Exclusive Artist Review: Chad Rubin – “Body Language” Single

If there’s one thing we know about Chad Rubin, it’s that his music gets better every time he releases new material. And he absolutely hits it out of the park with his newest banger “Body Language”, slated to be on his upcoming 2021 album release.

With an atmospheric piano intro, this rhythmic Pop/Dance track with R&B elements captivates the musical portions of our brains from the second it starts. Utilizing the song title with a concept that gets cleverly descriptive with how we move on the dance floor, “Body Language” is bound to get you moving even if you lack the swagger. The smooth bass lines, distinct progressions and versatile melodies on this track give Chad Rubin all the room he needs to showcase his insatiable vocal talents in all the right places on this song, and his attention to detail is more apparent than ever. Which brings me to production value – the mix down on this track is perfectly executed and brings out every angle of Rubin’s artistic merit. While most songs that fall into this genre can sometimes lack uniqueness, this banger holds nothing back and delivers a flavorful, wholesome signature sound. The use of instrumentation parallels the top notch production value and keeps your attention fixed from start to finish. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Chad Rubin has been going strong since his inception into the market and has hit the ground running since his first release. He continues to climb the industry with a solid foundation of growing fans, supporters and connections. You can tell his raw passion went into this single and will undoubtedly get you pumped for his album release this year. He currently splits his time between Scottsdale in Arizona and California’s elite Huntington Beach scene. He will be resuming his live show schedule in the next month or so and will also be releasing an official music video for this new single around the same time. In the meantime, you can listen to “Body Language” on the Spotify link below. Be sure to follow him on social media as well to keep up with his show schedule and subsequent releases. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of him as 2021 progresses – expect big things for this artist and from this artist.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Rob Alexander – “Dream Out Loud” Album

When it comes to encapsulating anthemic Rock songs with dynamic lyrics, addictive melodies and top of the line performance and production value in epic proportions, third time is a charm for Rob Alexander‘s newest 13-track juggernaut Dream Out Loud. His third album in three years and easily one of his best yet.

Rob Alexander has done it again and just keeps getting better with time. You can hear from his debut record all the way up to this newest one that he keeps upping the ante on perfecting his craft and tightening his songwriting. Each track on Dream Out Loud sounds like something freshly conjured, but still provides that signature stylization we’ve come to know and love about Rob‘s eclectic swagger. From a tight knit rhythm section, melodically crunchy guitar riffs with catchy progressions and intelligent lyrics, Rob brings it all together into one powerfully multifaceted unit with twists, turns and undeniable versatility throughout every measure of this album.

Opening track “Yesterday’s News” is an upbeat and electronically infused song that is fun and crafty. If you’ve heard Rob‘s previous albums, then you’ll notice that this track immediately showcases a slightly more modern direction, but also satisfies your fancy to hear what new tricks Rob has up his sleeves. Just like his last two records, each song offers up several different Rock and Blues elements, but you can still tell that it’s all coming from the same artist. And Dream Out Loud sticks with that formula, where Rob Alexander diligently showcases several angles of his songwriting and performance ability. Other tracks on this record like “Angel & Johnny” are more piano-driven, subtle, and always delivers a wholesome sound with great vocal hooks and innovative guitar touches. “Hot Potato” is a catchy and ominous track that is insatiably rhythmic with an excitably punchy chorus, while closing track “Game Over” is more visceral with a theatrical and wholesome approach that truly brings Rob Alexander‘s versatility to the forefront; tying the album together and leaving you yearning for more.

Rob Alexander proves with every release just how much he improves each time. Dream Out Loud is definitely his strongest yet, and continues to build on his authentic signature sound that his fans absolutely love. This record has something for everyone and if this is your first time discovering Rob, then strap yourself in for a ride. The album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Also, as an impressive highlight, Dream Out Loud was written and recorded in 2020 and features current members of Elton John’s band. It will be available February 5th, 2021. Rob is starting off the new year with a bang and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for him!


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Exclusive Artist Review: 3partystate – “Young Dope & Wasted” EP

Now this is a direction I’d like to see Hip Hop grab onto. 3partystate‘s EP Young Dope & Wasted is an atmospheric and visceral ride into melody, versatility and a formulaic calibre; and there’s not one song on this record you’ll be disappointed with.

Garnering a signature sound that combines clever bars and ear-catchy guitar hooks, 3ps‘s EP brings a plethora of multifaceted components to this 5-track juggernaut and truly brings vibes to the table that are rarely conjured. Each intro utilizes major-key measures, progressions and diligently showcases the vocal talent with many angles that brings 3ps right to the forefront. Going from witty bars to unforgettable melody sing-songy measures is not only rare, but beautifully crafted throughout the duration of every track. They’re tracks that have components of relaxation periods, but still provide that sensual swagger that every R&B fan yearns for. This multifaceted mix is comprised of a stylization that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a chance to reignite the fire for the old school Rap/R&B approach they’ve come to know and loved, all while serving up an innovative modern sound that can easily draw in any Rap and R&B fan, no matter what era they come from.

Young Dope & Wasted is definitely dope. It’s an absolute treat for any Hip Hop fan out there looking for that modern and melodic edge with both rapping and singing at the helm of the record; and we have a feeling this EP will continue to hit the ground running without slowing down anytime soon. It’s an EP that will also have you delving into 3ps‘s discography and future releases as well as prospects. We can’t recommend this record highly enough. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.


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