Exclusive Review: Dearbones – “Feed The Birds” Single

Since emerging onto the scene in 2017, Massachusetts quartet Dearbones began gaining an insatiable following with their highly energetic indie/post-hardcore signature sound and visually captivating live shows. And on Halloween of this year in 2020, the band dropped a track that would continue to prove that their presence is a massive one with the release of “Feed The Birds.”

Accompanied by a charismatic official music video, Dearbones grabs the listener by the throat and dares you to ask them to loosen the grip. The edge-of-your-seat intro is a thrust of anticipation with a buildup that is bound to heighten the blood pressure just a little, and once the song kicks into high gear, all bets are off. With a dueling single picking and full chord blast technique, the soaring guitar progressions and melodies on this track are furious, unrelenting and unwavering in its execution. Adding to the fury is a super tight-knit rhythm section with a host of drum progressions and bass lines that cruise through each measure diligently to tie all the energy together; giving off a presence that is highly contagious and dynamically crafty.

Frank Chuili’s vocals are packed full of violent punches and at the same time provide an atmospheric and anthemic aura. With neurotic screams and lyrical outbursts that bring a plethora of heavy rawness to the band’s authenticity, the clean cut and melody driven chorus really adds a brilliant finishing touch to everything else that surrounds it. Altogether, all four members bring crucial components to this track and equally serve major importance to the band’s entirety. “Feed The Birds” is the perfect track to truly hear how dynamic and talented these musicians are both individually and collectively. This anchor single is not only effective, but also pivotal to the band as well granted this song definitely raises the bar very high for any subsequent release – it’s gonna be a tough track to follow, but Dearbones continues to prove their worth with every song they put together. So we have no doubt they will continue to slay their way to the top. “Feed The Birds” is available now on YouTube, Social Media and several digital music streaming platforms.

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Artist Review: Spambot

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Gritty, noisy, frantic, and anxiety-provoking is what makes Spambot one of the funnest and craziest listens I’ve had in a long time. Me being an old-school punk/hardcore fan from the iconic 80s-early 2000’s Bowery/Lower East Side (NY), Bay Area and Boston punk scenes where I played and attend countless shows in my teen-20s years can definitely listen and relate to this band in whole. And the best thing about Spambot (and those countless shows from punk’s glory days) is that there is no aim for any type of mainstream attention. This is pure expression at heart; gain cranked up, production that showcases a crazy live show rather than today’s overly spoon fed plugins and auto-tune, and just balls to the wall mosh pits and green room shenanigans.

Their track “Iconoclast” is an iconic blast into your speakers. It’s one of those songs that successfully smashes you in the face in under 3 minutes. The track has a very cleverly diminished intro & outro, with the chaotic chord progressions and in-your-face vocal theatrics in between. The rhythm section cruises, and their energy never lets up. Their sound is a rare find nowadays among all the additives in today’s saturation surrounding punk and hardcore. But Spambot doesn’t have time (or the desire) for fratty antics that ruined the genre among today’s punk definition. They remind us classic punk fans that there is still possibly a scene out there that isn’t afraid to play punk the way it was designed: just plug in and play. No rules, no gimmicks…just a circle pit, and a crazy after party. 

If you still have the true core and roots to Punk & Hardcore in your soul somewhere, then you’ll be glad you found Spambot.

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Artist Review: A Life All My Own

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Sarah Lewis

First and foremost, having the acronym ALAMO for your band is pretty creative, and easy to remember. Add points for awesome marketing.

If you’re familiar with bands from Vans Warped Tour, The All Stars Tour, The Summer Slaughter Tour; and labels like Fearless, Tragic Hero, Razor and Tie, Rise, and those alike, will absolutely fall head over heals for A Life All My Own

If any reps from any of the tours or labels mentioned above read this (we’ll throw in Alternative Press too), here’s your next band that should be on your “must sign now” list. 

This Melodic Metalcore act comes with all the perfect ingredients that makes their genre as popular as it is today. And can easily become your next favorite band of this genre. First track on their Soundcloud, “Adamantium” is a perfect demonstration of not only the band, but the genre as well, if unfamiliar with it. 

It has those beautifully energetic guitar breakdowns with dynamic rhythm arrangements that allows this opening chorus to let the vocalist shine with brilliant lyrical content and the perfect melody to entice you immediately into the rest of the song.

The screams are right where they need to be, and is never outdone. The production quality couldn’t be better, and you can hear the individual members’ craft and display of talent that’s brought to the ALAMO table. Trust me when I say it seems like Emo/Screamo/Metalcore is being pursued by bands just trying to be trendy and fit in. This is not the case with ALAMO. You can hear a diversifying aura with this band, and has success written all over them.

Diversifying their beautifully dark sound with a beautiful piano/vocal intro in their track “The Killer Inside (You Better Run)” also showcases the broad range of different influences ALAMO has with their songwriting. Making sure that if they tackle this genre, they’re doing it with their own signature sound. They display an iconic blend of all your favorite bands of their genre. And one thing that constantly comes to mind while listening to these tracks is how ridiculously intense their live show has to be. No band can write these tracks, record them flawlessly, and have a bad live show. So if you get tickets to see this band play, prepare for an epic live show experience. And don’t be surprised if this band is on the next Warped Tour lineup. They have our vote!

A Life All My Own definitely have a gift, talent, and sound all their own!
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  • Twitter: @alifeallmyown

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