Artist Review: Jay Rockwell – “So Blessed (feat. Sisters of Element)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes when there’s a dark side, we find light. Something that gives us hope, spirituality and the means to thrive rather than just survive. Jay Rockwell‘s Chicago anthem “So Blessed” touches on this concept in a very powerful way, and becomes a vital voice for his city.

Reminiscent of anthemic New York inspired songs like Jay-Z/Alicia Key’s “Empire State Of Mind”, Jay Rockwell embraces the city lights of Chicago in the same kind of way, representing his city and becoming an iconic influence through his music and message that sees the lighter side of darkness. And that you are blessed, and can always rise up out of a bad situation and find your spectral light.

The voices in this song, especially the chorus, soar with passion and hit home right where the heart is. The song’s beat and precise use of its instrumental elements gives the musical aura a strong sense of soul and atmosphere. And really presents itself more as an anthem rather than just a song.

Jay‘s charismatic and strong verses present lyrics that are both uplifting and inspiring, putting a spiritual viewpoint on situations that are very real, in a way you can identify with no matter where you’re from. His lyrical rise above his city’s darkness is emotional and bears a strong expression of artistic merit in a way that encompasses you as a person, and himself as an artist. He is effective, climactic and presents his vocal versatility that’ll stick with you in memorable and admirable ways.

The collaboration and addition of feature artist Sisters Of Element puts the perfect R&B touch on the song, presenting a hook that is also powerful and soul-infused. Another component to making “So Blessed” the gem that it really is.

The song officially drops on November 1st and will be available on all digital music retailers including iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming platforms as well. This track is perfect for the holidays, so mark your calendars! You’ll be glad you did.

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Press Release: DLOW – “Need It More” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

There are very few artists in today’s era that really know how to grasp at catchiness in a whole new realm. Chicago’s DLOW does exactly just that with his versatile new single “Need It More.”

If you wanted more of DLOW, then here is what you want and a whole lot more. The rising rapper has amassed an immaculate fan base collectively through shows, word of mouth and internet presence. And we definitely get more with “Need It More” for sure.

Delivering a sing-songy style that really brings his charisma and melodic approach to the forefront, “Need It More” is an exercise in R&B infused Hip Hop and unlimited swagger. This track’s lyrical structure keeps a solid flow throughout each measure and dives into melody and authenticity; centering around his natural talent and gift of lyricism.

It’s a song for ladies and gentleman with a genuine craving for a fresh Hip Hop track with a vast array of likability factors. If you’re an R&B hungry fan, this chemistry will also satisfy as well. This song blends the perfect mix of monumental modern elements of genres today that are usually convoluted and unconvincing. But that’s what makes DLOW stand out from the rest; this track is done right, and it’s one that will stay in your head even after it’s over.

He’s conveying a sound and message without trying to outdo himself. He keeps it completely real and really leaves the window open to explore other elements of the Hip Hop world that his voice could easily capture. And that’s one of the best focal points and cornerstones of his ability as a rapper, his ability to be universal. And that’s what you get with “Need It More.”

The single is available now on all mainstream digital music platforms as well as streaming outlets. This is definitely not a song to sleep on anytime soon.

Connect with DLOW:

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Artist Review: Outstanding Members – “Hurt No More” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There’s a massive new heatwave in the Midwest right now with the emerging of Outstanding Members‘ newest banger “Hurt No More” from their 773 The Go LP.

Seriously, Chicago has some serious competition, and we don’t say that lightly. Cause we get a lot of hip hop coming through the platform. But one listen to this track, and consider yourself hooked.

Comprised of a quartet of multifaceted and elite Chicago rappers Loot, Bmg, Carey Killa Kelly, and N Doe, this cast of wordsmiths and dynamic lyricists hold nothing back and bring an eclectic and authentic vibe to the tables with endless likability factors. With a signature sound reminiscent to the 90s era of hip hop we’ve come to know and love, Outstanding Members bring forth a solid collective with their new single “Hurt No More” with clever rhyming techniques and lyrical flow that comes together in a way that encompasses you.

