Press Release: Dropfever Set To Launch Their Exclusive Platform, Take Their Survey And Get An Artist Feature

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The team at Dropfever is currently working on obtaining primary prominent market research done for a fresh new platform that will assist musicians in creating virtual experiences to accompany new song and album releases.

Dropfever has a groundbreaking blueprint with promising results where indies and up-and-comers can benefit highly, but it needs to amass as much feedback as possible in order to construct the best platform for both artists and fans.

Take a minute to fill out the survey below and get added to the Hall of Fame section of the website when they launch. This is an opportunity to jump on while it’s hot! It’s gonna go places very quickly.

•Link to Survey:

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Press Release: TUBBR – Why The World’s First Personal Social Network is Beneficial To Musicians

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Social Media and platforms for sharing have been a cornerstone to the Internet since the days of MySpace. Everyone wants to get their message/content out there and express their facets of creativity, and the creation of apps, networks and software has provided diligent ways to make this possible.

Whether you’re a content creator, business, photographer, artist, band, model or social media enthusiast, these platforms and their features have opened up a world where anyone and everyone can put their own creative touch to their content and put it out to their network and the world most effectively. Some platforms are more desirable than others, but one thing that comes into play is efficiency and the option for privacy among your network and those you want involved in your network on a more collaborative level. This is where TUBBR comes in, a platform recommended to everyone, however can especially be a gem for your music career as well.

TUBBR is a platform that that lets you create a thing called “Personal Spaces”, where instead of one timeline (like Facebook, for example), this one lets you create multiple timelines. So if you’re a band, this would be perfect to create a timeline for each band member. Or if you’re a solo artist, you could create a timeline for different purposes: touring schedule, merch store, photo section, you get the idea. And just like any other Social Media Network, you have the option to set your timeline(s) to a Privacy setting.

But overall, TUBBR allows you to share your timeline content with your fans in a whole new innovative way that is different and very effective – and at the same time, you can also discover relevant content and collaborate with people on things as well. A good example would be: touring artists. Each artist or group can collaborate or parallel each other’s timelines and put content out to your fans and keep them updated and interested with what you’re doing on your current tour (similar to a tour diary), but in a more fun and intimate setting.

We at Artist Reach gave this platform a try, and it’s extremely innovative and at the same time leaves out all the saturation, unwanted friend requests, spammers, trolls and everything else that makes our mainstream platforms more annoying. And on top of that, the ability to create multiple timelines and collaborative timelines is also something that we were most impressed by. But there’s more to it as well. There are a lot of features on this platform that when combined, create a very multifaceted networking experience that is unlike anything else we’ve ever used. One example of this is the platform itself gives you something called TUBBR WALLS. And you can have multiple.

You can Easily Manage & Control how and to who you share these stories with by keeping these Walls either ‘Private’ within a select group of friends you invite or ‘Public’ for the World to follow while you share & collaborate on your interests with people you desire.

The possibility for users to create these multiple walls gives them the freedom to share a lot more stories on a specific topic and even collaborate with people of choice.

The Benefits of TUBBR:

• Create Multiple Timelines using TUBBR Walls. Keep these Walls

• Public to showcase your passion, work, hobbies, life experiences and more

• Private within select people or friends

• Add your travel partners, gym buddies, co-workers, band members or others on these Walls to Collaborate on Common interests and passions.

• With powerful TUBBR LinkTags you can also promote your blog, products, YouTube videos or SoundCloud tracks on each story you post

• TUBBR feeds will always be as per your interests apart from being Chronological & ADs free!

This is an amazing platform and can really adapt the way artists and bands share content with their fans, or as a fan be more connected to the artists you love or desire to discover, and we recommend all of our readers to give it a try. It’ll absolutely grow on you and give TUMBLR a run for its money! The App is available on both Google Play and ITunes, or go to to register for your access code. You can also create exclusivity. Where you can encourage your audience to Pre-Register to receive an exclusive Access Code and be the first to join as it’s available only though invites.

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  • Exclusive Review: Promises Kept Collective Presents – “Hey How’s It Going Show”

    Review by: Justyn Brodsky

    Comprised of the minds from the Promises Kept Collective, a Media News outlet, presents a platform dedicated to showcasing and interviewing different up and coming artists/creators on their show Hey How’s It Going Show.

    Just like us at Artist Reach, this show delves deep into indie artists and content creators looking to get their name out. And it has a very humble and insightful approach with their interview questions, interaction with the guests/artists on their show and really deliver a great demonstration of showcasing and supporting prospective artist careers with a positive vibe.

