Artist Review: Mike LePond (Symphony X)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


It blew my mind when this Artist’s management reached out to me. Because Mike LePond (best known for playing bass in the legendary Symphony X) is one of those top-of-the-line Bass Pioneers that can easily fit into the same league as Stu Hamm, Les Claypool, Justin Chancler, among many others. And I remember Symphony X being one of my first Napster discoveries alongside Linkin Park.

Lepond‘s solo LP Silent Assassins is definitely an album to please and appease all you bass-shredders out there who crave that rotund low end in epic proportions. With a sound that could be comprised alongside Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and those alike, this album just shreds, shreds again, and then shreds some more. From orchestrated and beautifully crafted and composed bass intros to soaring guitar tones and high-range in-your-face vocals to put a foreground to LePond‘s overall sound, this record is anything but a disappointment.

The musicianship factor is a mind blow to behold. LePond definitely brings out the wrath of God throughout every measure he plays and easily is placed under the God of Gods when it comes to the 4 (or 5). This album is definitely one for the musicians, and a sound engineer’s dream. The production value hones a perfected craft in showcasing a bassist’s solo album. 

Mike LePond has an enormous history, so your best bet would be to research him on Wikipedia. But seriously…Silent Assassins is definitely a masterpiece for any aspiring bassist out there and LePond will definitely be added to your list of Gods of Bass if he hasn’t been yet already. So when you give Mr. LePond a listen…fasten your seat belts.

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