Career Highlights: Budapest-based Photographer Viko Speier Takes On a Viscerally Artistic Project For An Art-based Magazine After Recording Artist Christone’s Newest Release

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press Photo of Viko Speier

Photography is a major staple here in New York. From Central Park to every bridge of the 5 boroughs, it’s landscapes like these that draw in aspirations and inspirations to connect with the knack of creation. And that’s where Budapest-based photographer Viko Speier comes into play. Having established an insatiable passion for capturing those crucial moments, Viko began hitting the ground running as soon as her interest in photography manifested. “Capturing souls and unspoken stories mean the real essence of photography to me.” – says Viko Speier, who met recording artist Christone (who we reviewed recently on the Artist Reach platform) for a photo session just after his new release “Another Chance” was released here in New York.

“I feel lucky to have not only a job, but a profession that enables me to spread love and joy through my vision. Capturing souls and unspoken stories mean the real essence of photography to me. I consider every shooting as a chance to let my models discover themselves and redefine their limits. Art is my way of connection to people and revealing through my images the uniqueness I believe everyone has, makes these bonds even tighter. My mission is creating an atmosphere of trust and capturing timeless moments as works of art worth printing out.” – Mission accomplished! When looking at the photos of the session, we can see that she managed to be inspired by Christone himself and eventually found herself shooting the rising artist in an exclusive photo shoot.

New promo shot of Christone taken by Viko Speier

With two artists honing their craft from different spectrums, both Viko Speier and Christone got together to connect and create some new promo shots that showcase both artists and their respective fields. The new shots are beautiful, and really encompasses the beauty of resonance and balance between Christone‘s good looks, stylistic clothing, passion for music and the colorful details of his guitar. As you can see above, the pose is natural, but speaks a thousand words in quality. It’s the result of collaborative ideas coming together on solid ground; working together to create, capture and advance careers on both ends. Viko‘s skills behind the camera would be a very welcoming presence here in New York, and her work is proof.


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Exclusive Review: Todd Barrow – “Hot Southern Night” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Todd Barrow’s single “Hot Southern Night”

Every Country music fan loves that southern Blues-Rock infused sound that the south is well known for, along with the catchiness and versatility that comes with it. Hailing from the landscapes of Burleson, Texas, singer/guitarist and songwriter Todd Barrow is a perfect example that some of the best Country music still comes from the south with his newest single “Hot Southern Night”.

This song’s title completely lives up to its name. This high energy Country Rock song is chock full of hooks, riffs and that southern charm that’s very hard to resist. Todd‘s mid-to-high range vocals sustain very effective melody choices and contagiously catchy lyrics that reel you in from beginning to end. The crunchy mid-gain guitar tones are beautifully mixed and really adds that energetic ingredient that’ll get audiences sweaty on the dance floor. It’s brilliantly structured with a powerfully catchy chorus that’ll have you singing along very quickly, and the punchy rhythm section really adds a bounce that’ll keep feet moving and entire venues grooving. It’s just a fantastically fun song that pays homage to earlier influences of the Country genre, but really takes on a life of its own with the modern Rock sensibility that Todd encompasses brilliantly.

It’s also interesting to note that Todd Barrow has also performed at the renowned Ole Red venue in both Tishomingo, Oklahoma and Nashville, Tennessee; Blake Shelton’s venue and respective stomping grounds. Once you take a listen to “Hot Southern Night”, you’ll become an instant Todd Barrow fan, and you’ll thank us later for recommending him. The single is available on YouTube as well as digital music streaming platforms.

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Artist Spotlight: TexasG

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the magic happens. The greatest music usually comes from the artists most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. TexasG is a rapper & artist on the rise who is doing exactly that.

Emerging from the elite Dallas music scene in Texas, TexasG began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2018, and since then has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization, and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Known for his charismatic rhyming techniques and dynamic lyrical structures, TexasG’s music resonates with a style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving his audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His music is also reminiscent of major players in the game including Wu Tang Clan, Tupac, Mobb Deep, UGK, DJ Screw, among many others over the years.

Since gracing the stage, TexasG has had the opportunity to perform at a vast array of prominent venues and events, including showcases in the Dallas and Ft. Worth music scenes. Since his inception into the market, TexasG began garnering an insatiable street buzz and positive reception with the release of his anchor singles “Black Rose Petals & Nigga Shit” and “Bossin’”, currently available on all major platforms. His follow up single “Spontaneous Late Nite” is in post-production stages and is slated for release this year in 2019.

