Exclusive Review: Dama – “Deep Thought” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Dama’s New Album

Crafting a signature Hip Hop sound comprised of rhythmic textures, layers, moods and raw emotions that can fit into one musical aura is something to behold when it comes to Denver-based recording artist Dama, who has been building an insatiable street buzz with everything he adds to his discography. Now, with the release of the aptly titled “Deep Thought”, we take a deep dive into Dama‘s many angles of artistic merit and explore several facets of his talent through this 19-track LP.

From start to finish, “Deep Thought” is a journey through the realm of musical vision. The moods that navigate us through each track are subtle, versatile and sometimes even ominous. There’s a great sense of anticipation when it comes to some of the structural buildups, however leads us to a path of comfort and redemption both musically and spiritually. The production value focuses strongly on layers and setting the tone for what’s to come; making sure every vibe and detailed measure is something that can easily resonate with every listener. The album has a vast array of audio imagery and visionary techniques that get you to see (and hear) through the perspective of the artist, which is a major standout for Dama where we get a glimpse into his artistic approach. Each song is anthemic, effective and completely lives up to the album name.

This exercise of ambience and atmosphere is far beyond the ordinary visionary concept. It’s calculatedly diligent, brilliant in its production and intelligent in its musical execution. “Deep Thought” will definitely take you on a musically spiritual adventure you’ll never forget. You can currently find the album on Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You won’t regret grabbing a copy.

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Exclusive Review: David Punch – “In This Together” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of David Punch’s New Single

With the COVID19 pandemic coming closer to an end, we are discovering that lots of artists during the lockdown period spent their time writing and reflecting on how the virus was impacting the world. One of them is Ireland-based artist David Punch, a young and eclectic musician that began hitting the ground running six years ago when he first manifested. His optimistic and uplifting single “In This Together” is an anthemic song that reminds us that we aren’t alone in this pandemic, and that we will be stronger and wiser once things return to normal.

His catchy indie Rock and acoustically-infused style is fun, upbeat and catches your attention from the onset. David‘s mid-range vocal approach is effective and presents melody choices that give you an instant indication that he knows how to structure a song very diligently. When it comes to his lyrics, just about anyone can resonate with them. His punchlines (no pun intended) are crucial, clever and really gets his story across with a realistic outlook. The chorus in this song is delivered very strongly and will have you singing it by the second time it comes around. It’s a powerful song with insatiable artistic merit and explores several angles of David Punch‘s abilities as a musician.

This song also has unwavering staying power – the ability to stay with you even after it’s over. Its realism and self awareness is inspiring and will easily capture hearts and minds with every listener. You can find David Punch‘s single on YouTube and several other digital platforms. This song is recommended to anyone wanting to hear a refreshing outlook on COVID19, and to any indie Rock fan that loves to discover new eclectic talent. This is a very important song for 2020.

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Exclusive Review: David Vaters – “When I Met You” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of David Vaters’ New Single

With a great vocal range and well structured melodies, Country-Rock recording artist David Vaters brings on a journey of anthemic soul and substance with his newest single “When I Met You”.

Garnering success and highly acclaimed recognition from previous hits like “Red Sea” and “Forgive” (which currently has a quarter million views on YouTube), David Vaters is no stranger to the industry and has amassed an insatiable buzz and extensive fan base since he began hitting the ground running in the music realm many years ago. His distinctive Country sound with versatile Rock elements has captured the hearts of thousands and continues to stay on his winning streak throughout 2020 and beyond. His newest single “When I Met You”, featured from his upcoming album ‘A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 3″, is a masterfully crafted track with multifaceted musicianship factors and production value that effectively showcases Vaters‘ songwriting and performance abilities with his wholesome signature sound and heartfelt lyrics. With great blends of acoustic and electric guitar progressions combined with finely tuned vocal melodies and harmonies, the precision on this song is unwaveringly tight knit along with the raw catchiness.

Vaters‘ mid-range vocals have great projection and makes this song’s chorus into an anthem-quality, surpassing expectations of just the same old standard chorus. His vocals stand out in many crucial areas that really delve deep into David‘s artistic merit and lyrical arrangements. The melody-driven guitar parts accompanied by a solid rhythm section really ties the song together and showcases each instrumental role. The slide guitar solo at the end is a beautiful touch and adds textures throughout the song that makes it not only effective, but charming as well. It’s the perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s more notable Country-Rock that we’ve all come to know and love over many decades, and this is the type of song (and artist) that will keep paving the way to keep Country music alive and kicking.

No matter what, “When I Met You” is a track that just about any Country fan will appreciate. You can find the song on YouTube and several digital music streaming platforms. You can also find more info on David Vaters‘ official website which is listed below.