    The host, Brandon Paul Desorcy, is multifaceted and informative with his connection with each guest in his show and quickly bonds with each of them. He gives them the chance to tell their story, talk about their careers and really get to the heart of their prospective passions into their craft. All the while engaging in a fun, vibrant conversations that resonate and connect with the show’s featured guests.

    The concept is similar to ours – supporting the up and coming, as well as discovering creators that are looking to add that prominent niche to their artist résumé. And this show does a great job at keeping the guest and the show watchers interested and captivated. And at the end of the show, you are enticed to look more into the artist that was showcased, and take a listen to what these creators have to offer.

    The most noteworthy thing about this show is allowing the audience to get to know the artists on a personal level – and this show really embraces that concept in a humble and genuinely fun/informative way. Brandon’s hosting style is charismatic and smart, impactful and insightful, and really makes it all about the music and artists. We can’t recommend his show highly enough. It encompasses a great concept and the intentions that accompany it that makes it the impactful platform it is known for.

    Connect with Promises Kept Collective and Hey How’s It Going Show:

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    Product Highlights: Editframe – Representing An Innovative Shift In Sharing Content

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky:

    We live in a world today where we’ve embraced the pop culture of the internet and the vast array of ways to express ourselves through it. A big part of it is sharing – pics, videos, memes, and endless ways to edit each in a way that brings out our versatility and personality for the world to see.

    There are apps and programs under the sun that can specialize in your choice of creativity. Some are more effective than others, but regardless, it comes down to efficiency and interest. And we get the best of both worlds with EditFrame, a simple yet powerful suite of multimedia creation tools for modern music producers, podcasters, meme makers, and everyone in between.

    One of the best things about this platform is you can make unlimited content, especially if you have an affinity for social media. If you’re someone that is hoping to make your content go viral, Editframe will become your new stomping grounds. You can sign up for FREE by going to

    One of the key features is the meme maker. Editframe is especially great for this because of the precision it offers. You can resize your memes to fit like a glove on any network, especially Instagram where a lot of content tends to go viral in minutes. Editframe is a cornerstone to unleashing viral content efficiently and effectively – giving each of your posts endless mileage for your audience to indulge. You can try this feature by going here:

    Another one of Editframe‘s key components is adding music to your video content. This especially helps you in the post-production process and makes your editing a lot more fun with the easy-to-use music feature. This helps you breathe life into every video, and give it the soundtrack it truly deserves. Try this feature by going here:

    Oh, and again, this platform is FREE – yes, you heard right. But like all successful programs, there will be premium features available to maximize your playing field. And this in our opinion is one of the best ones to truly invest yourself in, no matter what kind of content you are aiming for. This platform is for anyone and everyone that wants to truly utilize their creative niche. So again, you can get signed up for a free Editframe membership here at and take your content to new heights!

    Editframe is currently used by several familiar names in the mainstream market including Netflix, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Universal, Google, and many others.

    Connect with Editframe:

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    Music Theory: Boss Piano – A Lesson In Cadences

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    It is nearly impossible for any piano player to not hear the word cadence at least once in their life. Before explaining the cadence meaning, I will start with the reference of what a musical phrase is.

    As you might already know, it is a musical thought composed with four measures length in most cases, and incomplete also. A cadence is a chord progression composed usually of at least 2 chords that ends a phrase or a part of a piece of music.

    The cadence has a really important role in any piece of piano sheet music because it gives a sense of resolution for that rhythm. There are some types of cadences that are authentic, deceptive, half, and plagal. They are divided into two groups: finished cadences and unfinished cadences.

    The authentic cadence is the movement from the chord V to I of the key center. It is usually written V-I and is the most common and most frequently used cadence. For an example, when it comes to the C Major scale, try playing from V (G) to I (C) and you will notice by yourself how a great finish sounds, because the authentic cadence is also known as a perfect cadence and is well-known for its most finished contribution.

    When it comes to the deceptive cadence, it is good to know that it’s also called the interrupted cadence. The name is very suggestive, as in this case, it ends on an unexpected chord. The music sounds reminiscent of something interrupting the piece. For this one, the most common chord progression is from chord V to chord VI, also written as V-VI. For an example, using the A Major scale, the chords are V which in this case is the key E and VI which is the key F sharp minor. Play it and listen carefully to get a familiarity to this type of cadence, so you will be able to use it in your own piano tabs.