It’s a track you’ll be coming back time and time again because it has that rare staying power that today’s music doesn’t nearly grasp as much as it used to. And that’s what makes this the gem that it really is: staying power. That power of having a song stick with you even after it’s over.

With top quality production value and an unwavering solid beat format carrying the torch behind the vocals, “Hurt No More” is the perfect single to showcase the togetherness of the group as well as the individuality of the artists. It sustains a blend of bona fide catchiness and energy that definitely raises the bar for the Chicago hip hop scene. It’s crafty, versatile, and validates a sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving us something fresh and new, yet still identifiable. And each artist brings their own formula to the song that solidifies it into one brilliant composition. And that’s my favorite part about Outstanding Members. Their ability to showcase their individuality and togetherness all at once; which is no easy effort. But the beautiful thing is, it’s a natural for this group. It’s the perfect mix.

This is definitely a track you need to hear to believe. It has innovative bars and measures that really takes hip hop to the next level. And if you’re familiar with the elite Chicago hip hop scene, you’ll be adding this single (and this group) to the top of your list.

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Artist Spotlight: Denny Diamond

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

There have been a vast array of tribute acts and impressionists throughout the years, but none quite like Denny Diamond, a renowned award-winning tribute artist to Neil Diamond.

If you’re a fan of Neil, then Denny is the perfect artist for you to delve into if you appreciate Neil’s glory days and multitude of hit songs that have captivated the hearts of millions of fans over generations.

Projecting his own signature stylization to a very familiar sound, Denny Diamond’s baritone vocal approach and reminiscence of Neil himself has been a grandstanding presence around the country and one of the most sought after acts since he started gracing venues & events nation-wide over the last 20 years. His history in music and contribution to the industry is prominent and promising, and when you research more into him, you see and hear exactly why.

With his two sons performing alongside him on an 89-city US Tour in 2015 and 2016 under the act Denny Diamond & The Jewels, his performances have captured the attention of thousands of fans and media outlets throughout every stop on the tour, and eventually lead him to an Akademia Award for Best Cover/Folk Song in 2016 for the song “Diamond Mountain”.

Denny Diamond is more than just a tribute act, he’s a re-imagination of an artist era that anyone can identify with. We at Artist Reach give him our full support and recommendation, and we are pretty sure you will too.Connect with Denny Diamond:

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Artist Review: Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A wordsmith. A master of his craft. 

Hailing from the southside of Chi-Town (Chicago, IL), Hip Hop pioneer Yaqub (AKA YaThatIsAll) has been one of the city’s biggest Afro-Hip-Hop trendsetters for over a decade and also has an astonishing history since his start many moons ago in many different parts of the world. 

One of his first culture shocks came about when he and his parents relocated to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa where Yaqub quickly took an interest in acting, music, and the overall nature of becoming an aspiring artist at a ripe young age destined for great things. In short, he found his passion, his niche, and purpose. And while in Lagos, he got featured on some of the best TV Shows/Networks where he got to grab a big taste of the spotlight no matter how big or small the industry resources were at the time.

Fast forward and we have a very dynamic, witty, and highly established original sound coming from the rhymes, hooks, tongue twists and turns from a very well-polished and self-made artist. His songs are like a bag a chips, one is never enough. You wanna hear all that this artist has to offer. He even spit 16-bars over the beat for Slim Thug’s “Smile” which blew me away. From his collection of singles, remixes, and experimental twists on his solidified and original tongue-twisty style, Yaqub is another perfect example that Hip Hop in its underground places for discovery has and always will be the much better part of the genre.

One track from his most recent release Proof called “The Trailer” currently has an Official Music Video available on YouTube. It’s a must-see and must-listen. Yaqub is an Award-Winning Artist with some very impressive critical acclaim; collaborating with many other elite and well known Rappers and Producers which has helped his career immensely. 

Yaqub is another artist that became inspired, aspired, and has hit the ground running ever since. He’s a discovery you’re gonna thank yourself for discovering. Real talk. Real Hip Hop. And a journey to behold as Yaqub climbs the industry ladder.

Connect with Yaqub:

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