Exclusive Review: Lailien – “Agent Amsterdam” & “Valentine” Singles

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press photo of Lailien

What has been cleverly described as music that balances diverse points of view with reason versus nonsense and skepticism versus certainty, Toronto-based Indie/EDM recording artist Lailien pulls out all the stops with his electronically futuristic signature sound in order to get each listener to experience both somber and cheerful moods, making his anchor singles “Agent Amsterdam” and “Valentine” a rollercoaster ride in its own right.

Encompassing a theatrical edge and accompanied by an amazingly visual music video, “Agent Amsterdam” is the perfect front entrance to the sophisticatedly bold genre-bending stylization that Lailien serves up wholesomely and handsomely. Delving into an at-times eccentric yet effective vocal style, this organized chaos can be appreciated from several musicianship angles and keeps you fascinated from start to finish without ever letting up off the gas pedal. Its insatiably experimental energy is apparent from the very beginning and never wavers from its presence no matter where you are in this song. Producers will definitely be taking note of the very quirky and fun style this song projects.

Then we have his second single “Valentine”. A more melodic and hooky track with indie influences that give great callbacks to the mid-2000s era. Sticking with a theatrical approach that is unconditionally clever and razor sharp with its originality, this romantically electronic track really dives deep into the diversity aspect without sounding over the top or repetitive. It’s another great angle of Lailien‘s in-your-face style with a little more catchiness to keep the audience more accessible, and the overall tone equal in dynamics.

Lailien is definitely a treat for anyone that hasn’t heard him. You can find both of his singles on YouTube as well as Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms.

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