Exclusive Artist Interview: Alexia Madrid

Toronto-based 19-year-old starlet Alexia Madrid has created an insatiable following since her inception into the market. Classically trained in the Latin music genre, Alexia has been honing her craft with music since her childhood and has reached some crucial milestones in her musicianship and artistic merit. Known for catchy hooks and a very distinctive vocal style, Alexia Madrid blurs the lines between R&B, Soul, and Pop sensibilities that encapsulate a signature aesthetic sound that is authentic, effective and naturally gifted in its execution of paralleling performance and production value. We had the opportunity to sit down with the rising starlet with some comprehensive interview questions about what the past, present, and future holds for her music career.

•How long have you been active under your current artist name?

Alexia Madrid is my given name and I have always liked using my full name.

•What music scene/city do you currently represent?

I will always represent Toronto, it is where I was born. I also go to school in Montreal and I recorded some of my music in Dallas, TX so I have big love for all of these places

•The pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the live music experience and for artists altogether. How has it affected you and your career?

It’s really sad to see how much this pandemic will forever change the live music experience/industry. I would have hoped to potentially travel to do some live shows and interviews. I was also keeping my fingers crossed about going to see my billboard in Times Square, unfortunately with all the closures it wasn’t possible but I am optimistic about seeing it some time in the future. As of right now, I’ve been trying to get involved with some virtual concerts and competitions. I just recently performed in T.O Sessions Virtual Blackstar Showcase, it was my first time performing my songs after my album drop. There was a great turnout and I received wonderful feedback. Hopefully as soon as things open back up I will get the chance to shoot another music video that my team and I have already conceptualized.

•What are some of your music influences?

Some of my music influences are Etta James, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, and Charlotte Day Wilson. I could write about so many more artists that I feel influence me, as music is such a big part of my life but these artists are my top influence.

•What kind of concepts do you tend to write about as an artist? Shine some light on that.

I tend to write about heartbreak and wanting to let go of feelings that no longer serve me. I believe that everyone goes through transformations where they release people and habits that no longer serve them in order to reach their full potential. I want people to feel connected and empowered while listening to my music. I want my audience to know that I understand it’s hard to move on from things that you’re familiar with but you know deep down that this is for the best, and the only way you’re going now, is up. I want to remind people to hold their heads high and to stand in their power.

•When is your next release coming out?

My debut album just released on March 19th and is available on all streaming platforms. I do have a music video for my original song “Your Lies” that will be releasing on April 16th, I’m really excited to share it with you all!

•What’s in store for you in 2021? Give us the goods.

Throughout this pandemic I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by writing some new music, so there will definitely be a few new releases throughout the year as well as new music videos. I intend to be more active on my social media accounts which will include performances of my original music, various covers of my favorite artists, some of my classical music, along with a few visuals. I will also be a part of some virtual concerts, dates of which I will be sharing on my social media accounts – follow me at http://www.alexiamadrid.com.


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Exclusive Review: Alexia Madrid – “For Me” Single.

Review by: Justyn. W. Brodsky

A little spice, a little sweetness, and multifaceted textures of acoustic guitar swells and vocal auras is what creates a soothing signature sound for the upcoming indie starlet Alexia Madrid an absolute gem in today’s musical realm. The Toronto-based artist (who also attends college in Calgary) is currently in her first active year in her solo career, and her debut single “For Me” is direct indication that she has hit the ground running and has no plans on stopping.

This talented, young artist has a soothing voice that not only projects unwavering musicianship, but her passionate vibes as well. Her well-placed melodies are effective but are also projected at the right moments throughout the song’s duration; giving us a glimpse into many different angles of Alexia‘s artistic merit that range from Pop, R&B to Soul. She’s not just another random girl that decided to wake up one day and become an artist, but instead, discovered a part of herself that was always there; a versatile songwriter and performer coming out of her own shell. And “For Me” is a song that demonstrates this part of her completely, she has debuted her craft diligently and really shines bright throughout this track and shows the world around her that she has what it takes to fit right in with the brighter circle of stars and winners that come from the likes of places like The Voice, American Idol, and those alike.

The production value of this song is elegantly put together and has glistening dueling guitar parts EDM touches, digital drums and other post production theatrics that fit this song with insatiable attentiveness to detail. And that’s one of the strongpoints to this track – it has enough detail to keep you interested, but still leaves enough room to showcase Alexia‘s impressive vocal range and melody choices, which gives this track a perfect introduction into Alexia‘s career and overall sound. Once you take a listen to this song, you’ll build enough up anticipation to hear what she has coming out next.

“For Me” officially drops April 24th, 2020, this Friday.

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