Exclusive Interview: Cody Tyler

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press Photo of Cody Tyler

Recording Artist and YouTube Star Cody Tyler has graced our platform many times and has been a favorite among the Artist Reach camp as well as our readers. His versatile and catchy signature sound is a standout of its kind, he’s one of the coolest people you could ever meet, and the industry has embraced him for all the right reasons and continues to do so throughout 2020 and beyond. With his new single “Thursday” dropping July 17th (Spoiler: we reviewed it), we caught up with Cody in an exclusive interview setting.

When did you begin your career in music?

Hmm very good question… I first was inspired after being baker-acted in the mental hospital back at the tail end of 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to that, I had been studying at the american academy of dramatic arts here in LA and had been struggling with depression issues and that was how I ended up in there. But while there seemed to be a God-send because I never had experienced such a low in my life before and After having regular therapy sessions with the in house therapists I was asked what I liked to do to vent and just feel better and poetry had been my vice since 7th grade so I started to write and after the first poem I wrote i broke down and cried due to just how good it felt and from there everything became clear.. after the 6th or 7th poem I got melodies and knew music was my love and I knew I could reach others like me and just help people.

•I understand you went viral on YouTube. Can you tell us a little about that?
Well back at the end of 2013, I had written and recorded my very first serious song called “Mine” at a legit recording studio called velvet basement in Miami,Florida. A week or two later my friend from college Erix shot the video and we did it very gully style and just wanted it to be like a message .. once it was edited I put it up online and within like a weeks time it was in the hundreds of thousands of views and I was in shock… I honestly didn’t believe it lol.. I remember opening and closing my laptop chronically! Eventually it went viral passing 1 million views and from there I planned on moving here to LA to further my dreams and here I am.

What inspired you to get into music?
What inspired me the most was just being in the mental hospital not knowing what to do or how to go about my life after that low point. And then to discover that I have abilities to truly convey all the deep emotions that at times am overwhelmed with.. smh it made me feel free and over time honing in on the craft its opened up so many aspects I’ve learned about myself. It’s truly DOPE...

Where are you currently based out of?
I’m in Los Angeles California.

•I see you have new music coming out, can you tell us a little about that? What is it about?
For sure! Well I have been working on a completely new studio album.. so far I’ve gotten hit up by bigger name producers whom I cant name as of now but i’m very excited man and Ive gotten a chance to write for others as well.. I’ve got 2 singles coming one is called “That Guy” and it’s about just feeling good about yourself and not caring how it makes others feel because you deserve to love yourself and have confidence in yourself. It’s got a lot of edginess to it. Lastly, my engineer Austin Conner produced my other single called “Thursday” and it’s about breaking up with someone who’s not good for you and realizing life is to short to be moved by someone else and we should try to live our life as free and true to ourselves as possible. I actually used inspiration for the track from an old relationship with this girl from Miami named Alexandria Daimes. LOL.

Press Photo of Cody Tyler

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
I’d say my biggest influence musically would have to be Kid Cudi. At least hed have to be ranked 1st. I say this because Cudi just makes such pure music and has never deviated since day 1. I remember the first time I heard Cudi’s music. It made me tear up and I was like wow there’s someone who speaks on ALL subjects and is in his own lane…it was so beautiful and I was so moved because I related so much. My other influence would be Kanye because just like Cudi he didn’t try to be anyone else but himself and graduation changed my life man… I remember hearing champion for the first time on the highway in my whip and again i broke down because I related to what he was saying and usually you don’t hear artists talk about subjects that aren’t trending you know? I like Chief Keef as well because his music is just organic and so raw… the production is always on point. I love all music though and listen or at least try to listen to everyone in  hip hop all the way to house music. Lastly 2pac is another major influence and even though i wasn’t cognizant during his major run.. my uncle would babysit and sneak and let me listen to his records  and  I caught on after and as i got older I listened and even though I didn’t live the life he did or know anything about it I still could feel everything he spoke and that to me shows the talent and reach of an artist.. and to this day his music and writing are impeccable. 

Lastly, where can we find your music?
You can find me on every single platform from Apple Music to IHeartRadio! I have two singles coming – one this month called “That Guy” and another by next month called “Thursday”. 

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Press Release: Ty The Artist Turns Up The Heat In Summer 2020 With A Whole Series Of Singles In His Stunning Solo Debut

Promo Shot of Ty The Artist

With massive plans to heat up the summer of 2020, the soulful sound of Ty The Artist is set to make the most of his debut by taking his whole career straight to the next level where he belongs. Drawing on his extensive experience gained throughout his years helming projects like B.U.C. (Brothers Under Cover) & S.M.G. (So Much to Give) – Ty The Artist is stepping into the spotlight solo, fully inspired for the future.

This July, join Ty The Artist as he stylistically slides his way straight up to the top of the charts and playlists around the globe with a sensational series of scorching hot & slow-burning singles being released for all to enjoy. Creating highly sensory & sensual songs that listeners can authentically feel and connect to has always come naturally – and he’s about to show the world exactly what he’s capable of with his debut.

Cover Art of Ty The Artist’s single “Don’t Walk Away”

With a passionate and intense blend of Soul/R&B/Pop signature sound that’s all his own, Ty reveals the X-Factor through his charismatic style and hybrid sound on the spectacular lead single “Natalie,” due out on July 3rd, 2020. Setting off a chain of releases to follow, and marking the start of the most exciting chapter of his career to date, Ty The Artist is ready to serve up stunning audio entertainment all summer long with incredible new cuts called “Don’t Walk Away” (July 10th), “My Reality / “She Knows I’m Watching” (July 15th), and “Bring Back Our Love” (July 17th) all scheduled to drop online and establish his music as essential listening.

