Exclusive Review: Freddie Bourne – “The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Freddie Bourne’s New EP

When it comes to versatility, next level production value and attentiveness to detail, Freddie Bourne‘s EP “The Troubled Boy At The Bonfire Disco” really raises the bar and brings a huge, wholesome sound to the table. It’s his fifth studio release and features four larger than life tracks that explore many facets of Freddie‘s talent, and is the farthest thing from a disappointment.

Self proclaimed as “Conscious House-Pop”, Freddie‘s EP, produced by Stephen Horning of Dirty Dogg Productions, gives great nostalgic callbacks to the 90s and early-2000s era with his electronically infused Pop/Indie Rock sensibilities topped with House Music textures and exceptional song structures. Starting off with the opener “I Hope You Don’t Forgive Me”, we get a great acoustically-led guitar progression that builds up to something much more climactic and anthemic as the song plays on. Freddie‘s mid-to-high range vocals are strong, effective and presents this song’s chorus with absolute conviction. The Pop razor edge really works here and could easily be heard as a chart topper among many other artists of a similar caliber. The standout of this EP is definitely “Jeni”, a song with beautiful electronic and guitar textures, solid rhythmic structure and story-telling lyrics that really bring Freddie‘s songwriting ability to the forefront. This song is very busy, but not convoluted in the least; everything fits in its proper place. The 3-4 part harmonies in this chorus are very notable and big, and really encapsulates Freddie‘s precision as a vocalist. This track also has that classic 90s Alt/Rock feel reminiscent to REM, Goo Goo Dolls and Coldplay.

“Pale Blue Sky” (feat. E. King) and “Spacedust” (also co-written by producer Stephen Horning) are very ambient songs with innovative synth additives and bassy layers that drive both tracks into multifaceted territories. Freddie‘s vocals continue to shine and really showcase his ability to choose his vocal melodies wisely. His strength and projection really gives his vocal textures a wide array of techniques for both songs and really solidifies this EP’s signature sound. All four tracks of this record are diversely different, but you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist. Each song is carefully crafted, handled with absolute care and really paves the way for other artists that hone similar styles. “The Troubled Boy…” is a must-listen by all accounts and you will definitely be enticed to dig further into Freddie Bourne‘s career and discography. You can currently grab a copy of this EP on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad that you did.

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Exclusive Review: AIDAN-XX – “Til The War Is Over” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of AIDAN-XX’s New Single

Who is AIDAN-XX? Reading her name backwards might give you a hint. Nadia Lanfranconi has been in the industry for awhile and has put out an impressive discography since then. Now, under her alter ego of AIDAN-XX, the LA-based recording artist continues her musical journey touching on more powerful subjects and current events that are taking place around us. Her newest anthem “Til The War Is Over” is an impactful example of this concept and really delivers both musically and realistically – and it’s something everyone needs to hear.

AIDAN‘s voice is angelic, ambient and really dives deep into an emotional aura that takes the listener on a journey of emotional reflection. With beautifully composed musical arrangements and atmospheric textures that really set the tone throughout the track, AIDAN‘s melody choices are effective and packed full of beautifully placed harmonies and vocal techniques that showcase both her artistic merit and her ability to articulate a powerful message; paralleling a perfect balance of content and performance. This song can easily draw reminiscences to artists like Sia and those of her caliber.

This track is also accompanied by a cinematic and highly effective music video that truly fits the song with the message it delivers. It’s a song that is just about flawless and truly breaks the barriers of realism in music. When watching and listening, you’ll definitely see that it’s not what AIDAN says, it’s how she says it. And that’s what truly makes “Til The War Is Over” one of the most crucial songs of 2020, and is a must-listen for anyone paying attention to their surroundings. The single officially dropped on Saturday on June 20th and is currently available on YouTube, Apple Music and other digital music platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Tazz58 – “Take Back The Night” & “Lemon Drops” Singles

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art & Promo for Tazz58’s New Single

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, recording artist/producer Tazz58 took to music like a moth to a flame since he began hitting the ground running several years ago in the music realm. And with his single “Take Back The Night” dropping tomorrow, this is the perfect time to highlight his career and take a dive deep into his signature sound.

