Exclusive Artist Review: 3partystate – “Young Dope & Wasted” EP

Now this is a direction I’d like to see Hip Hop grab onto. 3partystate‘s EP Young Dope & Wasted is an atmospheric and visceral ride into melody, versatility and a formulaic calibre; and there’s not one song on this record you’ll be disappointed with.

Garnering a signature sound that combines clever bars and ear-catchy guitar hooks, 3ps‘s EP brings a plethora of multifaceted components to this 5-track juggernaut and truly brings vibes to the table that are rarely conjured. Each intro utilizes major-key measures, progressions and diligently showcases the vocal talent with many angles that brings 3ps right to the forefront. Going from witty bars to unforgettable melody sing-songy measures is not only rare, but beautifully crafted throughout the duration of every track. They’re tracks that have components of relaxation periods, but still provide that sensual swagger that every R&B fan yearns for. This multifaceted mix is comprised of a stylization that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a chance to reignite the fire for the old school Rap/R&B approach they’ve come to know and loved, all while serving up an innovative modern sound that can easily draw in any Rap and R&B fan, no matter what era they come from.

Young Dope & Wasted is definitely dope. It’s an absolute treat for any Hip Hop fan out there looking for that modern and melodic edge with both rapping and singing at the helm of the record; and we have a feeling this EP will continue to hit the ground running without slowing down anytime soon. It’s an EP that will also have you delving into 3ps‘s discography and future releases as well as prospects. We can’t recommend this record highly enough. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Earleybird & Maria – “Everything Is Imaginary” Album/LP

Kevin “Earleybird” Earley’s love for hip-hop goes back decades, as he wrote and performed his first raps in elementary school at the age of seven years old. His rap name was given to him by a childhood friend, a pun based on his last name. Now, several decades later in the game, Earleybird has teamed up with female pop starlet Maria to put out a breed of melodic Rap and R&B that diligently combines a duet of perfectly balanced blend of old school sensibilities and today’s modern aura on his newest record Everything Is Imaginary.

This ten-track juggernaut meshes a signature sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a dose of old school Hip Hop countless Rap fans still yearn for along with today’s more modern calibre. Earleybird‘s meaningful, wholesome and undeniably real lyrics are cleverly executed with a mid-range approach with poetic justice often at the helm of his witty lyrical punchlines. Meanwhile, after some straightforward verses, in comes feature artist Maria with her higher-range vocal approach that is blissful and beautifully crafted. Each artist compliments the other, and ultimately resonates into a full-on duet album with a formulaic and multifaceted nature. Each track is supercharged with powerful vocals and versatile melodies rarely heard in a combination comprised in this way. It has a futuristic overtone with every old school component from the past that made Rap the genre we’ve come to know and love today.

Everything Is Imaginary is an absolute gem that deserves all the impact it can muster. It’s an album that invites you into a world that is nostalgically identifiable but also freshly crafted with top notch production and performance value doused with more versatility than one could ever expect between a duo like Earleybird and Maria. This album is a true soundscape of atmosphere and will be held in high regard by anyone who comes into contact with it.


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Exclusive New Years Eve Review Special: Mahdi Khene – “Don’t Say a Word” Album/LP

It’s no surprise that something amazing could be conjured from an elite musician since he was the age of 14. A troubadour at heart, Mahdi Khene has been traveling from place to place, making his rounds to Maryland, D.C, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and Virginia, only to make a full global circle more closer to his roots and find himself back in New York where he often performs his latest Folk/Rock albums and also composes original scores for films and documentaries.

And his 11-track juggernaut, Don’t Say a Word, is insatiable proof that his well travelled and highly skilled self-taught signature sound is a true anthemic payoff of many years honing his craft and well traveled experience. Encompassing a versatile folk sound with a centerpiece of indie rock and 70s-style production calibre, Mahdi blends a multifaceted, multilayered and tightly-knit craft on every track of this record and really showcases his musicianship strengths from many ambitious angles. From undeniably catchy and well put-together clean guitar progressions and carefully mastered multilayered vocals, Don’t Say a Word brings forth a sound that touches on naturally equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a very nostalgic overtone of a very longed-for folk sound that diligently locks in with today’s more modern sensibilities. Each track is consistent, concise, well balanced and really composed. It’s definitely more arranged in a manner of compositions as opposed to your every day songwriting techniques for bands or indie groups.

This album can be considered one unit in its entirety rather than a track-by-track record, very anthemic and direct. A musical piece where you don’t have any need to skip one track. Its consistency and signature style is not only mastered with a fine tooth comb, but executed with a vast array of detail that never outdoes itself. The detailed additives add a perfect amount of intrigue, the intrigue differentiates other folk based acts that may have similarities. But no matter what, always finds a way to stand out on its own.

Don’t Say a Word is not just an album, but one with staying power; where the record stays with you even long after it’s over. If you yearn for that classic 70s folk stylization with today’s modern top notch production value, then this is a must-listen in every regard. Your fandom for Mahdi Khene will be just about instantaneous.


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