    When it comes to unfinished cadences, it is easy to anticipate that the sound will be unfinished. This happens because the unfinished cadences don’t end on chord I. By using an unfinished cadence at the end of a phrase in a piece of piano sheet music, it will give the listener the feeling that there is more to come in the next section and that the piece is not over.

    In the group of unfinished cadences there is the half cadence. It is also known as imperfect cadence and it ends on chord V, while it can start on chord I, II or IV. For an example, in the G Major scale, we take the chords I (which is key G) to chord V (which is key D). Listen and you will notice that this is not the end, it’s more like a “wait for the next part” kind of feeling. When it comes to plagal cadence, the progression is from chord IV to chord I, also found written as IV-I.

    Cadences are a great way to practice and develop piano techniques, and are also considered part of the little things that form the basis of piano for any player.

    If you need material for rehearsal, here is a website where you can get piano sheets for free.

    Connect with Boss Piano to get your copies now, and other great tips & information as well:

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    Artist Highlight: Calvin West

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    In today’s music world, the internet has been a focal point and cornerstone in almost every musician or band’s career. From platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media outlets, there’s always something behind the scenes to help enhance a music maker’s presence.

    That’s where professional lyric video artist Calvin West comes in. A man that creates innovative and groundbreaking lyrics videos for any artist, any genre and with any kind of theme. Whether it’s a song that has a certain message or atmosphere involved, West is that visionary who can put all the pieces together for you and bring your song to live through an eye-catching lyric video.

    Artists have especially taken interest in releasing lyric videos on behalf of getting fans to learn the words to a song, or perhaps put out a YouTube release of a track with some kind of character to it; in case an official music video just isn’t in the cards yet.

    West has worked with over a thousand musicians and record labels from all over the world, and it’s a multifaceted combination of his background and ability that keeps his clients coming back. He understands their artistic identity and strives to channel it through the lyric videos he makes, and never fails to grasp at the artist/client’s vision for a project. Which is truly what separates him from the rest.

    West is also a Top Rated Seller on freelance network Fiverr, with over 1,000 five-star reviews from artists all over the world that come to him for his abilities behind the screen. It doesn’t matter the challenge, it doesn’t matter the deadline – if you hand your work or artistic vision over to Calvin West to bring your song into a whole new spectrum, this is the man that will get it done. It gives musicians and their fans to encompass a whole new perspective on a very articulate audio and visual journey unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

    Connect with Calvin West:

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    Artist Reach Presents: Guitar Spikes (Product Review & Press Release)

    Article by: Justyn Brodsky

    Artist Reach Presents: Guitar Spikes

    If you’re a guitarist/bassist, you’ll be more than glad you found this article. An invention & innovative design coming from the brilliant mind of Alex Aldridge (Ontario, CA), Guitar Spikes are heavy duty, stainless steel guitar strap buttons & attachments aimed at the guitar accessories/hardware market.

    These stainless steel guitar strap buttons and attachments are designed to replace stock strap buttons, locks, and mounts; guaranteeing to give your guitar the security it needs to ensure a faultless outcome when maintaining your stage presence. From punk jumps, guitar spins, and jumping up and down with your instrument to keep your crowd feeding off your energy, Guitar Spikes not only give you the extra-strength to keep your strap locked in place, but also gives your guitar a new look with rad looking silver spikes, as opposed to the ordinary little silver circle and screw design.

    So far a slew of National & International Metal/Punk bands from all over the world currently are rocking Guitar Spikes. Such as: Carnifex, Misery Index, Dehumanized, GRAI, Sirenia, Luciferian, Crypt Infection, and many others. And no matter how big or small your band is, or how big or small your stage setup or show is, your guitars and basses need top-of-the-line accessories to guarantee yourself a confident and kickass live show with security of extra-strength strap locks with a spikey edge! 

    Almost every staff member of Artist Reach plays guitar, and accessories such as strap locks are a MUST. So this is a product we are sponsoring, as well as a company we have partnered up with in an effort to give guitarists & bassists a great edge to playing a live show with confidence. 

    The product, business, and the Guitar Spikes website are set for long-term expansion over the next 10 years. The prices are a great value, the design options are dynamic and awesome, and come with a lifetime warranty. 

    We here at Artist Reach are giving out FREE Reviews & Promo for any purchase on the Guitar Spikes web store! Use code: AR2016

    • For prices, information, and more about Company CEO Alex Aldridge, visit the Guitar Spikes Official Website at:

    • Alex Aldridge / Guitar Spikes Blog:

    • Twitter: @Guitar_Spikes

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