Exclusive Artist Review: SupaChase – “Better Late Than Never” EP

Not many 16 year olds have the dynamically crafty mic skills that South Carolina’s SupaChase does. In fact even most experienced rappers can barely touch his ability, and that’s what makes him such a standout. His youthful energy and swagger is a rarity among today’s younger artists and will undoubtedly leave an impactful mark on the rap game. And when it comes to SupaChase‘s newest EP ‘Better Late Than Never’, the rising artist proves that he has what it takes to climb to the top and hit the ground running.

Beginning his journey into the world of music at age ten, SupaChase has been solidifying his signature sound for the past six years and has encompassed a very versatile and innovative style that is effective and cleverly executed. An artist that writes and records all of his own music himself, ‘Better Late Than Never’ is comprised of eight solid tracks that have a vast array of multifaceted elements and tasty flavors. His track “Go (feat. Marissa)” is a hypnotically visceral listening experience that really showcases SupaChase‘s mic skills, lyric ability and innovative uniqueness. The song has plenty of swagger as well as a beat that possesses the ability to move the goal posts entirely in today’s rap game. Marissa’s melody in the song’s chorus is insatiably effective and redefines the serious catchiness standard. If there’s one track that is bound to reel you in from the jump, it’s definitely this one. The track “Sunset” is another ambient and atmospheric effort that has a crafty hook that sets the tone for the rest of the track’s duration. SupaChase also showcases his ability to sing hooks in this song which undoubtedly parallels his dynamic rhyming skills and wordsmithy tactics. The R&B-oriented beat in this song is very anthemic and really solidifies his versatility throughout this record.

Anchor single “Strange” is an absolute banger with a chill, swagger 90s beat and will easily draw in old school Hip Hop fans of many crucial eras. And “No ID (feat. Billy Winfield)” shares a similar stylization with a more upbeat tempo that really enhances the musical landscape that SupaChase consistently brings to the forefront. These two tracks are a standout of their own kind and really explores several angles of his artistic merit. They are high quality bangers with production and performance value that parallels each other diligently and effectively. Overall, this EP touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. It’s absolutely mind blowing that a record of this quality is written and produced by a teenager. It’s definitely one for the books for SupaChase and can definitely be looked at as his current magnum opus. Artists of a similar calibre normally don’t come anywhere near the skill sets that he possesses, and this EP is direct evidence of that. ‘Better Late Than Never’ is a must-hear on all counts and is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be an instant fan upon first listen, and you’ll be thanking us later.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Arhkota – “Victoria” Single

Known for his versatile style and dynamically distinct signature sound, LA-based recording artist and drummer Argel Cota (known as Arhkota) has been hitting the ground running in the music realm over the last two decades and has collaborated on more than 70 projects. Nowadays, Arhkota continues to be a sought-after musician for live and in-studio recordings, due to his ability to quickly adapt to all musical styles, his amazing fat sounds, and natural talent for improvisation.

Now with a solo career as Arhkota‘s primary focus and the upcoming release of his sophomore album, the veteran drummer continues to encapsulate his musical aura and amaze his fan base as well as the music world in its entirety with his new atmospheric anchor single “Victoria.” This ambient track is aligned with both top-notch performance and production value, paralleling with the songwriting and crafty style that is apparent from start to finish throughout the song’s duration. Produced entirely by Arhkota himself and featuring additional blissful and ambient vocals by Lubna Maher, “Victoria” encompasses an atmospheric indie approach and really showcases Arhkota‘s authenticity and artistic merit. Each component of the song is crucial and multilayered with multifaceted angles that bring forth a style that is diverse and magical. It explores several moods and delivers an essence of nostalgia through several measures that plays out with a story-telling method; leaving us with a listening experience that touches on both visceral and versatile textures.

There is insatiable staying power with this track where it stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s the type of song where you can truly feel Arhkota‘s craft and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his discography and career altogether. It’s an amazing single that’ll create anticipation for what the rest of the album will deliver. The album releases on May 7th and is titled ‘Dreamy Hamilton’. But the single “Victoria” releases tomorrow (April 2nd) and we honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. It’ll be available on several digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and many others.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Yuma. – “OH MY GOD” Single

If you’ve been missing the club scene since the pandemic started, this track will bring you right back to it in epic proportions. Known for her dynamic EDM landscapes and atmospheric production value, EDM/House recording artist Yuma. (on Sovereign Records) continues to hit the ground running with her latest House anthem “OH MY GOD”.

This EDM cut has insatiable performance and production value that parallels each other diligently with powerhouse grooves, an arsenal of bass and crafty synth leads. “OH MY GOD” from start to finish dives deep into an EDM signature sound with anthemic elements of industrial and House sensibilities that combine brilliantly throughout each measure. The finely tuned style that Yuma. utilizes is creative and electronically infused with a driving beat structure, dynamic melody choices and well-executed synth progressions. This track explores several multi layers and angles of Yuma‘s artistic merit and really enhances the visceral listening experience that is apparent throughout the song’s duration. The attentiveness to detail is a major component and this is the type of song that’ll entice you to delve deeper into Yuma‘s career and discography.

There is undeniable staying power with this track as well, where it’ll stay with you even long after it’s over. If you haven’t discovered Yuma yet then this anchor single is definitely the one that’ll leave a strong impression on you. It’s a solid EDM track that has intricacy in its execution but still maintains that simple catchiness that undoubtedly draws in just about any fan of the electronic music world. “OH MY GOD” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be adding this one to your favorites in no time.


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