Artist Review: Ozi – “Louder Than Words” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a strong lyrical flow and dynamic rhyming techniques, we get a powerfully versatile listening experience from LA-based rapper Ozi‘s Louder Than Words EP.

And I believe that should be the first honorable mention about this record – the versatility. Each beat delivers up something different but has that tendency to really explore the facets of classic genres including Jazz, R&B and the eclectic nature of each track. All which gives Ozi the breathing room to show off different angles of his skills behind the mic and his ability to put a signature touch on every song. That in and of itself is next-level all on its own.

Louder Than Words also passes the torch between subtle feel-good chill tracks and the visceral energy of straight up bangers. Ozi diligently adds his craft to what is most appropriate and what is also most effective. And when listening to these tracks, you can tell he knows the distinction perfectly. He gathers the vibe and aura of each beat structure and utilizes a technique that makes each song a well dressed outfit; and realizes that sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And it reflects his artistic merit beautifully.

Ozi displays an array of likability factors and never fails to keep you focused and on your feet. And if you’re sitting, it’ll be at the edge of your seat. The facets of Louder Than Words is really showcased by the overall presence that Ozi gives each song as a whole. Otherwise – it’s just a beat. But with Ozi at the forefront of these beats, they become anthems. And these actions definitely speak – louder than words.

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  • Artist Review: Spambot

    Review by: Justyn Brodsky

    Gritty, noisy, frantic, and anxiety-provoking is what makes Spambot one of the funnest and craziest listens I’ve had in a long time. Me being an old-school punk/hardcore fan from the iconic 80s-early 2000’s Bowery/Lower East Side (NY), Bay Area and Boston punk scenes where I played and attend countless shows in my teen-20s years can definitely listen and relate to this band in whole. And the best thing about Spambot (and those countless shows from punk’s glory days) is that there is no aim for any type of mainstream attention. This is pure expression at heart; gain cranked up, production that showcases a crazy live show rather than today’s overly spoon fed plugins and auto-tune, and just balls to the wall mosh pits and green room shenanigans.

    Their track “Iconoclast” is an iconic blast into your speakers. It’s one of those songs that successfully smashes you in the face in under 3 minutes. The track has a very cleverly diminished intro & outro, with the chaotic chord progressions and in-your-face vocal theatrics in between. The rhythm section cruises, and their energy never lets up. Their sound is a rare find nowadays among all the additives in today’s saturation surrounding punk and hardcore. But Spambot doesn’t have time (or the desire) for fratty antics that ruined the genre among today’s punk definition. They remind us classic punk fans that there is still possibly a scene out there that isn’t afraid to play punk the way it was designed: just plug in and play. No rules, no gimmicks…just a circle pit, and a crazy after party. 

    If you still have the true core and roots to Punk & Hardcore in your soul somewhere, then you’ll be glad you found Spambot.

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