Exclusive Artist Review: Marcellus – “Notice” Single

California-based rising R&B artist Marcellus has been making some serious moves lately, and his latest single “Notice” is direct evidence of this. Utilizing an anthemic R&B approach with hints of Soul and Indie, Marcellus brings his very distinctive flavors to the forefront with his soft and almost falsetto vocal style, delivering a sense of subtlety that is not only comforting, but visceral as well.

The production value for this song is cleverly executed, weaving an edge that teeters on classic R&B elements but still effectively showcases many facets of today’s more modern and innovative sensibility of the genre. Marcellus’s vocal approach is cohesive, sensual and engaging. His elegant use of melody choices parallel perfectly with the guitar and piano textures, delivering a signature sound that is versatile, effective and well balanced. The track is also accompanied by a very cinematic music video that visually follows the song’s concept, adding multi layers to a track that is already on several crucial levels to begin with. It enhances the flavors, even in the mix drinks that Marcellus makes throughout the video.

Overall, “Notice” is an anthem that lives up to its title. It’s a song that you’ll definitely notice for its originality, familiarity and unwavering sensuality in its approach both musically and lyrically. It has that insatiable staying power where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s also a song that’ll entice you to dive deeper into Marcellus’s discography as well as future releases. It’s the perfect gateway track into his career and artistic merit.

“Notice” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

•Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/q1iDlWPezhI

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