Cymber Lily Quinn – “Band Of Angels”

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of Colorado, Cymber Lily Queen has been a standout of her caliber as a professional award-winning harpist and composer, specializing in background music and house concerts in a vast array of different settings and moods. Her music is versatile and infuses a nature-based articulation that encourages conversation and connection. And her track “Band Of Angels” is a brilliant demonstration of this.

With tightly-knit harp swells and diligently placed melodies in the forefront, Cymber Lily Queen really entices our ears to embrace atmosphere and ambience. Her emotional melodies bring us to a place of comfort and relaxation, meanwhile comprises a realm where our thoughts are in safe keeping and our hearts can stay warm. It’s a song that becomes the soundtrack of your soul and the essence of your aura, bringing to the table a composition that not only embraces you, but stays with you long after it’s over as well. The melodies stay within a safe and subtle mid-to-high range key signature that leaves room for expression, rhythm and lead parts for Cymber to showcase her craft with many angles; serving up a dose of her songwriting techniques as well as skills with her harp in its entirety. It’s a perfect song and window into Cymber Lily Queen‘s craft and God given talent, as well as her signature sound and performance style.

If you’re into something smooth, classical, atmospheric and heart-warming, then Cymber Lily Queen will be going on your favorites list in no time. She is a joy to behold.

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Artist Review: Agnese Sanna

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Italy, self-taught Composer Agnese Sanna has been tackling one of the most theoretical instruments of all time since she was a kid. That instrument being Piano; the foundation and blueprint to all string-instruments that have ever been crafted over many centuries. 

Agnese, with a Masters Degree in Music, also teaches music and Directs a Children’s Choir. She began composing her own material around age 17 after her Piano-version of James Blunt‘s “You’re Beautiful” earned her some great reception and critical acclaim. This experience is one of the cornerstones for Agnese that set sail into writing her own compositions with the passion she never quite felt before.

Her Composition “The Hero” is an amazing arrangement and is very captivating. It can easily have Movie Soundtrack placement, be performed at Carnegie Hall, and be appreciated by any aspiring or veteran musician. It’s a Classical piece that has dynamically beautiful introductory measures, and eases into a very powerful buildup with great use of percussion. It’s a solidified piece that is very memorable, admirable, and delivers a very emotionally uplifting aura to the song’s beauty. To the every day listener, it could be very easy to think that this composition is already a famous & familiar one. And us at Artist Reach also can’t believe this composition hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy. “The Hero” is impossible not to enjoy, and it showcases a very dynamic talent that makes Agnese the brilliant mind that she is.

In October 2015, “The Hero” made its debut in the US around the Los Angeles radio circuit, and continues to expand. Agnese Sanna is extremely gifted and has had music in her bloodstream since her younger years. And when you take a listen to “The Hero”, you’ll hear exactly just how crucial and inspiring her talent really is. We have no doubt that some of the US’s biggest Venues and Movie Studios will be knocking down her door any day. The future is bright for Agnese, and it’s an honor to have her on our Roster. 

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