Artist Review: Leafy Satori Risk

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A grungy and nostalgic treat, and an ambience that guides you to lean back, and put these songs on repeat might do justice as a way to properly describe what listening to this duo feels like. Another brilliant audio-imagery crossover, Leafy Satori Risk‘s most recent EP L’amour Fou, brings you on an eclectic journey. 

With great use of keyboards, grungy guitar swells, and vocals that bring you a dreamlike-sequence, this is definitely new food for the ear. Each song has its own dynamic, and story that’s told to help you delve into the minds of the creators, but has an arrangement and signature persona that defines them uniquely. “Pirates” and “Astronauts” are two of the four songs off the L’amour Fou record, and demonstrate a swell brilliance and unique balance in every measure between the song structure, and ambient heavily-accented vocal melodies; which works beautifully for their craft and adds a very nostalgic feeling when listening to these songs.

This dynamic duo currently hails from Los Angeles and recently toured Japan extensively. They are currently gearing up for a Brazilian tour in support of L’amour Fou and will continue to showcase their craft in other parts of the world as well. Leafy Satori Risk is definitely a great discovery of emotions; and I have no doubt you’ll feel the same way when you take a listen. It’s a great feeling, and listen altogether.

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