Press Release: Rising Recording Artist Toby TomTom Gears Up For The September Release Of His New Single “Love-o-Lution”

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Toby Tom Tom’s new single “Love-o-Lution

There have been many anthemic tracks that have utilized the revolutionary mantra over decades from the like of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Prince, Rage Against The Machine, Tupac, The Who, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, and many others of a similar caliber. Each song and artist over those years have had insatiable influences on many passionate music fans and events that impacted the revolutionary complex with its massive followings and compelling message.

With recording artist Toby Tom Tom, we conjure a similar construct that once delved into those concepts – except with love as the centerpiece instead of anger in the desire for societal change by force; which is brave and a positive concept to behold considering the current political climate that has been sweeping the nation this year. Toby‘s electronically infused sound is very effective, well structured and includes female feature artist Mac Mittens that brings out a hip hop edge throughout the song’s duration that is multifaceted and attention-grabbing. Toby himself puts a modern bliss throughout the track that is wholesome and brings a major presence to the song that really gets you to hone in on his craft, lyrical components and overall message with his largely composed musicianship factors. This song overall is effective, utilizes state of the art production value and really adds many flavors to keep the listener interested. “Love-o-Lution” is a modern anthem that really explores many angles of Toby Tom Tom‘s talent and will easily convert you into an instant fan.

This type of song will also get you to really delve deep into Toby‘s catalogue as well as pay attention to his future releases. His eclectic sound is very versatile and serves up a perfect balance and composure between touching on equal parts originality and familiarity. It’s a signature sound that really draws you in and you’ll be loving this artist in no time. “Love-o-Lution” will be dropping in mid-September and will be available on several digital music streaming platforms. Keep your eyes (and ears) open!

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Exclusive Review: Jay Svpreme – “Flex In Ya Face” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Jay Svpreme’s “Flex In Ya Face” Single

With some of the best lyrical outbursts possibly ever put to SoundCloud’s at-times convoluted platform, Jay Svpreme‘s flow comes out swinging from the very first measure with his new banger “Flex In Ya Face.”

This gem, though right out in the open, is quite the track to behold when realizing just how crucial it is. Jay‘s furiously approached flow is concise, precise and is executed in a way that is far beyond what is expected of the underground SoundCloud format, and really sets the bar higher for the indies altogether. This atmospherical banger beat’s genius comes from the fact that it’s completely open to any expectations of any kind before any lyrics any start – leaving us room with plenty of insatiable anticipation on Jay Svpreme‘s end of the spectrum. Then he comes out swinging from the very first bar and never lets up until it’s over, which at this point, is to be expected of someone with Jay‘s specific craft.

Once again, like his predecessors, Jay puts a multifaceted cleverness with versatility at the forefront that allows him to completely kill it lyrically from one measure to the next when it comes to conjuring a signature sound. This sound still remains amazingly authentic and wholesome just like his other material but truly showcases a perfect balance and composure that dynamically touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving each fan a visceral and nostalgic m is why Jay‘s powerfully projectional vocal approach and beat structures are few and far between when it comes to the true inspiration behind underground Hip Hop. And if he keeps his tracks up to these standards while also raising the bar at the same time, then he’ll be going places much higher if he keeps up this kind of momentum. “Flex In Ya Face” is also an early debut album preview, so be sure to pick up the track on your favorite digital music streaming platform today so you can give it a listen yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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Exclusive Review: Thraeyce – “Multifaceted” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Thraeyce’s Album “Multifaceted”

If there’s one thing that can be said for sure about Thraeyce‘s newest record, it’s that the album name does absolute justice. This exceptionally multifaceted, versatile and electronically infused 7-track juggernaut is a futuristic album that enriches each listener with a hypnotic listening experience full of twists, turns, and atmospheric textures.

“Multifaceted” utilizes several eclectic genre blends that tastefully include touches of Pop, Alternative, and all kinds of electro-goodness; conjuring a signature sound that is wholesome, detailed and captivatingly catchy to contagious levels. “Run” is a more-than-solid opener that could be reminiscent of a more modernized Annie Lenox while still keeping the originality out in the forefront. “Let There Be Love” has an insatiably catchy chorus that really jumps at you and dynamically showcases Thraeyce‘s musicianship factors from many angles. The production value is very technical and encapsulates an ambiance that concentrates diligently on balance and composure, giving the listener a sense of nostalgia from earlier electronic influences, but still touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; bringing together a collective of songs that is freshly innovative in its approach, but also sustains an identifiability that provides a trademark vibe.

The banger on this record is definitely “F**k It Up,” a song that has a buildup of intensity heard rarely in today’s EDM spectrum. It has a video game pacing and Kill Bill kind of package that still manages to provide beautifully textured melodies underlying the track. The relentlessly smashing beat and gang vocals will have you chanting along with this song any day of the week, and the multi layering in all the right places is a component that truly makes this track a real gem. It’s a furiously quick fix that satisfies in full and really comes out swinging once it really gets going. You won’t walk away unhappy after blasting this one in your Sony Xplodes.

