Exclusive Review: X-Amount: “Oh Jah Jah” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of X-Amount’s newest single

Gushing with catchiness and presented with several angles of versatility, there are very few songs in this era that hold an impact like Jamaicabased recording artist X-Amount‘s new single “Oh Jah Jah.”

Executive produced by X himself and accompanied with an atmospheric beat produced by the seasoned talent of SFR Beats, this track’s quality and content parallel perfectly throughout this track’s duration in many effective ways. With a female-featured chorus providing one of the best melody choices in today’s contemporary music, this one reels you right in with its smooth hook that could be slightly reminiscent of Rihanna, but much more cleverly executed. X-Amount‘s verses are effective, powerfully projected and have a sing-songy formula that compliments this song’s beat structure in a way that lends ambiance that truly brings out his artistic merit. His flow is unsurpassed, insatiable and really delves you into a signature sound that is multifaceted. It has that mainstream sensibility and vibe that any Reggae or Hip Hop can appreciate, all put together by a tasty concoction of atmosphere, top tier vocals and smooth-as-silk bars and hooks.

This song has staying power, the kind of power knowing you’ll be singing this song in your head long after its over. It’s definitely a song that’ll be making its way to the top of your playlists. You’ll also be recommending this one to your friends as well, and will brag about how you discovered it first. This is X-Amount at his best, and if it’s your first time giving him a listen, then you’ll become an instant fan.

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Exclusive Review: Juan Carlos Martinez – “Acorralado” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Juan Carlos Martinez’ album “Acorralado”

Not many artists can capture a signature sound quite like veteran Spanish multi-instrumentalist/composer, singer and producer, Juan Carlos Martinez. Integrating an explosive and wholesome style that combines many key elements of Blues, Ska, POP, Rock and textures of Soul, Juan Carlos Martinez comes out swinging with his ten-track juggernaut ‘Acorralado’ and proves that his versatility is untouchable.

Composed diligently with multi-layers of tastefully blended synths, keys and a brilliant horn section, ‘Acorralado’ is a rollercoaster ride of anthemic tunes that all stand out on their own. It’s a rare gem where you don’t ever feel the need to skip over any tracks and really entices you to notice the attentiveness to detail. The sirens go off in opening title track ”Acorralado” with an excellent buildup into an upbeat rhythm section that drives the song forward and showcases what’s to come for the rest of the album. Juan Carlos Martinez‘ well crafted vocals are complimented with on-point harmonies and vocal melody choices that are effective, clean and dynamically projected.

This album’s versatility and diversity is endless, but you can tell it’s coming from the same artist. “Que Sentimiento” is a very progressive song with haunting keyboard parts and intricate guitar textures that really puts an atmospheric twist to the record in very innovative ways. While “Nada Es Mejor” is more funky, witty and upbeat throughout each distinguished measure. Each track of this album showcases a different angle of Juan Carlos Martinez‘ artistic merit and he really takes each approach up to its highest potential. This is a record that literally has something for everyone on it, and the musicianship factors and production value completely speaks for itself with its top-of-the-line quality. This is an album you’ll be bragging about to your friends, and definitely a record for musicians to analyze and adore.

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Exclusive Review: Hazeline Taffe – “Strength N Dreams” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Hazeline Taffe’s 2-Track Album

When it comes to rhythmic vibes, melodic textures and musical atmosphere, Hazeline Taffe’s album “Strength N Dreams” immediately comes to mind. Boasting a glistening record which features 2 versatile tracks that accompany the album name title to title, these Reggae-influenced anthems showcase many dynamic angles to Hazeline’s crafty balance, composure, and genuine artistic merit that explores many facets of her talent.

Utilizing a mid-to-high range vocal approach that is effective and consistent, Hazeline‘s biggest standout on the album’s first track “Strength” is her perfected melody choices, especially in the chorus. This uplifting track has that classic reggae 2/4 tempo and clean upward strumming guitar parts that we’ve all come to know and love in the realm of Reggae. But this song is anything but ordinary when it comes to Hazeline‘s vocal melodies that truly brings the song far above contemporary levels. Any Reggae fan will appreciate this song wholesomely.

With the piano-led song “Dreams”, we get a beautiful pattern of eclectic measures, diligent brass additions and a ballad-like flavor that really puts Hazeline‘s voice to the forefront. This glowing track is paralleled perfectly between the value of performance and production, giving Hazeline the opportunity to deliver a visceral vocal approach that reels you in with every hook this song has to offer. This song also has a climactic buildup with an arrangement that supersedes the average ballad, which is brought on by Hazeline‘s beautiful vibratos, voice control and lyrical depth that truly gives the song an anthemic atmosphere that’ll give the listener goosebumps every time.

These songs are not only amazing, but are also direct proof that Hazeline Taffe lives and breathes music every time she hits the studio. The detail-oriented compositions of “Strength N Dreams” are unlike anything else you’ll hear this year, and we say that with absolute conviction. The album is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms. Prepare to become an instant fan.

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Exclusive Review: Darshae Kiér – “Halasana Girl” Single

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Fun, vibrant, and unique are a few good ways to describe Miami-based recording artist Darshae Kiér, but most of all, he is authentic and real. And he demonstrates these qualities in his newest single “Halasana Girl”.

After a heavy street buzz formed from the success of his previous single “Translation”, Darshae knew he had to keep his winning streak going by putting out this anthemic single, and just like before, he hit the mark once again. Taking on an approach that combines smooth elements of Pop and Reggaeton, “Halasana Girl” is one of those tracks that is bound to get your hips shaking and the dance floor moving. Darshae‘s lyrical ability serves up rhyming techniques that are clear and crisp, projecting smooth bars and rhymes that is perfectly parallel with the song’s ambient and uplifting beat structure. It’s a formula that works, and Darshae sells it perfectly from start to finish.

“Halasana Girl” released last year on September 27th, and since then has become an anthem for summer-fall vibes and a staple among digital music playlists. Darshae Kiér is quickly becoming a vital voice in the hip hop community and is direct proof that underground hip hop is alive and well. If he keeps up the pace, he will easily cross over into the mainstream market; and we will be stoked when it happens. You can listen to “Halasana Girl” on SoundCloud and other digital music streaming platforms. Be sure to also follow Darshae Kiér on social media to stay up to date on his current activities, as well as future events.

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Exclusive Review: Oh Well – “Us” Single

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Very few artists in this day and age can conjure up an unrelentingly powerful first impression quite like Chicago-based artist Oh Well. Coming out the gate with the new single “Us”, this song not only encompasses a signature style that is energy-driven and versatile, but a boat load of musicianship factors as well; allowing Oh Well to shine in all their glory throughout this single’s duration.

This anti-pop banger is loaded with an onslaught of in-your-face vocals that project a powerful delivery in Hip Hop that is rarely heard. It’s also a track that encapsulates a true knack for passion and making sure the listener doesn’t walk away unsatisfied; showcasing an innovative edge that balances equal parts originality and familiarity. “Us” has multifaceted angles of different genre blends that lend a razor sharp edge to an otherwise contemporary sound including touches of Rock and Reggae, which Oh Well ultimately incorporates brilliantly. Overall, this track brings some of the freshest ideas to a mainstream Hip Hop style, and it’s honestly a mind-blow that this song hasn’t topped the charts yet. The anticipation to hear the material they have up their sleeves after this song is absolutely riveting, and once you take a listen to “Us” yourself, you’ll understand exactly why.

“Us” is available now on YouTube and other digital music platforms. Be sure to follow Oh Well to keep tabs on upcoming events and releases.

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