Press Release: K-Syran Releases Rousing New Single In Celebration Of Everyday Heroes

Norwegian dance-pop sensation K-Syran invites you to liberate yourself from lockdown lethargy with the release of her uplifting new single, “Search for the Hero.” An exuberant, dance-infused reimagining of the 1994 M People track, K-Syran’s rendition of “Search for the Hero” serves as a rallying cry to celebrate the extraordinary strength, kindness and resilience of everyday heroes. With Covid-19 making studio time an impossibility, the song – and its accompanying video – was recorded at K-Syran’s home in Switzerland. K-Syran said:

Recently, we’ve all had to search for that little hero within ourselves. To see over 100 people participating in the video for this song – each from their own homes across the world – is a beautiful testament to idea. I hope it spreads a little joy and encourages everyone to keep moving forwards to the better times that lie ahead.

Offering a glimmer of hope amongst the cancellation of music festivals, Eurovision and hundreds of Pride events, on Saturday, June 20th, 2020, a preview of “Search for the Hero” was livestreamed as part of Virtual Pride: a 7-hour online party featuring dozens of artists and DJs.

Dan Thomas, who produced and remixed the song, said:

“Around the world people have to search for their inner hero, to collectively overcome a global pandemic. We will come out the other end of this stronger and more connected than ever before – we will each become our own heroes.”

K-Syran’s new single “Search for the Hero” is out now on Intimacy Records, and is available on all streaming platforms.

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