By putting his genuine heart and soul into every second of the songs he writes, Ty The Artist is equally invested in delivering the quality performance of a true professional in pursuit of bringing music fans all over the globe real perspective, bold emotion, thought-provoking lyricism, and unforgettable moments. Stoked to share his dynamic vocals and radiantly sincere sound with the world this year through vibrantly enticing new singles and his official solo rebranding – Ty The Artist has the pure talent required to create songs that hold up with timeless style, all designed to make his mark in music’s history fully permanent.

Cover Art of Ty The Artist’s single “Natalie”

Be the first to know when the magic happens and Ty The Artist‘s new music drops online – follow him at the official links below:

Pre-save the upcoming single “Natalie” by clicking here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tytheartist/natalie

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Exclusive Review: Susana Esono – “My Baby” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Susana Esono’s debut EP

Every artist is inspired by someone, something, or perhaps by an event in their life that gives their life some kind of direction. And through the trials and tribulations of losing someone very close to her, R&B recording artist Susana Esono‘s debut EP “My Baby” delves deep into the tragic loss of her brother along with the concept of mourning stages.

Through her heartfelt lyrics, you can hear and feel Susana‘s pain as she brings out an array of emotions in her opening title track “My Baby”. With an authentic vocal style infused with delicate piano progressions driving the song, this highly emotional track is reflective and really touches on the concept of how someone can be taken out of your life in the blink of an eye without warning. The tracks “Save It” and “In Addition” continue to echo this sentiment through many other angles of the emotional mourning process, carrying on the crafty piano themes that put an effective parallel between the moods and lyrical concepts.

Her song “Wanna” is a beat-driven track with flavorful R&B additives and gives this EP a versatile edge. The concept stays consistent with relatable lyrics and continues to reflect the many facets of Susana‘s journey of turning emotion into art. And then finally leads into closing track and previously released single “Work From Home”, the catchy 2019 song that began mapping out Susana‘s music career and winning the hearts of many.

As a young thriving artist, this debut EP puts Susana Esono off to a great start, and definitely creates anticipation into what she puts out next. “My Baby” is full of real emotion, eclectic lyrical textures and relatability factors that just about any R&B listener can appreciate. You can find the EP on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other major music streaming platforms as well as Susana‘s official website.

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Exclusive Review: Kemper Grant – “Jungle” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Kemper Grant’s album “Jungle”

Coming out the gate of Oklahoma’s prominent music scene, freshman recording artist Kemper Grant has been making strides with his multifaceted Pop/R&B style with 80s Disco elements, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. His noticeably unique sound has garnered him an extensive fan base and insatiable street buzz with his debut album “Jungle”, which features 8 tracks of vibing goodness with a vast array of versatility.

This record is definitely all about the vibes. With the powerful album opener “All Day All Night” (feat. Young Polo), Kemper gets the party started quite nicely and captures very swift vocal melodies, introducing a sensual and vibrant signature sound that is bound to impress you. It’s definitely an instant standout of this record in every way. Other tracks on the album, like “Uber Ride To Cry”, adds impressively unique Disco elements that really gives the album an upbeat angle to facilitate Kemper‘s vocal structures. His sexy and swagger lyrics lend hypnotic themes to the vocal content, which parallels diligently with his mid-to-high range clean voice. It’ll definitely take you for a ride, Uber style. Another standout of this record is the smooth blues guitar-oriented “Round-a-bout”. A crafty, bluesy anthem that really encompasses the soul, and even lends a little bit of sensual rock and roll. Kemper‘s butter smooth vocal melody choices on this track are not only ambient, but visceral as well when you hear the vocal detail and production value. It’s a wholesome, atmospheric song that ties the album together and truly showcases Kemper‘s craft in all its glory, and you’ll most likely be noting this one as an album favorite.

For a debut album, “Jungle” will exceed your expectations greatly. It’s a dynamic record with great sense of production detail and is currently catapulting Kemper‘s career in a very promising direction. The album is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital music streaming platforms. You will be more than glad you gave this album a listen, and you will definitely be enticed to keep tabs on what moves Kemper Grant makes next.

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Writer’s Choice: Strike Boogie – “What Say You” Official Performance Video

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Screenshot of Strike Boogie’s Performance Video of his single “What Say You”

We covered Strike Boogie last week in an exclusive review for his new hit single “What Say You” and it buzzed almost immediately. Now with the fire still burning hot, Strike continues the momentum with his professionally crafted performance video for the track, which premieres on YouTube today. And just like before, it doesn’t disappoint in the least.

With pro shots of Strike singing this song from beginning to end, we get an exclusive glimpse into the rising artist’s live performance skills as well as his demeanor when he’s in action singing this highly versatile and melodic song. One thing you’ll immediately notice is his passion; he executes this song perfectly and really showcases his worthiness of the live show experience and concert spectrum for future ticket holders. The video is shot very professionally and captures Strike‘s craft up close and personal, leaving you with an everlasting impression just like the song itself does.

This performance video is also accessible to new fans and music lovers just discovering him for the first time. It will definitely entice you to dive into the studio version of this track and add it right to your playlist, which is available on several digital music streaming platforms. Overall, this video puts a face with the music and shows a new angle to Strike Boogie‘s artistic merit and production value. The video premieres on YouTube today and you can check it out with the link below.

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