Exclusive Review: Thraeyce – “Multifaceted” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Thraeyce’s Album “Multifaceted”

If there’s one thing that can be said for sure about Thraeyce‘s newest record, it’s that the album name does absolute justice. This exceptionally multifaceted, versatile and electronically infused 7-track juggernaut is a futuristic album that enriches each listener with a hypnotic listening experience full of twists, turns, and atmospheric textures.

“Multifaceted” utilizes several eclectic genre blends that tastefully include touches of Pop, Alternative, and all kinds of electro-goodness; conjuring a signature sound that is wholesome, detailed and captivatingly catchy to contagious levels. “Run” is a more-than-solid opener that could be reminiscent of a more modernized Annie Lenox while still keeping the originality out in the forefront. “Let There Be Love” has an insatiably catchy chorus that really jumps at you and dynamically showcases Thraeyce‘s musicianship factors from many angles. The production value is very technical and encapsulates an ambiance that concentrates diligently on balance and composure, giving the listener a sense of nostalgia from earlier electronic influences, but still touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; bringing together a collective of songs that is freshly innovative in its approach, but also sustains an identifiability that provides a trademark vibe.

The banger on this record is definitely “F**k It Up,” a song that has a buildup of intensity heard rarely in today’s EDM spectrum. It has a video game pacing and Kill Bill kind of package that still manages to provide beautifully textured melodies underlying the track. The relentlessly smashing beat and gang vocals will have you chanting along with this song any day of the week, and the multi layering in all the right places is a component that truly makes this track a real gem. It’s a furiously quick fix that satisfies in full and really comes out swinging once it really gets going. You won’t walk away unhappy after blasting this one in your Sony Xplodes.

“Study” is hypnotic and beautifully crafted in a way that combines vocal melodies and effective synth progressions. It puts a finely tuned mood and unwavering lyrical passion all in one place that comes together in an aura that can really create a visceral listening experience. Meanwhile “Renegade” and “Here For You” are more upbeat and melodically focused throughout more of the instrumental measures both songs articulate. They’re comforting songs that close out this record with enticement to delve deeper into Thraeyce‘s career both past and present, but definitely looking into her future releases as well. Overall, “Multifaceted” really raises the bar when it comes to electronic music mixes and all the production components that are required to compose, create, manifest and innovate with tastefully clever ideas that resonate with fans of the genre. In whole, Thraeyce successfully achieves that feat and so much more with every track this record offers. “Multifaceted” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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Exclusive Review: ANTDUAN – “Rain Drops” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of ANTDUAN’s single “Rain Drops”

When it comes to mastering your craft and manifesting into a versatile artist with multifaceted musical strengths, ANTDUAN is one of those very musicians out in the front lines of the industry at large. Utilizing an electronic-infused and atmospheric signature sound to set the tone and conjure hypnotic moods, his hit single “Rain Drops” does complete justice – and for all the right reasons.

From defying all odds, having an insatiable passion and love for music at age 8 years old, the Thailand-based rising artist became determined to create his own stylization of art and win over hearts. Taking a massive interest in music production for several forms of electronic music in particular, ANTDUAN quickly enough began to compose, create, manifest and innovate with a style that honed a foundation of an electro-vibe approach merged with Techno, Deep House and other sub genres of the electronic spectrum that would put his name on the map. And his hypnotically bassy single “Rain Drops” is a solid demonstration of these elements coming to fruition.

This track’s intro grasps a sense of anticipation that is almost nail-biting, but soon enough thrusts you into an aura of diligently crafted synth-melodies, inventive key signatures, progressions, and a classic drum and bass beat with multi-layers of modern flavors that make this track a standout of its kind. The subtlety is almost mysterious but still has that bright spot in the song’s dark atmosphere that leads you down a path of beautifully crafted rhythms, keyboard textures and additives that blend in ingredients of a sound that borderlines love, lust, and the adventures of the mind. These textures sound like actual rain drops themselves, which makes “Rain Drops” not only a title that does justice to the song, but the cleverness as well when it comes to the track’s duration of attentiveness to detail.

“Rain Drops” is a brilliant demonstration of ANTDUAN‘s ability in the producer’s chair and really showcases one of his many angles of musical visions. It’s the type of song that will entice you to look more into his discography from the past, present, as well as future. The single can be found on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. Once you take a listen yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why ANTDUAN continues to be a driving force among the Electronic and EDM universe.

