Artist Review #2: AMARU – “Champagne Attitude” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We are beyond stoked to bring back the king of dance, AMARU, back to the platform. If you caught our first review we did on his music, then you know you’re in for a treat.

AMARU since his first review at Artist Reach hasn’t slowed his momentum down in the slightest. From show performances, an active YouTube channel, a vast array of music videos, magazine covers, commercials, and everything in between…we are proud to bring his new album Champagne Attitude to the forefront of the platform tonight.

This self-produced/written & arranged album is a step up in the game from the widely-acclaimed Netherlands-based artist, and has several reasons as to why. First off, the production value is a through-the-roof kind of feel. From charismatic piano arrangements, synths, plugins, and every component contributed to this Dance album, there is no stone unturned on this record.

The single “Low On The Dough” is a great example of this. Not only is the composition well crafted, but AMARU‘s melodies and lyrical structures is what truly makes this song a breath of fresh air.

The verses are very versatile, charismatic, and mind-bending. It has some twists and turns you don’t see coming, and when everything comes together at the chorus, that’s when you really begin to grasp onto this track’s stroke-of-genius factors. It’s a high-energy dose of feel-good fun, and will definitely have you singing along before the song’s even over.

While every song on this LP stands out, “Low On The Dough” is definitely the perfect track to make your entrance into AMARU‘s realm with, if you haven’t heard him yet. It’ll get you delving deeper into his discography, history, and artistic merit altogether. We can not recommend this album and artist highly enough. You can see (and hear) for yourself by checking out the links below to get your copy of Champagne Attitude right now. You’ll be glad we sent you there.

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Artist Review: AMARU 

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A great message and great vocals that perfectly parallel each other. This is a truly inspiring song, and Artist.

AMARU‘s single “Independence Day” is a song with catchy hooks, dynamic vocals, that showcases top-notch production, and has an Official Music Video with great visual narratives that add the power of the song’s overall delivery of its message.

AMARU has a fantastic image, gifted vocal ability, and you can tell from this track alone that his passion for music is ever present, along with the portrayal of positive vibes and keeping the concept of love and passion alive. 

The song’s content is bound to inspire you, spiritually uplift you, and make you want to explore more of AMARU‘s catalogue of music. His Official Music Video for “Independence Day” definitely gets you in a way where you can grasp more of his vibe of positivity, captivating image, and the song’s message in the most powerful way.

AMARU‘s single for “Independence Day” along with other songs of his, are currently available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other digital outlets. 

We at Artist Reach recommend this song in every way; it has great charisma, a great beat, message, and vibe altogether. 10 out of 10. This is a must-listen.
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