can hear subtle influences from other prominent artists out there with Pop and Rock sensibilities, but just can’t seem to put your finger on exactly who those influences are. She is completely her own brand of uniqueness and versatility; and that’s the most intriguing thing about Mary Ann, she is 100% raw and original, no matter how many subtle influences you may hear from her signature sound. She easily encapsulates that intrigue all by herself, and she doesn’t have time for any of those fratty-like comparisons. She is who she is – and we’re beyond positive you’re gonna love her.

Once you take s listen to “Wake Up Call”, you’ll never sleep again. You can hear it now on all digital music streaming platforms now.

•Listen/Connect: https://linktr.ee/mary.ann.music

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Exclusive Artist Review: D. Shim – “REZ ESPORTS (feat. Tyrell Tyler)” Single

Hailing from the southern sunny scales of Miami, rising producer D. Shim has been molding and shaping his craft over the last ten years and so far has come out the gate hitting the ground running. Known for his distinctive futuristic style, D has always had a knack for solid collaboration, and his newest banger “REZ ESPORTS” with feature vocalist Tyrell Tyler is direct evidence of that.

This innovative and stylistic track is upbeat, hypnotic and really has a swagger that parallels today’s more prominent modern innovation. It’s a quick song, but delivers a profound message as it plays out. Tyrell Tyler offers up the perfect dose of charisma for this type of beat and it’s one of the most crucial stands out factors in the track altogether.

It’s not an ordinary song by any means, it’s a song that has that insatiable staying power where you’ll listen to it far more than once. You’ll be coming back to this one time and time again and you’ll even be enticed to do a deeper dive into D. Shim’s discography

• Official: http://www.vibeoutstudios.com

•Listen on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/rez-esports-intro-feat-tyrell-tyler-single/1635347749

•Listen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY0RwJTjQvc

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