Press Release: Ty The Artist Turns Up The Heat In Summer 2020 With A Whole Series Of Singles In His Stunning Solo Debut

Promo Shot of Ty The Artist

With massive plans to heat up the summer of 2020, the soulful sound of Ty The Artist is set to make the most of his debut by taking his whole career straight to the next level where he belongs. Drawing on his extensive experience gained throughout his years helming projects like B.U.C. (Brothers Under Cover) & S.M.G. (So Much to Give) – Ty The Artist is stepping into the spotlight solo, fully inspired for the future.

This July, join Ty The Artist as he stylistically slides his way straight up to the top of the charts and playlists around the globe with a sensational series of scorching hot & slow-burning singles being released for all to enjoy. Creating highly sensory & sensual songs that listeners can authentically feel and connect to has always come naturally – and he’s about to show the world exactly what he’s capable of with his debut.

Cover Art of Ty The Artist’s single “Don’t Walk Away”

With a passionate and intense blend of Soul/R&B/Pop signature sound that’s all his own, Ty reveals the X-Factor through his charismatic style and hybrid sound on the spectacular lead single “Natalie,” due out on July 3rd, 2020. Setting off a chain of releases to follow, and marking the start of the most exciting chapter of his career to date, Ty The Artist is ready to serve up stunning audio entertainment all summer long with incredible new cuts called “Don’t Walk Away” (July 10th), “My Reality / “She Knows I’m Watching” (July 15th), and “Bring Back Our Love” (July 17th) all scheduled to drop online and establish his music as essential listening.

By putting his genuine heart and soul into every second of the songs he writes, Ty The Artist is equally invested in delivering the quality performance of a true professional in pursuit of bringing music fans all over the globe real perspective, bold emotion, thought-provoking lyricism, and unforgettable moments. Stoked to share his dynamic vocals and radiantly sincere sound with the world this year through vibrantly enticing new singles and his official solo rebranding – Ty The Artist has the pure talent required to create songs that hold up with timeless style, all designed to make his mark in music’s history fully permanent.

Cover Art of Ty The Artist’s single “Natalie”

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Exclusive Review: Strat – “Change Up” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Strat’s single “Change Up”

If you’re seeking one of 2020’s biggest bangers in Hip Hop, then Strat‘s single “Change Up” is your draft pick. Presenting a perfect parallel between old school Rap and today’s modern Hip Hop sensibility, this track emerges from the gate with power, energy and cleverly executed bars and hooks that can easily resonate with any fan of the genre.

Accompanied by a charismatic official music video, “Change Up” is a track that hones in on versatile musicianship factors and lyrical realism; concocting a mix that serves up multifaceted punchlines and effective wordsmithy flavors. The beat structure is bouncy, crafty and really sets the tone for Strat‘s strong mid-range vocal presence and effectively showcases the best angles of his ability both as a vocalist and lyricist. This track is contagiously catchy with witty one-liners that are not only well put together, but meaningful as well. It’s the perfect banger for anyone craving that old school flavor with a fresh take, and it should not be slept on for any reason.

This anthemic track also has plenty of room for re-listening desires. It’s the type of song you take seriously, but can also blast in a party atmosphere. The tone of the song is in-your-face while the lyrics stay consistently visceral, combining several elements that are effective and clever all at once. You just can’t go wrong with this song. “Change Up” is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and several other digital music platforms. You’ll definitely be putting this one on your playlist.

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Exclusive Review: King Bone – “Trap God (feat. KD Young Cocky)” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for King Bone’s Single featuring KD Young Cocky

We have some serious street heat emerging out of Chicago’s elite Hip Hop scene. Produced by NYC’s widely renowned track master Hassan Shareef of Black Magic Studio, new single “Trap God” by Hip Hop pioneer King Bone and featuring KD Young Cocky has been hitting the ground running since the track dropped, and has amassed an insatiable following and critical acclaim.

