Exclusive Review: Bedroom Ceilings: “Clairvoyance Is Never Simple” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into creating and composing music. The longer you do it, the more you develop a signature sound and niche as a musician. When you combine two musicians that hone their crafts with an aspect of composing their signature sounds into one dynamic unit, you get indie-duo Bedroom Ceilings. With their sophomore album ‘Another Bulb Burned Out’ coming close to its release date, the indie rockers have been teasing their fan base with singles from the record and building an insatiable buzz. Their newest track “Clairvoyance Is Never Simple” is one of them.

Comprised of songwriter/composer Dean Chittenden and multi-instrumentalist Ben Steer, Bedroom Ceilings comes to fruition beautifully with their ambient guitar parts, atmospheric vocal melodies and indie/folk rock approach reminiscent of Copeland, Coldplay, and even the Beatles. With a sound that has great callbacks to the early 2000s classic Emo scene, Bedroom Ceilings also bring fresh new ideas to the table that showcase their artistic merit in ways that really makes them stand out among today’s more convoluted music industry, which is a breath of fresh air.

“Clairvoyance Is Never Simple” is more of an anthem than it is just a song. The track comes together in a way that truly proves how much chemistry this duo has, and how seriously the songwriting aspect is to them. This single has an indie feel that is completely contagious, and you’ll be recommending it to your friends. This track will make you an instant Bedroom Ceilings fan, and will definitely entice you to check out their past catalogue as well as their upcoming album. The single is available now on Spotify and all digital music streaming platforms.

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Artist Review: Kozie – “Fly” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

A melodic exercise in insatiable ambience.

With a soothing sound with influences stemming from artists such as ColdPlay and John Mayer, Kozie‘s single “Fly” is a song that gives you the best back rub you’ve ever felt. The vocals are very well structured, dynamically mixed, and comes with a range that makes the best of melodies possible. The chorus, especially, is a memorable and uplifting highlight that helps define the centerpiece of the song’s entirety. A song that stays with you, and makes you eager to hear more of what Kozie has to offer.

The production value is exactly where it needs to be. It’s a track of many positive moods that leads you through the artistic merit between the musicianship of the band, and the perfectly-executed vocals that tie it all together. It oozes with a dynamic form of creativity that sucks you into the realm of what this song really brings to the table.

You can hear influences from the 80s and 90s era, along with today’s sensibility. But when you truly take this song in with a cleared head, it displays abundant talent that has a very powerful signature sound among the group’s musicianship, structures, and overall execution of something you haven’t quite heard yet. It’s a standalone gem among its genre, and has endless likability factors.

“Fly” is one of those songs that will stick with you, and will never get old no matter how many times you hear it. It’s a multifaceted and modernized classic with traditions of how music is most effective in the universal Alt/Rock sound. Once you take a listen to Kozie yourself, you’ll see, hear, and feel exactly what we mean.

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Artist Review: Uyoka – “Jupitersong” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Enchanting, ambient, and strikingly cinematic with moods that can have you walking through the city streets, while feeling the vibe and aura coming at you from every direction.

There’s a lot of different ways to describe this dynamic and beautifully-crafted record. Uyoka‘s Jupitersong displays artistic merit, and production value that fits the EP’s ingredients perfectly. This has very powerful moods and innovative musical spectrums that bring out different angles of genres we know and love today. With Jupitersong, we hear an R&B and Alternative crossover with very subtle vocal textures that showcase beautifully written melodies and lyricism that parallels it beautifully. With her deep vocal tones and great use of layered backups, I can hear musical influences ranging from Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, to Alanis Morisette and Bjork.

With her opening track “Aquaheart”, we have pure emotion and an introduction to the Soul side of the record. With a chord progression that can easily play at your heart strings, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this song. Uyoka‘s vocal textures drive this track forward and definitely keep you fascinated.

With “Love Song”, we get a very good-vibes-only stride with the straight-forward rhythm section and soundtrack-worthy vocal melodies. This one displays more of a verse-to-chorus buildup that gives this song character and wit in all the right places. A very interesting and dynamic changeup to this song’s predecessor.

“Diamonds, Silver, and Gold” is definitely the radio hit and most-likely the most-notable track. It has that chorus that sticks with you long after the song is over and keeps the song structure simple and memorable. It’s a fantastic execution of something that could be called contemporary, but with likability factors that prevent this song from being generic. It’s a feel-good experience. Her song “Firestarter” sort of follows up from what’s already been structured as well, but maintains the feel-good vibe we’ve come to hear so far on this EP.

“Daydreamer” and “The Star” are great closing tracks, with a charismatic back-to-back sensibility that works for both songs like an anthem that could attach itself easily to the other. They are songs that conclude something that reminds you of a sound, vibe, and texture you haven’t heard quite yet. And by the time you finish this EP, you’re gonna add this to your list of favorites and pass it along to your friends.

Uyoka‘s thoughts and inspirations behind the EP: “This album explores my introspective thought process, and I hope it gives listeners a chance for them to stop and think, even if it’s just for a little while. It’s so important to take that time and really get in touch with yourself. And who knows – you might also discover something new.”

