Exclusive Artist Review: Radio Drive Music – “Cast Out Your Light” Single

After several decades of being in the game, St. Paul- based Rock and eclectic powerhouse Radio Drive has been making his way across the musical landscape far and wide, amassing new fans just about everywhere he goes, and not to mention, has graced our platform here in the past. And if it’s one thing we’ve learned about him, it’s that he always knows how to step up the bar each time. And he has done just that with his latest monumental effort “Cast Out Your Light”.

This anthemic and chorus-driven tune plays out like chapters in a book. Starting off with pretty piano measures and ambient guitar swells, the buildup into the vocals and strings really add subtle yet effective foreshadowing into the more gain- driven guitars and snare driven tempos and melodies; all just to bring that subtlety right back as a pre chorus that leads into the full blown chorus. It’s this formula that truly encapsulates Radio Drive’s aura and ambience when it comes to song structure, balance, as well as composure, his compositions are very big in their execution and his use of chorus really draws in your undivided attention. If this is your first time hearing him in his full glory, then this will definitely be the track for you.

This is also the type of a song that’ll keep you coming back for more; perhaps delving further into his discography both past, present and future. RD has a lot more on the horizon and it’s a promising one to say the least. You’ll absolutely love this newest anthem. You can hear “Cast Out Your Light” on Spotify, iTunes and several other streaming platforms. You’ll be glad that you did.

Listen to the new single here:

•Website: http://www.radiodrive.net
•Facebook: https://fb.me/RadioDriveMusic
•Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/radiodrivemusic
•Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/•RadioDriveMusic
•Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/radio_drive
•Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5JZELlsigjpKLVji8J1n3e?si=0z00cEbgReCUflTkYoGsUQ
•iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/radio-drive/313677115

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Exclusive Artist Review – Matthew Smith – “Back To Me” Album

Hailing from the picturesque island of JeJu in Korea; a beautiful place that easily renders itself as the Hawaii of Asia, we find the successful climate and location of Indie/Pop-Folk/Rock Artist Matthew Smith. A rising Artist that so far has encapsulated an insatiable buzz with his highly eclectic and emotions-driven signature sound that gives off several nostalgic throwbacks to early-mid 2000s emo and folk, yet still implements fresh and innovative ideas. And with his newest album Back To Me, these crucial factors are made apparent from start to finish after giving the record a listen from top to bottom.

Matthew has a sound that is familiar but also provides a plethora of originality factors that serve up a style that perfectly implements a coherent balance of originality and familiarly; offering up a sound that is familiar yet identifiable to any of the indie genre. Opening title track “Back To Me” blissfully draws reminiscence to mid-2000s Spill Canvas record One Fell Swoop but there’s so much more brilliance among the song structures and mood shifts that Matthew himself puts into i hi s songs that also separate himself from that particular record as well. But either way, old fans of Spill will instantly fall head over heals for this song and immediately render themselves invested for what’s to come throughout the record’s duration. “Back To Me” is one of those anthemic openers that comfortably leads you in with Matthew’s more subtle vocal ques and tenderness, structuring his words in a way that gives it a more storytelling vibe all while paralleling the immediate vibes and moods the rest of his band are laying as the foundation. And as the somewhat-slower buildup takes place, your investment into Matthew’s craft rises right along the musicianship factors they collectively concoct into one big, anthemic song with an incredible climactic ending. This opener will leave a big impression on just about anyone upon first listen.

Another notable number is “Out Here”, a full band track that really brings Matthew Smith’s energy and versatility to the forefront. But despite how much energy is utilized in this song, Matthew undeniably effective subtlety still works diligently. This song just explores new depths, heights and multifaceted layers among the songwriting this album offers. It’s definitely a radio-worthy track with excellent crunchy guitar tones, a punchy rhythm section and some of Matthew’s more stronger vocals to accompany the shift in sound. Heavier fans will definitely take notice of this one.

One more album highlight is definitely the more ballad like and almost lullaby-stylized Tonight”, an unrelentingly gorgeous anthem with atmospheres of subtlety and ambient measures that are performed/sung in a way that will almost put you to sleep, in a very good way. It’s a soul soother from start to finish. The acoustic rhythms and subtle musical textures and additives make this song one you’ll be falling asleep to or perhaps listening to during a romantic dinner setting. Either way, the inescapable beauty in this song is impossible to go unnoticed. Any fan of any Indie era will appreciate this record in full without any reservations or hesitations.

