Exclusive Review: Jrdan – “Lay It Down” Single

A young and thriving Texas girl who puts work ethics above all is one unstoppable feat. And since her young teenage years, she applied the same philosophy to her craft and versatility with her guitar and music with the same kind of precision and determination as her years of growing up and working among her Texas work life. A combination of these qualities is a major facet of what would become the powerhouse known as Jrdan.

With a vast array of musical influences ranging from industry heavyweights like Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill and India Arie, it’s no surprise that Jrdan‘s signature sound is as versatile as it is. But even with influences that can clearly be heard throughout the performance value in her new single “Lay It Down”, you can hear even more textures that brilliantly touch on Jrdan‘s equal parts originality and familiarity; giving each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. It has indie and jazzy components that fit its very own stylization and truly can be showcased and birthed through every melodic measure of this song – which is one of the most crucial keys of being a successful artist based off real talent and dedication to reaching the peak of your potential.

Now when it comes to emotions, I’m almost at a lost for words. Her multifaceted and intimate lyrics are sensually blissful and conveyed by a story-telling method that keeps you completely encapsulated. About half way through the song, she keeps her intrigue front and center with a diligently transitioned tempo change that brings a tasteful edge as well as a music theory-based niche. Her control with her guitar is full, bold and revamps a whole new vibe once she entrances the subsequent measures with her song’s change-ups, but it still keeps the same centerpiece the song started with and built into, artistically and wholesomely.

With the subtle and well projected vocal deliveries that Jrdan brings to the table throughout the song’s duration with a wood-edged guitar tone that gives the single a complete personality of its own, you just can’t help but love every measure and hook of Jrdan‘s “Lay It Down”. It may technically be a 2020 release, but will absolutely deliver an insatiable impact for 2021’s upcoming crucial musical year for up-and-comers, just like Jrdan.


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