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Exclusive Review: Cody Tyler – “Thursday” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Cody Tyler’s Single “Thursday”

Jumping back onto the platform for a third time, the long awaited wait for west coast sensation Cody Tyler‘s newest bumpin’ single “Thursday” has finally dropped. And to no surprise at all, it does not disappoint.

This electro-wave track is melodically paralleled by Cody‘s cleverly executed vocal textures both in the forefront of the verses and chorus, as well as the flavorful additives that compliment the song through each measure. It has a very well-paced beat structure that is versatile, multifaceted and attention-grabbing. But when it comes down to it, just like his other songs, Cody Tyler‘s voice truly carries the torch on this track and leads a vocal approach that is multilayered and innovative. “Thursday” is also a very futuristic song that showcases many crucial components of balance, composure and next-level production value to really tie it all together into a track of electronic R&B/Pop goodness with all the right melody choices.

This is easily some of Cody Tyler‘s best work yet since coming out the gate as a YouTube celebrity several years ago. This song is direct proof that he has no intention of stopping anytime soon; he keeps evolving, thriving, composing and creating with the same passion and diligence he’s always displayed as a recording artist. And that’s one of Cody‘s biggest standouts with his artist merit – his heart always being in the right place, and letting his music reflect that.

“Thursday” is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Pick up your copy today and keep a close eye on what he comes out with next!

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Exclusive Review: iSAAC K! – “Together” Single/Video

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of iSAAC K!’s single “Together”

A song written as a powerful outcry for unity, trials and tribulations as well as a recognizing of self awareness regardless of who you are and where you come from, recording artist iSAAC K!‘s inspirational single “Together” is a triumphant anthem that intertwines complete justice to the song title and the simplicity of togetherness as well as being part of a common (but effective) concept as a songwriter. That no matter what position we are in as a society, the opportunity to be there for each other in the end is always there, and can always be unconditional if we choose to do our own part as a component to a solution.

Musically conjured as a captivating track that easily parallels the current events of the COVID19 pandemic and everything else that has reared its head throughout 2020’s trying times, iSAAC K! brings forth a wholesome sound with strongly projected vocals and a writing structure that fits his vocal melody choices like a comfortable pair of gloves. Accompanied by a cinematic official music video with beautiful drone shots of regional landscapes, iSAAC K! creates and composes a crafty single that showcases his artistic merit as a singer and performer with passion in his movements, style of dance and his integration with land and nature. It is full of blissful visuals and really encapsulates a vision that iSAAC K! brings to the forefront as the song plays out.

His vocal approach, reminiscent of 90s superstars like Seal and others of a similar caliber, is genuinely stylistic and really emphasizes focal points within each vocal melody that he utilizes through every measure’s duration. But the true standout of this song is the chorus; one that is driven, meaningful, wholesomely projected and truly conveys the message in a way that can’t be ignored. In times like these, “Together” is a masterpiece of unification that is much needed not just as an individual experience, but a societal one as one. iSAAC K!‘s pivotal single is a true journey of self reflection and passionate empathy. It’s a must-listen for 2020 on all counts.

“Together” is currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Lauren Waller – “Best Coast” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Lauren Waller’s Single for “Best Coast”

Featuring one of the catchiest minor-key choruses possibly ever heard in 2020’s music realm and a diligent mix of dark 80s lady swagger and today’s more modern electro-pop wave, my question for the music industry is: why haven’t you blown up Lauren Waller yet?

Her explosively anthemic west coast-inspired single “Best Coast” is a party package of several defining factors that make this song an absolute gem. Ranging from attention-grabbing gang vocals, fun lyrics that are full of wittiness and flavorful twists, as well as top of the line production value that emphasizes every multi-layer in all the right places, “Best Coast” is a rollercoaster ride of California’s musical heatwave that sustains unwavering talent, relentless confidence and a wholesome signature sound that could easily soar Lauren Waller to chart-topping potential. Each verse takes a comprehensively comedic stab at California’s west coast party scenes and really puts an attitude to the forefront of Lauren‘s artistic merit. No matter what era of Pop you’ve come to know and love, “Best Coast” has something for everyone and can easily draw in any fan of the genre regardless of the generation you come from.

This song in my opinion could easily give Lorde‘s “Royals” a run for her money (and the Cadillacs she drives in her dreams). It has simplicity where it’s needed, extra flavor when appropriate, and really comes together in a way that showcases Lauren Waller‘s vocal talent through many angles. For those who have not yet heard her music, this song will absolutely blow your roof off. Not only will you be listening to this track on repeat, but so will your neighbors. Well, if you cranked it as loud as I did anyway.

This chick will be going places. “Best Coast” is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending this one.

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