“Study” is hypnotic and beautifully crafted in a way that combines vocal melodies and effective synth progressions. It puts a finely tuned mood and unwavering lyrical passion all in one place that comes together in an aura that can really create a visceral listening experience. Meanwhile “Renegade” and “Here For You” are more upbeat and melodically focused throughout more of the instrumental measures both songs articulate. They’re comforting songs that close out this record with enticement to delve deeper into Thraeyce‘s career both past and present, but definitely looking into her future releases as well. Overall, “Multifaceted” really raises the bar when it comes to electronic music mixes and all the production components that are required to compose, create, manifest and innovate with tastefully clever ideas that resonate with fans of the genre. In whole, Thraeyce successfully achieves that feat and so much more with every track this record offers. “Multifaceted” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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Press Release: French Recording Artist Dalmas Emmanuel Stirs Up Social Media Excitement With High Anticipation For His New Single “Savages”

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Dalmas Emmanuel’s Upcoming Single “Savages”

French artist Dalmas Emmanuel has been amassing an impressive amount of excitement on social media lately with exclusive news of his new track “Savages.” Dalmas Emmanuel, who previously stated how excited he was to see such high enthusiasm from fans in regards to the prospect of the new single, today said he didn’t imagine how fast the word would actually spread. When asked about the excitement coming from the fans, he responded:

“I am so amazed and grateful of all the messages I am receiving from my fans. Since I released the single, I have received reception from all over the world including the UK, USA and Australia. I have already been told that my new single is a perfect fit for major sporting events like Basketball, American Football, Hockey, and Baseball. It’s powerful, exciting and extremely well produced in the style of Migos, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Kendrick Lamar…BUT with a French touch.”

Dalmas Emmanuel with “Savages” brings a lot of energy and is a perfect song for pumping up before a sports match. If you need the right energy to motivate you, listen to this song and you will win all of your battles. A really hard song with a big sense of banger. The vocals are really dope and the flow is hard hitting. The composition is versatile, multifaceted and captivating. It showcases a visceral realm and is downright an exceptionally well produced trap banger that sounds like it would be in Need For Speed: Underground – truly the best game of the series.

The artist from the South West of France has only been in the music scene since November 2016. His new track “Savages” takes Dalmas Emmanuel to the next level with some fans calling it his best work to date, which is a huge statement looking at his back catalogue.

Stream the new track below:

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Careers: The Life And Chronicles of Uprising Artist Banknote Mitch

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of BankNote Mitch’s release

A 6 foot, 190-pound ball of pure passion is what some would call Mitchell Similton, better known by his stage name Banknote Mitch, an uprising American Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Equity Trader, Activist, and Writer of the 49th Law of Power. Born on February 20th, 1986 in Concord, NC, he ended up only relocating to Charlotte, NC two years later after watching his parents’ home burn to the ground. Some say he was baptized by fire, but the restless streets of Charlotte would end up eventually stealing his innocence. This would be his introduction to Hell, but luckily, chasing a better life would eventually create opportunities for the young kid to escape the streets before it completely consumed him.

Creating his own lane and brand as a rapper garnered him the attention he needed, utilizing his insatiable love of music to expand into bigger, more profitable ventures. Turning a life of tragedy, jail time and countless funerals into something productive he could be proud of. Upon entering the world of music as a fresh face, Mitch realized the entertainment industry was not what he expected. While creating new opportunities for himself through many major platforms, it also created twice as many problems; hence the saying, “more money, more problems.” Realizing that the cons outweighed the pros, Mitch subsequently returned home to North Carolina, leaving the life he created and once chased with every cell in his body, only to find the grass was not always greener on the other side in th end. These reasons and more, would be why a multimillionaire would disappear into the life of a nine-to-five to never be heard from again.

After in-depth research, Mitch’s net worth stood around 5 million USD. After hearing his story, we reached out to our best lead; a childhood friend by the name of Lamont “Billy D” Smith who was very protective of Mitch, and who he referred to as Royal Redd the big homie. It was basically an interrogation in an effort to learn our true intent on speaking with Mitch. Once he felt we were not a threat, the meeting was set up. I was excited that we got this far. Upon arriving at an undisclosed location, we were immediately frisked by men dressed in all red, who guided us into a fairly empty all-white apartment with all-white furniture to match. Mitchell “Banknote Mitch” Similton. Tattoos wrapped around his neck and arms. Platinum and diamonds draped around his neck, hands and wrist. I thought to myself, how could this guy hide in plain sight? But I was more anxious to learn his story, and so the questions began, and to our surprise, he wasn’t a drug lord, wasn’t a kingpin, gangster, or any of the things that we originally heard. He turned out to be a legitimate activist in the community, helping feed and clothe the homeless with his own money. He spoke on police brutality as well as his own encounters with law enforcement. Starting at the early age of 7, he spoke with such a passion that we couldn’t help but feel his and his community’s pain.

Standard Shot of BankNote Mitch

Banknote is a man of the people and we thank him forQ taking the time out to speak with us. Before we were escorted out, he explained his plans to help others during the pandemic and asked us to quote one thing in this article: “Take action, register to vote & take control of your own future”.

Thanks Mitch!

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