Artist Review: Oxaï Roura

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

This is definitely new food for the ear, with a fresh concept that is both atmospheric and unique.

Those familiar with African polyrhythms and polyphonic chants will definitely identify with French-Guianese Composer & Percussionist/Vocalist Oxaï Roura, a self-taught pioneer of his music & culture who was born in a multicultural family of artists, poets, and musicians; and began his journey into the realm of drumming at the young age of three.

Performing under a genre that mixes a diverse blend of Electronica, Sacred Afro-Brazilian Drums & Bass, and Afroamazonika, Roura‘s music offers up an ambience and atmosphere that is themed around dreams, outer space, and parallel dimensions. Music that could be described in essence with futuristic-electronic sounds, ancient mystic voices, and spiritual percussion from different parts of the world.

With the short-and-sweet vocally driven track “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)”, we get a versatile demonstration of the vocal side of Roura‘s multicultural sound and technique. And although very short in its runtime, it definitely keeps you cliffhanging and intrigued to explore more of what this artist has to offer.

With his second single, “America + Europe 21: The Secret Alien Union”, we definitely get to grasp onto more of the signature style Roura expresses in both his performance and production value. As an attribute to the solar system and the planets altogether, this space-themed track has elements of Industrial and a poetic Hip Hop sensibility that really comes together effectively. It’s something very new and diverse, but captivates a futuristic feel and can give your audio experience a visual component as well. The aura and multifaceted nature of Roura‘s musicianship is definitely at the forefront of this track.

One thing you will gather from a collective artist like Oxaï Roura is a universe of emotion, diversity, intensity, and a multicultural side to musicianship. His music is very acclaimed in his native homeland and is executed in a way that gets you more interested in what he has to offer. He’s definitely an artist you’ll want to invest your time and research into. His story and abilities will exceed your expectations.

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Artist Review: Falsetto Music Group

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


We’re hopping in the jet and heading to the Native African landscapes of Kenya, where some extraordinary vocal talent is being crafted, performed, and nurtured.

Those voices we speak of go by the name of Falsetto Music Group. One of the more diverse groups on our Official Roster; and in so many great ways!

From high-roof acoustics in their chorus-like sound to the spot-on one-take studio recordings you hear on their Reverb Nation page, one thing is for sure: these guys are very well rehearsed, their vocal parts are very challenging, and the vocal ranges can explore almost any key signature; which makes the one-take live recording aspect that much more amazing. It’s something that in our opinion, showcases vocal talent at its peak. No studio gimmicks, no post-production tricks, and no flaws in their performances whatsoever.

Their sound is very Native, genuine, and would be impossible to ignore. From very eclectic matching outfits, a beautiful stage show, and the vocal ability to fill the room all on its own without any producing tricks, makes this talent also the most natural. There’s not many groups that can do what these guys do; just getting up on stage, and singing their hearts away as a unit, a whole, flawlessly in dynamic unison.

This is the kind of Music that makes you want to explore other cultures; the origins of music and the different places all over the world where it developed, flourished, and most of all–meant something. It’s something inspirational, invitational, and reminds you that most (if not all) Music outside of Hollywood and Major Labels reminds us what true talent really comes from, and where. Talent that is all natural, primarily self taught or learned together, and is performed where your ears AND eyes are amazed. Falsetto is definitely one of those groups. And we are more than proud to have them here on the Artist Reach Roster! Expect a lot more from these guys as we flourish them into the US market.

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