The album is currently available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and many other streaming digital music platforms. You will not regret giving this one a listen.

Listen to the album here:

• Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4WbVyMq0RJw1JzFM0WkQm1

•YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjbt8VsLjU0

•Official: https://matthew-smith.carrd.co/
•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matthewsmith254/

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Exclusive Artist Review: Black Reign 1 – “12 O’Clock Boys” LP

Baltimore has been well known for its influence and prominence among the inner city music scenes surrounding the prospects of rising artists in a different yet strong underground Hip Hop sector. Many major key players of the game have risen from the very bottom and its this exact concept that got rising rapper Black Reign Dat 1 to begin hitting the ground running. And after manifesting into a cohesive and versatile artist over the years with several releases under his belt, his best work to date without a doubt is his fresh new record 12 O’Clock Boys, an 11-track record of solid bangers with a sense of versatility that truly sets it apart from your every day contemporary Hip Hop release. This album comes out swinging and cruises throughout the record’s duration with its insatiable appetite for energy, perception, precision and thought-provoking, clever lyrical outbursts. BRD1 demands your undivided attention on this record and it’s very apparent from the very first track.

Album opener “Big Pressure” has a hauntingly ominous beat with a symphonic edge that really conjures up an ambient atmosphere that is both dark and effective in its execution. BRD1’s solid and strongly projected bars parallel the beat factors just about perfectly with the atmospheric tone that’s been set since the first measure. This is a track that’s not only a strong open, but a track that will immediately have you invested into what comes next. “Big Pressure” truly demands your undivided attention.

Another notable banger on this record is “Dead Rapper”, a multilayered song with an array of multifaceted features, instruments and effective implementations to really compliment BRD1’s vocal delivery. His vocal performance and production value is diligently paralleled from start to finish. It’s a big song that has been given the very fine tune treatment, serving up an anthemic number that is not only fulfilling, but altogether unforgettable.

One more track worth noting is the more upbeat and in-your-face “Top Tier”, a song that definitely does its title complete justice. This self-reflective number delivers a strong message of determination, unwavering ambition and never quitting knowing that you can reach the top of the game with enough of the hard work and grinding leading you there. The inevitability, that is. This banger also demonstrates that when it comes to writings, concepts, prospects and perspectives, BRD1 knows who he is, what he is and how he’s going to implement it musically. His signature style garners several nostalgic old school elements, but it’s with his mix of today’s more futuristic, innovative and modern sensibility that sets his craft completely aside as a complete standout of its calibre – and 12 O’Clock Boys is a clear demonstration of exactly that. Hip Hop fans of any era will absolutely dig this record. Easily one of 2023’s best Hip Hop releases, and we’re eager to hear what BRD1 has in store in the very near future as the year plays out.

Listen to the album:

•Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kEInKAc8eNHxN2eIVrAGu?si=mQhVnTW5RMKDvxsK-TOB3w

•YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lMY74Tm8-pprrfnJUMRTRLyXHOzLOSx2A

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Exclusive Artist Review: Jay Rockwell – “So Blessed” Single/Movie Short

We’ve had Chicago’s rising Artist Jay Rockwell on our platform before and we absolutely loved working with him and learning about his craft. Now we are stoked to say that we are having him grace our presence again with an exclusive review of his critical anchor Hip Hop/Soul single “So Blessed”.

This powerful faith-based single will definitely inspire you to look deep within yourself and reflect. It’s a thought provoking track that touches on the inner battle of good vs. evil, with the prospect of good prevailing over our biggest temptations throughout our lives. “That devil love what he can’t have” is one of many lines that bring this concept to the forefront and really demonstrates how Jay Rockwell didn’t just utilize a simple concept, but truly took it and made it his own. His charismatic hooks and bars throughout each measure serve up a versatile mix of yesterday’s soulful signature Hip Hop style with the perfect dose of today’s modern sensibility. The upbeat and anthemic chorus is something that will stick in your head for weeks, it has that staying power where it’ll stay with you even long after it’s over.

