Career Highlights: NCK Records & Lil Opioid’s Rise In The Industry

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

We’ve had Hip Hop artist Lil Opioid on the platform once before. Our review of his EP Cosmic got an astounding reaction, and since then, we’ve been delving a little deeper into the young star on the rise.

With over 500,000 followers on Instagram and an insatiable internet presence since his inception into the market, Lil Opioid, on top of embracing his role as one of the fastest rising up-and-comers in the game, garnered enough industry knowledge and a fan base that allowed him to open the doors with his artist development platform NCK Records; an indie label designated to help aspiring and upcoming artists distribute their music and gain exposure to create an active & engaged audience.

Kinda like us at Artist Reach, NCK Records is a “for musicians, by musicians” network that provides industry opportunities for artists of many calibers and mostly focused on the Hip Hop genre. No matter how new or experienced an artist may be. The humble label provides many avenues of improving your artist career ranging from social media marketing, distribution, authentic promotion, and lots more. The label does sign artists and has an application and preliminary process, which requires submission of your music, a rundown of your industry experience, and crucial questions to determine if the label is a proper home base for you. The collective, solely owned/operated by Lil Opioid and a co-CEO, has proven that their mission for the label is in a promising direction for up and coming artists, as well as themselves as entrepreneurs.

Lil Opioid is strictly self-made, self-promoted and a true example of authenticity. And NCK Records is a direct reflection of that; his hands-on experience with the industry that truly encompasses the legwork a lot of artists don’t have the ability or patience to attempt or maintain in this era of the DIY format, and recognizing the strategies, how-to, and most of all, the payoff when hard work takes place.

If you’re an artist that genuinely resonates with this article and Lil Opioid‘s label, you can submit an application to become signed to his roster by going to his official website below. Lil Opioid is coming-up to the big times right now, and would be a good time to connect with him and his label as he continues to hit the ground running.

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Press Release: Lil Opioid Geared Up To Drop His Album “Pharaoh” In Early 2019

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Young up and coming rapper Lil Opioid has been on the insatiable grind, making some big moves over this last year since his inception into the market. Now he’s ready to kick things into overdrive for 2018 with his upcoming album Pharaoh, slated for release in January/February.

Known for his charismatic rhyming techniques and dynamic lyrical structures, Pharaoh is comprised of 8 powerful tracks that showcases Lil Opioid‘s unwavering skill sets behind the mic. These tracks tie it all in for the rising rapper – his signature sound, original style, but most notably – his artistic merit. His true passion for music and the expression of who he is as an artist, and person behind the mic that pens every hook and punchline. It’s an album that is real.

Since coming into the scene, Lil Opioid has garnered a respective internet presence and fanbase since bringing his multifaceted rapping caliber to the forefront; and he has yet to disappoint. His Instagram has been quite active and shows the steps he has taken as an artist in several chapters. He’s had twists, turns, and a rollercoaster of ups and downs with his time in the studio and doing his best to get his craftwork out from the woodwork of the industry. But 2019 looks very promising for him and Pharaoh is determined to bring all of that to the surface, to the people and for the people.

Lil Opioid is a younger artist, but he’s no amateur. He is doing the proper legwork that most artists become reluctant to, and really shows the industry, and world at large, that he’s anything but ordinary. Pharaoh is scheduled to release in the January/February months, and will have a more solidified release date as the new year gets closer. It’ll be available on various digital music retailers and streaming platforms.

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Artist Review: Lil Opioid – “Cosmic” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Young, aspiring and undeniably talented in his own right, Lil Opioid brings his craft in full swing with his latest EP Cosmic.

Ranging from an array of ambient beats, anthemic production quality and rhythmic rhyming methods that are effective and thought provoking, Lil Opioid (real name Nick Bowman) showcases a versatile vocal style that gives the Hip Hop game and Pop genre an entirely new fresh look and modern feel. Since amassing a rising and loyal fan base with the success of the EP as well as other anchor singles including “Shorty” and “WiFi“, this young on-the-rise artist has been accumulating an insatiable street buzz and internet presence that has him climbing the industry ladder; and has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon.

Delving into his music, his vocal style has a dynamic youthfulness that is charismatic and authentic. His flow is very rhythmic and his lyrical outbursts are very clever, witty, and puts together very tasty ingredients to deliver catchy punchlines and solid hooks. The beats have a very chill and laid back aura with elements of energy, ambience and atmospheric production value. It’s a record that’ll keep you fascinated, on your feet, and constantly having you guess what’s next. Each track resonates diligently throughout its duration and never loses its signature sound; making Cosmic all the more charming and musically satisfying.

This is the perfect release to check out if you’re just discovering Lil Opioid now. He’s a vital voice for younger Hip Hop artists and plays a pivotal and influential role in keeping its movement alive and in the right direction. He’s currently working on his follow-up release, slated for 2019, and will include several big feature artist names that will undoubtedly take off when it releases. In the meantime, grab your copy of Cosmic and his other singles that currently has the industry paying extra attention to Lil Opioid and watching his next move. All of his releases are available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as his social media networks. Catch this artist before he takes off!

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