Exclusive Artist Press Release: Mr. Anderson – “A Dark Alley In Cedar Rapids” Album/LP

Iowa-based producer, engineer and rapper Mr. Anderson has amassed an insatiable career path for himself since emerging into the market. Starting out in the music production realm at the age of 14, his inception into the market has been very pivotal, promising, and easily found himself hitting the ground running with his distinctive signature style, multifaceted production techniques and innovative multi genre approach; quickly becoming known as one of the scenes biggest standouts of his calibre. Signed to music collective Listen Stupid, Anderson has put out a vast array of impressive releases over the last few years, collaborating with several prominent artists in the Iowa Hip Hop scene including Tone Da Boss and Silence who have graced our platform more than once.

With Mr. Anderson having several solid releases under his belt, his newest album A Dark Alley In Cedar Rapids sees the rising artist and producer at the top of his game. This 9-track juggernaut features a collaboration of several prominent artists in the Hip Hop world all at the helm of Anderson’s direction and musical vision, encapsulating a multi genre signature sound that goes hard from beginning to end with several dynamic flavors and nostalgic elements. Opening tracks “If You Wanna Be A Rockstar” and “If You Wanna Be A Pornstar” are perfect examples of this, really delving into Mr. Anderson’s versatile approach; combining an anthemic and high energy Pop/EDM flavor with an inventive Hip Hop sensibility at the forefront. Featuring rappers Tone Da Boss, Saint Josh, Silence, Elliot Ness (Da Band) and Ivy Marie all sharing verses and hooks throughout the songs’ durations, these two paralleling openers really showcase the hard hitting aura and atmosphere right out the gate. Mr. Anderson’s low to mid range bars and rhymes are very flavorful, delivering a flow that is crisp in its clarity and original in its execution. If Hip Hop has its own arena-style approach similar to arena-rock, then these two tracks are exactly that. These are big tracks with huge personality, and you can tell Mr. Anderson’s precise attention to detail is very apparent.

Another standout on this record is “Wild Girl”. This synth-heavy track has themes we’ve heard many times before in the Hip Hop and EDM universe, but not executed quite like this. This track’s female feature artist Devmo serves up a tasty verse that not only gives this song character, but attitude altogether. The subtlety in the drums-only verses add a layer of suspense you don’t hear in many songs, it really provides the room for each artist on this track to take the spotlight and deliver a powerful performance where your undivided attention is in full swing. If you want a familiar theme with a very versatile approach, then this track will not disappoint.

One more major highlight of this album is the upbeat heavy hitter “Goonies”. Featuring in-your-face spits from rapper Buukilo, this dynamic track really adds a layer of uniqueness that explores more of Mr. Anderson’s many articulate angles that he serves up throughout this album. This song also demonstrates his ability to put subtlety and suspense in certain areas of the structure that is not only effective with the track’s execution, but really allows the artist honing the verse to really grab the listener’s attention without any unnecessary distractions or post production theatrics. Anderson on every song let’s the artist do the talking without delving into any cheat techniques that may or may not take you out of the element of content; proving that he’s not only an innovative producer, but an authentic one as well.

A Dark Alley In Cedar Rapids is a record that showcases Mr. Anderson’s ability to wear many hats in the industry. He’s not only a producer, but a visionary as well; implementing an array of different angles while successfully utilizing several crucial artists to bring it to life in the most memorable way. It’s an album with staying power – it has the power to stay with you even long after it’s over. And it’ll also entice you to dive into Mr. Anderson’s discography and career as well. It’s a multifaceted and multilayered album that will easily satisfy old fans and reel in many new ones as well. The album is available to pre-save now on several digital music streaming platforms. You will not wanna miss this one.

•Album Pre-Save Link: https://artists.landr.com/MrAnderson

•Website: https://www.ListenStupid.com

•Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/Listen_Stupid

•Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ListenStupid/

•TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@Listen_Stupid

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•YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0SLWdkx6YHszzV_RknI4Mg?view_as=subscriber

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Exclusive Artist Review: Mr. Anderson & Tone Da Boss – “Finally” Album/LP

Every once in awhile we run into a collaboration effort that is completely innovative and next-level. This is one of those rare moments. Comprised of songwriter/producer Kel Anderson (Mr. Anderson) and rising rapper Tone Da Boss, 8-track juggernaut ‘Finally’ is a prominent collaboration and collective project that pushes the boundaries of innovation while still embracing those very crucial musical angles that made Hip Hop the evolving genre it is today. It’s a record that dares to be different, but really knows how to balance its originality and familiarity in a way that can easily appease any Hip Hop fan and even recruit some new ones who may (or may not) have been accustomed to the versatile world of the genre.

And that’s what makes ‘Finally’ the gem it really is – it diligently combines all of these crucial angles by eclectically constructing an original catalogue of tracks that effectively showcase both collaborators all while meshing together the same elements to blend it into something dynamic and wholesome. It’s the best of many worlds brought together by two evolving artists that have the same affection for passion. Mr. Anderson boastfully compiles each track from scratch with his distinctive beat structures and a multifaceted writing style that regularly conjures up many different textures as the album plays out. Opening title track “Finally” (feat. Alisabeth von Presley & Krayzie Bone) really touches on this structure and really comes out swinging on this record from start to finish. Tone Da Boss lays down some clever bars with his distinctively charismatic vocal style that brilliantly dances between subtlety and lyrical outbursts. Feature artist Alisabeth von Presley serves up very strong melody choices in the choruses and really adds a layer of atmosphere that gives this song a soulful aura. Krayzie Bone (most known from prominent 90s group Bone Thugz N Harmony) delivers a fresh flow during his verse that is well recognized among his work with Bone Thugz. His fast and driven vocal style lends an additional energy factor to the song which gives the ominously haunting and melodic beat a dynamically visceral edge. Overall, this track sets the tone for the rest of the album and will easily get every listener to invest into the rest of what’s to come.

Another notable song is “Put Me In The Ground”, which is undoubtedly one of the catchiest tracks on the record. Tone Da Boss straight up kills it on this banger and really enhances the listening experience with the chant-worthy chorus. Mr. Anderson also shines very brightly on this track, bringing forth another atmospheric beat that brilliantly parallels Tone’s vocal delivery in a way that is effective and innovative. One more song that needs a mention is “Midwest Hyphy”, a more upbeat track with Tone Da Boss utilizing several different voices and vocal projections. This track bumps and grinds with another crafty beat structure with Mr. Anderson at the helm of its fruition. These are some of the most clever measures on the album and really puts a crucial spotlight onto Tone Da Boss’s ability as a rapper. Both collaborators on this song are at the top of their game and their ability to showcase that is made very apparent. Overall, ‘Finally’ covers more ground in 8 songs than most other artists do in their entire discography. There’s no gimmicks, no sense of rushing and Mr. Anderson’s attentiveness to detail is strongly evident throughout the album’s duration while Tone Da Boss just comes out swinging with every bar and hook he conjures.

If this is your first time hearing either one of these artists, then this gem will entice you to dive deep into both of their careers. ‘Finally’ captures the authenticity and artistic merit that every artist should have at some point in their career, but Mr. Anderson and Tone Da Boss would be a ridiculously tough act to follow if you were to go against them in that regard. They also happened to obtain it in a way that is not only innovative, but next-level altogether. This is an album you would be foolish to sleep on. You can get your copy now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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