Artist Review: Big City Cowgirl

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sondra Toscano, who is better known under her stage name Big City Cowgirl, is a story to behold, and a story to be told.

Hailing from the Boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn), her stage name is definitely one that does justice and stays true to herself as a 100% self-taught and self-made musician. She’s an Alt/Country Artist that truly takes passion in her travels; where people, places, and things play a big role into her inspirations, personality, outlook on life, and her craft as a Singer/Songwriter that has been honing her craft with vocals since her childhood, and guitar since her teenage years. 

With a voice that has the strength, range, and beauty along the likes of Carrie Underwood, Grace Slick, and Stevie Nicks…Toscano has a very dynamic vocal delivery and sustains many defining factors that make her stand out with a very captivating and charismatic aura.

Her recent single “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)” is a very well-polished and fabulously written song that displays top-notch musicianship, great production value, and a very solidified chemistry between Sondra’s Big City Cowgirl persona and the cast of talented musicians that bring out the best of her.

There’s a very tasteful and effective use of vocal harmonies in all the right places, and foreshadow’s the powerful chorus that captivates you instantly. The verses make use of very well textured acoustic traditional chords that adds great chemistry to the overall sound and displays great chord progressions. The melodies that are sung over the well-written verses get you to truly connect with Sondra’s story-telling vocal approach, and then hits you right at the heart with the warmth of a flawless chorus with dynamic harmonies and strong musicianship.

Big City Cowgirl, just like myself and the other Artist Reach staff, all share the history, influence, and inspiration of pursuing music since our single-digit years. And as the years go by, you evolve into something more amazing and well-crafted. Sondra is definitely one of those amazing Artists that started it all on her own, has her own sound, persona, and hits the ground running with every song she releases. She’s another Artist that was born to do this.

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