Career Highlights: Venetian Photographer Michele Agostinis Teams Up With Rising Recording Artist Christone During Videoclip Session in Vienna

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Promo Shot of Italian Photographer Michele Agostinis

The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities for an up and coming photographer. After exploring a world of possibilities including a 12-month documentation of child labor in Latin America, recording the lives of Kenyans in an exhibition called “People From The True Continent”, Italian Photographer Michele Agostinis‘s native land of Venice presents a wealth of subject matter which never ceases to thrill him, and continues to manifest into many versatile forms of inspiration to capture the moment behind the lens.

From the serenity of a lagoon at dusk to the excitement and atmosphere of a Carnival, Michele never gets tired of photographing his beautiful homeland. Born and raised on the Venice island, Michele Agostinis currently divides his time between Venice and Vienna. He is an aspiring Photojournalist and Events Photographer as well as an active operator for photography workshops primarily in Italy and Austria. He is multilingual and speaks several languages including Italian, English, German and Spanish. Recently, he’s been working for the prestigious Venetian Newspaper Il Gazzettino as well as projects for Netflix and Tate Gallery, contributing photographs to many international publications including Ansa, Lapresse, Kurrier and the 55 Venice Biennale catalogue.

Backstage photo of Christone during his Videoclip Session

I find capturing the moment before me exhilarating. Documenting the detail, recording the mood and finding meaning in the scene before me are central to my photographic technique.

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Career Highlights: Budapest-based Photographer Viko Speier Takes On a Viscerally Artistic Project For An Art-based Magazine After Recording Artist Christone’s Newest Release

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press Photo of Viko Speier

Photography is a major staple here in New York. From Central Park to every bridge of the 5 boroughs, it’s landscapes like these that draw in aspirations and inspirations to connect with the knack of creation. And that’s where Budapest-based photographer Viko Speier comes into play. Having established an insatiable passion for capturing those crucial moments, Viko began hitting the ground running as soon as her interest in photography manifested. “Capturing souls and unspoken stories mean the real essence of photography to me.” – says Viko Speier, who met recording artist Christone (who we reviewed recently on the Artist Reach platform) for a photo session just after his new release “Another Chance” was released here in New York.

“I feel lucky to have not only a job, but a profession that enables me to spread love and joy through my vision. Capturing souls and unspoken stories mean the real essence of photography to me. I consider every shooting as a chance to let my models discover themselves and redefine their limits. Art is my way of connection to people and revealing through my images the uniqueness I believe everyone has, makes these bonds even tighter. My mission is creating an atmosphere of trust and capturing timeless moments as works of art worth printing out.” – Mission accomplished! When looking at the photos of the session, we can see that she managed to be inspired by Christone himself and eventually found herself shooting the rising artist in an exclusive photo shoot.

New promo shot of Christone taken by Viko Speier

With two artists honing their craft from different spectrums, both Viko Speier and Christone got together to connect and create some new promo shots that showcase both artists and their respective fields. The new shots are beautiful, and really encompasses the beauty of resonance and balance between Christone‘s good looks, stylistic clothing, passion for music and the colorful details of his guitar. As you can see above, the pose is natural, but speaks a thousand words in quality. It’s the result of collaborative ideas coming together on solid ground; working together to create, capture and advance careers on both ends. Viko‘s skills behind the camera would be a very welcoming presence here in New York, and her work is proof.


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Exclusive Review: Christone – “Another Chance” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

While listening to Radio New York Live today at the office here in New York, a track came on that caught my attention pretty swiftly. It was luck of the draw, granted I hardly listen to the radio. But after the song was over, it was announced that the song was by a Paris-based artist named Christone, and the single was called “Another Chance”. That’s all I needed to know, and here we are.

Encompassing a versatile Rock and Country vibe reminiscent to Bon Jovi and Keith Urban, Christone‘s signature sound is authentic and multifaceted. Produced in New York with additional backing vocals on this song by LA-born singer Katy Rose (now also based in Paris), “Another Chance” is a glowing track that showcases many angles to Christone‘s artistic merit and vocal range. With subtle verses that have brilliant key changes during its build up and a powerful chorus to top it off, this track is anything but a letdown. The production value is top of the line and really encapsulates Christone‘s voice in a way that is effective and visceral. His good looks are also a staple to his image and sound, making him a widely accessible artist that anyone could love from the first time they see and listen to him.

Now that his highly anticipated new single has emerged, new opportunities await the rising artist as he continues to hit the ground running at full speed. And once you take a listen to “Another Chance” yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why he caught our attention from the first listen. We can’t recommend Christone highly enough and we can not wait to see him perform live. “Another Chance” is currently available online and all digital music streaming platforms.

Connect with Christone:

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