Artist Review: Elize Kaisser

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & David Welsh

Captivating, ambient, and a cinematic feel that can bring out your imagination in ways you’ve never experienced.

That’s the feeling you get when listening to European Recording Artist Elize Kaisser‘s single “Laid Back Love Is Life”, a song with an amazing ambient feel with an energetic beat in the foreground to give this song elements of energy, and the tender textures needed to soothe the overall mood. 

All of her work is self-written, and she’s an amazing keyboardist/composer that really has an edge that solidifies her signature sound, along with her seductive and soul-soothing vocal narratives and spoken-word approach. Something that would be perfect for today’s more modern movie soundtracks.

“Laid Back Love Is Life” is the perfect showcase of Elize Kaisser‘s effective songwriting, Production talents, and the best of her in all aspects of her take on her EDM-oriented genre. It’s also a song that strongly entices you to check out her entire music catalogue and keep up with what tricks she may have up her sleeve in the near future. Her sound is captivating, her contribution to the EDM influenced genre is authentically effective, and is great food for the ear.

Elize Kaisser is an elite self-taught Songwriter, Musician, and Recording Artist. And when you take a listen to her single and other songs from her catalogue of releases, you’ll know instantly that she’s another Artist that was born to do this. She is an amazing discovery that I see in the near future as something very big and influential to passionate songwriting.

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