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Artist Review: The Static Dynamic

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


A triumphant sound with robust energy, emotional breakdowns and great showcased musicianship makes The Static Dynamic remind us of the epic value in songwriting that bands from the early-2000’s switch touched on (i.e. Early records from Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, From Autumn to Ashes, Straylight Run, etc.).

This female fronted Alt/Rock Quartet shows no disappointments from their most recent EP release of “Late Season”. It’s got loud and gain-fueled guitar work, a punchy rhythm section, and great layering of vocals without the theatrics of overproduction. This is a well thought out record, and has a great centerpiece to the overall sound.

“Blue Skies” in particular, is a very intelligent and beautiful anthem that has great build ups and breakdowns in the song’s emotionally driven format, and keeps you listening without losing interest in the overall dynamics of the track. It settles, it swells, it hits hard, and it just feels right. It’s a caliber of mood swings at times but sustains solid ground. It’s one of those tracks that you could easily put on repeat. Or play for a friend just to spark their interest in amazing music they may not have heard just yet. TSD is definitely one of those bands that bring fire for a first impression, and “Blue Skies” demonstrates this sweetly.

This band without a doubt has big things coming down the line. And we at Artist Reach endorse, support, and recommend The Static Dynamic in every way. There’s a charismatic, humble feel to their production value, there’s ingredients for beautiful chemistry, and just leaves you feeling glad that you discovered this band. They will easily be among your favorite discoveries so far this year. 

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Artist Review: Taylor & Kaitlyn

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

 I’ve always personally had a special place in my heart for Females that can write and play Music. Taylor and Kaitlyn are very much in that special place. And perhaps maybe to the point of infatuation; with that stomach butterfly sensation.

No, it’s very much love. These girls have just one demo track out, and I’m absolutely astonished to hear what these voices have to offer, and blown away at the fact that a simple demo track can blow me away. These voices just might give Hayley Williams a run for her money, and that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say.

Tay and Kay‘s demo track of their single “Stay” is a very brilliantly simple acoustic anthem with a very clever dark edge. But it isn’t until you hear these natural, unmastered, and absolutely no pitch-correction or auto-tuned beautiful voices that makes this track shine in every way. 

Just when I thought the lead vocal was enough to sell me on “Stay”, in steps these flawless vocal harmonies (once again, NO auto-tune or even semi-corrections) that are not only spot-on, but are incorporated in exactly the right places. For Musicians: you know those minor key lower-3rd harmonies that give you goosebumps? Yeah, these girls do that. And same with their higher-range upper 5ths. There isn’t one harmony or layered vocal that needs to be revised, removed, or even re-recorded. This is a live recording, and just knowing that absolutely terrifies me just from the thought of what these girls are going to conjure up in a professional studio. It’s going to scare the hell out of me; in all the greatest ways possible.

There’s also a very talented Male vocal-feature in this track that ties this song together very well, especially when all 3 singers come together in unison to give this anthem a very well layered climax. The lyrical content is boasting a fairly common subject, but it’s done cleverly, and sang beautifully. So it is without a doubt in my mind that the harmony structures is by far one of Tay and Kay‘s strongest elements. And the chemistry between them is something so natural, and is going to take them places they never thought possible.

Hey, Paramore, you’ve got some major competition.

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Artist Review: A Life All My Own

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Sarah Lewis

First and foremost, having the acronym ALAMO for your band is pretty creative, and easy to remember. Add points for awesome marketing.

If you’re familiar with bands from Vans Warped Tour, The All Stars Tour, The Summer Slaughter Tour; and labels like Fearless, Tragic Hero, Razor and Tie, Rise, and those alike, will absolutely fall head over heals for A Life All My Own

If any reps from any of the tours or labels mentioned above read this (we’ll throw in Alternative Press too), here’s your next band that should be on your “must sign now” list. 

This Melodic Metalcore act comes with all the perfect ingredients that makes their genre as popular as it is today. And can easily become your next favorite band of this genre. First track on their Soundcloud, “Adamantium” is a perfect demonstration of not only the band, but the genre as well, if unfamiliar with it. 

It has those beautifully energetic guitar breakdowns with dynamic rhythm arrangements that allows this opening chorus to let the vocalist shine with brilliant lyrical content and the perfect melody to entice you immediately into the rest of the song.

The screams are right where they need to be, and is never outdone. The production quality couldn’t be better, and you can hear the individual members’ craft and display of talent that’s brought to the ALAMO table. Trust me when I say it seems like Emo/Screamo/Metalcore is being pursued by bands just trying to be trendy and fit in. This is not the case with ALAMO. You can hear a diversifying aura with this band, and has success written all over them.

Diversifying their beautifully dark sound with a beautiful piano/vocal intro in their track “The Killer Inside (You Better Run)” also showcases the broad range of different influences ALAMO has with their songwriting. Making sure that if they tackle this genre, they’re doing it with their own signature sound. They display an iconic blend of all your favorite bands of their genre. And one thing that constantly comes to mind while listening to these tracks is how ridiculously intense their live show has to be. No band can write these tracks, record them flawlessly, and have a bad live show. So if you get tickets to see this band play, prepare for an epic live show experience. And don’t be surprised if this band is on the next Warped Tour lineup. They have our vote!

A Life All My Own definitely have a gift, talent, and sound all their own!
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  • Twitter: @alifeallmyown

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