Album Review: Matthew Hunkins – “Feed Duh Flames” LP

Coming out the gate in 2017 as a solo artist and subsequent to playing in a vast array of bands over many years, California-based musician/producer Matthew Hunkins has been wearing many musical hats and continues to prove that he’s a standout of his calibre with his most recent album Feed Duh Flames.

Matt‘s raw talent and authenticity really shines through on this record. Delving into a signature sound that is clever and formulaic, his multi-genre approach is not only effective but also fresh as well. Opening title track “Feed Duh Flames” is a brilliantly crafted song with several components of rock, indie and even experimental vibes that get you comfortably acquainted with Matt‘s very versatile techniques. Strategically implementing melodies that are both flavorful and ambitious, his solid mid-to-high range vocals really set the bar high for the rest of the record and keep you focused on the multi-layered detail tracks like this have.

Another highlight on this album is the funky-edged and charismatic banger “Eye Got My Mask On,” an insatiably upbeat track that will definitely heighten your intrigue upon first listen. It also continues to effectively explore many facets of Matt‘s songwriting skills. With this record having many twists and turns with its multifaceted genre bends, guitar-driven track “Eye Ma Dope” is a visceral heavy banger with all the down tuned guitar chugs you could ask for. This song is especially effective when it comes to highlighting Matt‘s vocal approach; he keeps clear consistency throughout each track’s execution but also tailors his vocals to suit the stylization each song requires at that given time. It definitely shines light on several angles of his musicianship factors and his ear for detail really solidifies this album’s production value as well.

There’s something for everyone on this record and those of you who have a true knack for music theory will find themselves absolutely indulging in every aspect of this album from start to finish. If you are well acquainted with Matthew Hunkins, you’ll definitely find this album raising the bar for the rising artist. If this is your first time hearing him, then prepare to become a lifelong fan because you’ll be blown away by just how cleverly executed Feed Duh Flames really is. The album is currently available on Matt‘s official website and Twitter. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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