Exclusive Review #2: Christopher Dallman – “Digital Blue (Remix)”

Since reviewing the original version of Christopher Dallman‘s elite 10-piece masterpiece ‘Digital Blue’, we decided to also take on the liberty of giving our two cents into the Remix Album, a reimagined versioned and an all around sensual realm into neurotic musical atmosphere. Once again, this remix leaves no stone unturned, doused with melodic symbolism, spacious lyricism and more aura than one listener’s tasteful craving. And with these components all reminiscently tied together into one tightly knit lit package,

Once again, the first three anthemic tracks really dig deep in to ‘Digital Blue (Calibeats Remix)as a chock-electro of fun, minor key progressions that bring an atmospheric aura to the artistic merit that brings Chris‘s skill set to the forefront as well as the spotlight. A must listen by all counts. ‘Highway Lines’ is another keyboard-driven track that stays more tame and submissive; however, with vocal harmonies that are not only precise, but EDM and 90s-to-early 2000s with finger picking guitar additives that bring an aura and atmosphere to the musical spectrum is what truly makes this track a standout of its kind.

With ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone Anymore’, perhaps conjuring the strongest chord progressions to the forefront, Chris’s strongest vocal melodies and delivery are more futuristic, innovative and bring an aura to the table that has yet to be heard of. Once again, a strong presence of these first trio of songs really set forth to develop a personality that Chris brings to the table. He sets a nostalgic tone and really puts a new flavor into futuristic tones that a vast array of music fans could easily resonate with fans; including Electro-Pop, Vocal Aura, Drums and Bass, Emotionally dynamic lyrics, EDM, and everything in between that ties it all together. Now even though this is a Remix Album, you can still hear a plethora of sensibilities that are very reminiscent of Chris’s predecessor. His tone is very ambient, subtle, and atmospheric with his introspective execution between both his performance and production value.

With some notable qualities, remixes of ‘How I Swim (Calibeats Remix)’, just like his original version from the previous record, the bass-y and programmed drums really adds a a chime of essence to this more upbeat and synthesized version. ‘Butterfly (SIRPAUL Digital Skin Remix), is another visceral track that needs to be heard with both versions, the standard and the remix. It’s the most passionate, vocally melodic and altogether, both lyrically and symbolically. It really adds multi layers and a cruising feel to the song that truly brings out the synthetic layers with almost an 80s vocals feel. A track that will bring you to your core.

Another standout it “No Sense in Regret (feat. Chantae) [Calibeats Remix]” Chantae and Chris mesh beautifully in this track with unrelenting vocal work in their harmonies along with diligently put-together melodies. It’s a song that feels like it should be much longer, but still takes you for that carnival ride – whether you ride more than once.

Overall, this remix album is a rare gem among the best. Christopher Dallman has composed some of the most immaculate music to date with this 10-track juggernaut. You can currently find it on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and several other digital music streaming platforms. This is the kind of album that will leave an enormous impact on you.


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Press Release: New GoodieBoyz Music Releases Is Their Coming Out Party To The World

Goodieboyz Music is getting ready to release two amazing new songs and a collaboration over three consecutive weeks in November to introduce the world to their brand of music entertainment. 

Officially relaunching in May 2020, Goodieboyz Music (music division of Goodieboyz Entertainment) is pushing boundaries once again as the up and coming industry shakers and prepare to introduce themselves to music fans worldwide. Working with various musicians and artists from all over the world, Goodieboyz Music, winner of a 2020 John Lennon Songwriting Award for their highly reviewed first release “Rise with Me” continues to grow in popularity with their unique sound crossing multiple genres, their love for involving fans in their music videos and the mystery and anonymity of its various virtual bands reminiscent of the virtual band Gorillaz. 

Releasing on 11/6 will be “Sorry” (feat. Chrisjenkins, Rino & Zill), by hip-hop group SumBoyRay. This one-of-a-kind three language rap track, shapes its song as a short film and brilliantly rearranges it into a multicultural song. Described best as a Rap-Musical, this hard-hitting tune with a catchy hook speaks volumes about modern-day society, as it channels the perspectives of four different people of different ethnicities and the fine line between stereotypical passive aggressive behavior and racism. With a music video being released on 11/4, this song will definitely be popular with those who love outside the box rap projects and it’s subject matter talked about on social media for months to come.

•Download “Sorry” here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/sumboyray/sorry-feat-chrisjenkins–zill

Up next is ‘My Life Unplugged vol 1‘ by Frank Watkinson releasing on 11/13. This 7-song EP channels an emotional and heart-throbbing sound reminiscent of singers like Johnny Cash. Recorded completely acoustic and unplugged, Youtuber Frank Watkinson’s soulful sound is otherworldly yet simple as the entire EP is recorded in this amazing artist’s living room. While the song ‘Before’ will be first with a music video you can feel the pain and tension in Watkinson‘s voice as he delivers this outstanding piece of work on all 7 songs. With a music video set to be released 11/11, ‘Before’ is one of those songs that transcends time and never goes out of style. 

•DownloadFrank Watkinson: My Life Unplugged’ here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/frankwatkinson/my-life-unplugged

The final release is “Cut Me Loose” by the Electronic group ‘The Evo’. An upbeat, can’t help but to dance fun song is sure to get the people moving. After coming off deep social themes with Rise with Me and upcoming Sorry, Goodieboyz Music decided to pick up the tempo and The Evo has pulled out a game-changing techno house track sure to be a hit and gain them a growing fan base. Even more exciting is a music video, set to be released on 11/18, which Goodieboyz Music hand picked dancers from all over the world to show off their dance moves. This song and music video are a great combination, as The Evo smashes out a club banger. 

•Download ‘Cut Me Loose’ here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/theevo/cut-me-loose

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Neoborn Caveman – “12 Days of Love” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Neoborn Caveman has graced our platform before. And the more we get to know him, the more versatility of his musical stature comes to light. His single “12 Ways of Love” is definitely a rollercoaster ride of one of his many angles of multifaceted goodness that truly shines on a path that bridges the gap between originality and familiarity; giving us even more insight into NC‘s soundscapes and artistic merit.

Utilizing a more electronically infused signature sound, from beginning to end, NC‘s vocals resonate both lyrically and rhythmically parallel. And that’s what makes this song truly unique – we get to indulge into NC‘s vocal abilities in ways that are multilayered with standouts of their own.

The usage of EDM is very anthemic and organized. Everything flows melodically much like his other material, but, “12 Ways of Love” is a modern treat for the ears that brings forth a futuristic sound that is also comprised of many familiar vocal melody structuring. And that’s another facet of this song – structuring. We get genre-bending elements that are surprising but still smoothly transitioned in a way that doesn’t throw the song off. Oh, and the subtlety in NC‘s voice manages to sustain perfectly alongside his musical character. The many elements used to suspend every measure of this song is chosen wisely and crafted carefully. This song has twists and turns, but never strays from its actual foundation that the track starts with. “12 Ways Of love” is one big dose of versatility with its own sense of sweetness, splendor and charm all doused in one electronic package of compelling production value.

“12 Ways of Love” releases August 31st and will be available everywhere including all digital music streaming platforms.

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