Featuring an anthemic and atmospheric beat structure that showcases both artists perfectly, this banger’s production value is effective, fresh and full of notable factors. King Bone‘s trap style vocal approach is versatile and cleverly executes his lyrical outbursts and dynamic punchlines. Meanwhile KD Young Cocky brings a more melodic and rhythmic edge to the table that resonates perfectly with the song’s tone and aura. Both rappers absolutely kill it on this song and collectively make this song a true gem in its own right. It’s a signature sound that is multifaceted and delivers up a solid mix that showcases several angles of both rappers’ artistic merit. The catchiness is contagious, the lyrical ability is apparent throughout the track’s duration, and the final mix’s textures and layers are structured with absolute precision.

This is the type of song that has staying power – where the song stays with you even after it’s over, and leaves plenty of desire for re-listening. It’ll definitely entice you to explore more of both artists’ catalogues, as well as other artists that Hassan Shareef and Black Magic Studios have produced. “Trap God” is currently available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms. This is one you’ll be repping all through 2020.

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Exclusive Review: M3lted – “Soldiers On Sunset” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of M3lted’s Album

When it comes to dynamic production techniques, versatile beat making and multifaceted musicianship factors, M3lted fits the bill. Composed and created during the COVID19 pandemic, this anthemic album was put together as M3lted‘s first release since his retirement from a 16 year music career due to health issues, heartbreak and other events that affected him. Now, with his comeback record ‘Soldiers On Sunset’ making its way across the spectrum, you can clearly hear his love for music returning to the forefront as a major silver lining from the events that led up to it.

It’s immediately apparent from the very first track that M3lted hones a craft and signature sound of his own. From EDM-flavored measures to smooth electronically-infused transitions, this album has been handled with care and absolute precision. The song “Foam Backbone” is an excellent portrayal of M3lted‘s stylization and mixing with great energy additives in all the right places. Meanwhile, “Make Money” and title track “Soldiers On Sunset” are straight Hip Hop bangers with the same charismatic ingredients from the opening tracks that put a dynamic edge to a sound that is solidified and established.

The standout of this album is definitely “Just Another Love Song”, which is more of an anthem than just another song. This soundtrack-worthy track is melodically visceral and really captures the essence and aura that M3lted puts forth throughout this album’s duration. It’s a climactic track with solid melody structures and layers that any veteran producer will appreciate. Overall, this album is incredibly crafty and really resonates with the producer’s realm. After 16 years in the game, “Soldiers On Sunset” is an amazing comeback and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into M3lted‘s catalogue, as well as future releases.

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Career Highlights: Venetian Photographer Michele Agostinis Teams Up With Rising Recording Artist Christone During Videoclip Session in Vienna

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Promo Shot of Italian Photographer Michele Agostinis

The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities for an up and coming photographer. After exploring a world of possibilities including a 12-month documentation of child labor in Latin America, recording the lives of Kenyans in an exhibition called “People From The True Continent”, Italian Photographer Michele Agostinis‘s native land of Venice presents a wealth of subject matter which never ceases to thrill him, and continues to manifest into many versatile forms of inspiration to capture the moment behind the lens.

From the serenity of a lagoon at dusk to the excitement and atmosphere of a Carnival, Michele never gets tired of photographing his beautiful homeland. Born and raised on the Venice island, Michele Agostinis currently divides his time between Venice and Vienna. He is an aspiring Photojournalist and Events Photographer as well as an active operator for photography workshops primarily in Italy and Austria. He is multilingual and speaks several languages including Italian, English, German and Spanish. Recently, he’s been working for the prestigious Venetian Newspaper Il Gazzettino as well as projects for Netflix and Tate Gallery, contributing photographs to many international publications including Ansa, Lapresse, Kurrier and the 55 Venice Biennale catalogue.

Backstage photo of Christone during his Videoclip Session

I find capturing the moment before me exhilarating. Documenting the detail, recording the mood and finding meaning in the scene before me are central to my photographic technique.

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