Artist Review #2: Melvin Fromm Jr.

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We are more than happy to bring back humble Artist & Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. with a new single, “Colorful Fall Luck Life”.

Most likely taking an imagery-driven influence from the Fall Season, this single is once again another great smooth and catchy composition from Fromm with very dynamic use of Violin as the song’s lead instrument.

The Bossa-Nova 4/4 tempo fits beautifully with the clean Alt/Soft-Rock guitar swells that carry the rhythm section, and leaves great room for the lead violin to really showcase its many angles. It has a very cinematic feel and could definitely be heard in a Soundtrack or movie score, and even lends a foreign substance from the violin’s foreground. The chemistry is something that definitely catches the ear and makes you want to wander through Fromm‘s catalogue of compositions. Maybe perhaps hear what other tricks he might have up his sleeve.

The song’s title definitely does justice; the sound is colorful, the season of Fall easily blends into the imagery, and Luck Life seems to be Melvin Fromm‘s mantra, from what we’ve heard and seen of him so far. As of right now, we are looking forward to hearing and seeing more from him. For another one of Fromm‘s colorful compositions, we reviewed him about a month back for his first contribution. And we are elated he’s still doing what it sounds like he does best in music!

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Artist Review: Melvin Fromm Jr.

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Loungy, comfy, and a terrific vibe that is administered to the overall aura with solid instrumentation and catchy composition.

And with that said, we introduce you to Songwriter/Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. A man of many instruments and multifaceted qualities when solidifying every measure that comes together between the rhythm and piano-lead song “Nice Fancy Feeling Life”.

This is definitely a song with a more upbeat yet Bossa-nova feel; there is excellent use of piano chord-progressions that set the tone and perhaps lead the way for the rhythm section that follows. It has that 5-star restaurant feel to it, and is the perfect anthem to a chilled-out and good-vibe celebration. Definitely eventful with a charismatic and nurtured foreground where everything is comprised properly. 

“Nice Fancy Feeling Life” basically are the best 4 words to describe the song. So I have to give props to the synonymous nature of the song, whether it was intended or not. But regardless, this song showcases not only Fromm‘s multi-instrumental ability, but his niche with composing as well, which is a large world in and of itself that has a great surrounding of music theory, and music appreciation. It’s definitely music that requires the know-how, and this is perfectly demonstrated in this catchy Fromm multi-instrumental piece. If you like a little Jazz, a touch of swing, and the good feelings all its characteristics bring, then Melvin Fromm Jr. is worth every minute of your time.

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