These days TexasG knows how to enjoy life, using his craft to be a voice for hip-hop, continuing its movement with his community and fanbase, and living the life of an artist on the rise. He has come a long way in a short time and is driven to maintain his originality and to keep shooting for greatness. Judging by his determination and prospects so far, TexasG is well on his way to the top. And mainstream music fans will soon be used to hearing him as a household name.

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Artist Review: Peltier – “Duality” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A record that is musically blissful and emotionally visceral, we get a vast array of beautiful moods and landscapes from artist/producer Peltier‘s newest EP, Duality.

From behind the creative mind of a producer lies a signature sound and a stylistic niche. Combine this with the artistic merit of that same producer, and we have Duality. Comprised of 3 tracks that diligently explore musical emotions and a visual journey into the audio realm.

The first track, “That Spot”, demonstrates the signature touches and vibes that play out through the duration of each track. A perfect introductory tale of the digital world of electronic and EDM that Peltier creates. One thing that is most notable about this track is the effectiveness it has as an instrumental track. The song starts out subtle and ominous, and grasps onto many different layers and components as the song plays out. It’s a more laid back and anthemic beat that heavily expresses moods through the crafted melodies that overlay the song.

Next number, “Sensible Touch”, sticks to a similar recipe as its predecessor, but begins to explore different angles in both writing and production sequences. The synths in both tracks parallel each other beautifully, showcasing the brilliant melody choices Peltier utilizes throughout his song structures. This song is especially melodic in the same way, and continues to bring out the signature sound this EP resonates with.

The final track, “Harpoon”, is more rhythmic and energetic, but still maintains the ambience and textures that have been heard throughout the last two tracks. This song definitely ties the tracks together, almost the same way a trilogy does to films. It’s a resolution to the three songs, and a track that really brings Peltier‘s craft to the forefront in whole. The production quality is very relevant, consistent, and puts a modern visual bliss to audio recording and instrumental songwriting.

These are songs for the creative mind, an EP that delves deep beyond the surface of your emotions, and something you can listen to and relate with when you truly take them in. Peltier‘s Duality is anything but ordinary, and will keep you fascinated on what his future prospects may hold. You’ll also be enticed to look more into his background and prior releases. It’s a record that truly puts electronic music into the emotional realm.

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A Spotlight On Indie Labels: COINTELPRO Entertainment

Article by: Justyn Brodsky:

Founded in 2011 by Artist & CEO J. Tripp (aka Mr. I-10 aka Thulsa Doom), COINTELPRO originated as primarily a Rap label, but also branched off into other elite parts of the entertainment industry including Comedy, Television and everything in between. COINTEL is independently run and tends to steer its prospects and endeavors away from corporate politics and saturated ideations within the entertainment realm, taking on an approach that focuses more on true talent, authenticity and integrity. Projects that have Soul and actual depth in its structure with limitless possibilities and timeless prosperity.

COINTEL supports the perspective that everyone has their respective niche and their approach to a genre, and that the company knows good music when they hear it. This is a cornerstone to the company and its purpose as to why it exists.

The origination of the company name COINTELPRO stems from a series of covert, and at times illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations – legitimate American organizations organized by legitimate tax paying citizens. When one refers to the content of Television and Radio, its designated term is “Programming”. Think about that. Television Programs, Radio Programs, but programming what? That’s where the vital question comes in to question things around you. When the people behind the curtain tell you who’s hot and who’s not, They are programming you. This where COINTELPRO Entertainment steps in. To take the static out of the noise and the noise out of the terminology – and get down to the truth, as it were intended.

COINTEL brings you that RAW experience first hand. The company takes it back to the day when the people used to be proud when the neighborhood artists got radio play and authentic recognition outside of their original audience. And to quit letting people who don’t matter tell you that you don’t matter, that what you do isn’t relevant anymore. Your audience is right there in front of you, and defiantly waiting to hear something that they can relate to and identify with on a true artist’s level.

COINTELPRO’s point is “Do you”, if you got the talent, got the message and are you willing to put in the legwork? If so, COINTEL can and will pave the way to new heights for all prospective artists in the field. And that no matter what…always be yourself.

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