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Exclusive Review: Mad Man Smooth – “Autonomous: Chapter V” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Mad Man Smooth’s Album

Mad Man Smooth is no stranger to our platform. He has been sustaining a heavy presence in our review section and since then has built up an insatiable buzz both on our website and his career collectively. So we were stoked to receive an advance copy of his newest 16-track juggernaut ‘Autonomous V’, which is his fifth chapter in his highly acclaimed ‘Autonomous’ series. And this one, much like the others, has a plethora of talented feature artists, innovative tracks, versatile components, key production elements and everything in between to solidify this as another gem in MMS‘s growing discography.

‘Autonomous V’ is another record that further cements MMS as an important and vital voice in the Hip Hop community for all the right reasons. His skill set is multifaceted and limitless, his lyrical techniques are dynamically unwavering, and his passion for the mic goes far beyond today’s contemporary artist; making him one of the more realer artists of the modern musical realm with his knack for crafting bars that have more power and substance than most mainstream rappers. His anchor single “To The Left” is the track that catapults this record into full throttle due to its popularity, versatility and notable reggae-influenced sound that sets a dynamic tone for the rest of the album. According to MMS himself, this album has a formula comprised of three distinctive elements. The first is the songs themselves being accessible to the every day listener. The next being mashups, where no vocals are one of the key factors and instead puts the sole focus onto the musical vibes enticing a signature sound that encourages a party atmosphere – similar to a DJ setting. And lastly, the beats themselves. The effective use of instruments, plugins and clever studio tricks that essentially carries the backbone of each song. This formula is one of the centerpieces that puts the concept of the ‘Autonomous’ series right out to the forefront and really showcases the genius and cleverness of MMS‘s mindset as an artist and creator of his craft; giving us a glimpse into his ability to conceptualize and successfully bring his vision to life.

This album also has an ongoing theme that centers around authentic vibes and moods, which breathes life into every track with something unique, diverse and effective in its execution. “Cherry Moonlight” has beautiful textures in the beat structure that really compliments the cleverly executed lyrical bars and hooks, and combines post production additives that bring extra layers to the table without going into unnecessary territory. “This War” is another effectively versatile track with a more old school feel that also has an impressive artist feature from Yoki Gold. It’s a political song that touches on the subject matter of unity, giving the audience a feeling of perspective and self awareness that encourages not to take sides. A standout on this record is definitely “From The Roots” (feat. Loso Westcrook), a track that tells a crucial story and focuses on the realm of realism in regards to where you come from; your roots. It’s a self awareness song that will definitely grab your attention and resonate with anyone with a similar past.

Overall, it’s very hard to pick a favorite off an album with tracks that could easily be standouts on their own. ‘Autonomous V’ is a rare gem where you don’t feel the need to skip over one track, sorta like Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’ albums. Mad Man Smooth is on an upward journey to much bigger things with the music industry and this album is continued proof of that. He’s a vital voice in the Hip Hop community that keeps it real and consistent; two things that just about guarantee a bigger place in the musical world for MMS, and most of all, deservingly. ‘Autonomous V’ officially drops on June 29th and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital music streaming platforms. This will be one of the more important records of 2020 and is a must-listen in every regard. Mark your calendars.

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Exclusive Review: J. Drive – “Untitled” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Cover Art of J. Drive’s New Single

Our platform gets a vast array of talent emerging from the indie Hip Hop community, and just about all of them bring something dynamic and amazing to the round table. In this case, Ohio-based recording artist J. Drive brings that same swagger and smoothness like many others, but raises the bar far beyond the norm with his distinctive and multifaceted signature sound when it comes to his newest single “Untitled”.

Utilizing an impressively higher vocal approach with projection that has undeniable energy, J. Drive steers this song into a territory very few artists of the Hip Hop genre ever do. His high range and sing-songy style is not only perfectly executed, but also brings wholesome musicianship factors to the forefront. His singing ability and lyrical techniques parallel flawlessly and really dive deep into J‘s artist merit, giving him the free reign to explore many facets of the genre that many other artists don’t. His melody choices are cleverly conjured, the content is carefully crafted and the production value is exactly where it needs to be to showcase several angles of J. Drive‘s skills behind the mic. His clever lyrical outbursts and wordsmithy ways of putting bars and rhymes together is notable and very apparent. His style is eclectic, intelligent and never waivers from his ability to remain consistent and attentive. You can definitely tell he constructed this track with absolute care, but still gives himself the space to really spread out his talents into other elements through the ambient beat this song embraces.

“Untitled” is also the type of song that sustains insatiable staying power, where the song sticks with you even after it’s over. It’s a song you’ll find yourself revisiting time and time again, and will definitely find its way onto your playlist. You can find this track on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll become an instant fan once you give this track a listen.

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