But on top of this being a song, it also has a 20-minute feature film accompanying it. Comprised of an official music video and a film synopsis tailoring to the song’s concept, this powerful sequence of scenes show the very real inner city struggles among today’s youth, bringing a real world look into the Chicago city streets and just how easily one can end up on the wrong, dark path at a very young age. The “So Blessed” film touches powerfully on this concept and really brings the good vs. evil battle right to the forefront, showing scenes of mentorship, choices, actions and consequences. The main message of the film can be found in its most iconic line of the film: “there come two things with every tragedy in life: a lesson and a blessing”. This film touches on both, but most of all – the blessing. And that’s what this film encapsulates. It showcases a level of realness and brings reality out from the shadows, proving that with the right mentorship and direction, one can overcome the temptation of the city streets and the vicious cycles that take place far too often. Jay Rockwell is an absolute inspiration in both this film and song – and anyone who views the feature film will easily agree.

This song is also the perfect gateway track to entice any new fan of Jay Rockwell to do a deep dive into his career and discography altogether. “So Blessed” will easily win you over upon first listen and the next-level production value paralleled with Rockwell’s musicianship factors is something that is made apparent as the song plays out. You will not be disappointed in the least. This track is proof that much bigger things are on the horizon for Jay Rockwelll. “So Blessed” is currently available on Spotify, Youtube and several other digital music platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

•Listen on Youtube – https://youtu.be/g-v3e6yScbE

•Youtube “So Blessed” Movie Trailer – https://youtu.be/2O5FvDMNMDw

•Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JAYROCKWELL2/

•Instagram – https://www.facebook.com/JAYROCKWELL2/

•Tik Tok – https://www.facebook.com/JAYROCKWELL2/

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Exclusive Artist Review: DI33 – “Most Hated” Mixtape

San Antonio-based rising Rapper DI33 is an artist that has made a sensational impact in a very short period of time. Emerging into the market in 2018, 2022 was a big year for him, putting out a vast array of singles and releases which would eventually lead into his most recognized and notable work thus far, the Most Hated mixtape, comprised of 8 straight bangers that feature an impressive and tightly knit cast of feature artists, hooks, lines and the dynamic bars DI33 is known for.

DI33 has an eclectic list of influences that you can hear emanating from his craft, ranging from industry lyricist heavyweights like T-Pain and Eminem to the melodically visceral hooks and pop sensibility of artists like The Dream. but DI33 also possesses his own distinctive flavors and signature sound, effectively implementing a more old school center stage flow with his charismatic lyrical outbursts, but also provides those dangerously catchy hooks and choruses that lend a more innovative and modern freshness. He has a style that successfully touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; delivering a sound that is fresh yet still identifiable, no matter which era of Hip Hop or R&B you personally favor the most. Opening track “Dope Game” (featuring CJ Forever, Laydie Roscoe, BG400 & Live Wire) is a strong introductory banger and really sets the tone for this mixtape. Starting off with a hypnotically melodic chorus that has next level melody choices, each shared verse on this track diligently showcases a very well put together multi-artist collaboration that offers up several versatile angles to deliver a style that is jam packed with freshness, swagger and intelligently crafted bars. If this is your first go-round with any of DI33’s releases, then this banger will leave quite an impression on you.

Next up on the bangers list for this record is the more in-your-face “Off With His Head” (featuring Live Wire). Hi-yaaa! This is definitely one of the tracks that dives into the more old school flavors but still possesses that more modern feel. Both rappers on this track unleash absolute fury and never waiver once the bars and measures get started. Wrap it up with a chant-worthy chorus facilitated by a charismatic beat, and this number will easily become one of your favorites. The song atmosphere matches the title, and it never strays from that path of relentlessness. You’ll be cranking this one all day.

One more noteworthy track on this record is the anthemic and hauntingly ominous “Everything” (featuring Live Wire & BG400). A song about worth, determination and sacrifices, this powerful song is a next level anthem that encapsulates DI33’s story of coming up as a rapper and knowing the grind it takes to make things happen. While a lot of artists write and reflect with this very concept in their music, DI33 serves it up with much more conviction. It’s a track that will make you think, perceive, and inspire those on a similar path. This song demonstrates DI33’s realness, and anyone that gives it a listen will undoubtedly agree.

Most Hated mixtape is definitely one that will get the most love. It’s a multifaceted release that offers up something new in every song, but still maintains a cohesive and consistent flow throughout the record’s duration. It’s also a release that’ll easily entice you to dive deeper into DI33’s discography, be it past releases or future ones. Regardless, this will easily become one of your favorite Hip Hop records of 2023. You can listen to it now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and any other digital music streaming platform.

•Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1YW17O0lacrkF8PwJi7bjC?si=VnF3mepTT4S5LJgVtvprpA

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