His previous single “Lemon Drops”, which released last year, is a highly versatile track that received widespread attention and critical acclaim throughout the industry. This jammy and danceable anthem has many facets of Tazz58‘s producer skill set brought to the forefront. From song arrangements that have a technique for building the song up to give you that edge-of-your-seat feeling, this high energy and electronically-infused song took digital music platforms by storm and really put Tazz58‘s name into the spotlight, giving his fans an insatiable anticipation for what he would come out with next.

Now, with his newest single “Take Back The Night”, he comes out swinging once again with a solid and polished track that brings even more of Tazz58‘s artistic merit out into the spotlight. Another song that is high-energy and anthemic, this Electronic/Dance track is multifaceted and attention-grabbing, giving the audience a vibing experience that will get the dance floor heated and sweaty. The Spanish/English vocals are not only effective, but charming as well. The melody choices are very well put together and adds a whole new layer to Tazz58‘s production style. This track definitely raises the bar, utilizing the same familiar signature sound but exploring more innovative territories with attentiveness to detail. If you dig the previous single, “Take Back The Night” will be more than satisfying from the very first listen.

“Take Back The Night” officially drops tomorrow on June 26th and will be available on SoundCloud, YouTube, and several digital music streaming platforms. You’ll definitely be adding this one to your playlists.

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Exclusive Review: American Scream – “Sink” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of American Scream’s debut EP

Bursting onto the music scene last year with an insatiably versatile and unique signature sound, North Carolina quartet American Scream have been hitting the ground running pretty much since the minute they solidified their formation. Tastefully blending diligent flavors of electronically-infused Synth Pop and Rock elements, the band has proven with their debut EP ‘Sink’ that original ideas are still out there and the fun nature of creating music still thrives strongly if you’re willing to pay attention – and this record is definitely an attention-grabber.

This 7-track juggernaut starts off with a solid intro track then leads right into their anchor single off this record, “Hypocrite”. Accompanied by a thematically fun music video, this song has an arsenal of catchy melody choices with distinctive vocal harmonies and ambient keyboard progressions that really drive this song into many creative directions. The lead vocals are astoundingly effective and really showcases this band’s artistic merit both collectively and individually through each member.

“Club Noises” is an absolute standout with dynamically crafty lyrics that not only resonate with the listener, but cleverly executes the message that the song conveys and makes several excellent uses out of social media references. This track also has a great genre-bending structure that combines Djent-y breakdowns and Synth-y progressions. This song definitely turns the heat up and really encompasses the energy this band brings to the table. The track “Iceberg” is a more subtle song that really delves deep into the band’s core and centerpiece. With anthemic tones and heartfelt lyrics that continue to demonstrate the band’s detail-oriented songwriting ability, this track brings forth another multifaceted angle that puts American Scream on a high pedestal, far above the run-of-the-mill contemporary artist.

American Scream Press photo

The darker and anthem-worthy closing songs “Funeral” and “The Darkness” are amazingly composed and really hone in on each member’s contributing factors to this EP. The collective musicianship qualities really spill out by the time you reach the end of this record and it really demonstrates just how much versatility this band really encapsulates. The chemistry is very apparent and the innovative techniques this record showcases really blows your mind especially after realizing that this is a debut EP from a band that formed only a year ago. It gets you morbidly curious to hear what this band has in store for their sophomore release, and really raises the bar far higher than American Scream probably realizes. ‘Sink’ is an absolute must-listen for 2020 and will likely be noted as one of the best releases of this year altogether. You can find this EP on Spotify, YouTube and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad that you did.

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Exclusive Review: Hazeline Taffe – “Strength N Dreams” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Hazeline Taffe’s 2-Track Album

When it comes to rhythmic vibes, melodic textures and musical atmosphere, Hazeline Taffe’s album “Strength N Dreams” immediately comes to mind. Boasting a glistening record which features 2 versatile tracks that accompany the album name title to title, these Reggae-influenced anthems showcase many dynamic angles to Hazeline’s crafty balance, composure, and genuine artistic merit that explores many facets of her talent.

Utilizing a mid-to-high range vocal approach that is effective and consistent, Hazeline‘s biggest standout on the album’s first track “Strength” is her perfected melody choices, especially in the chorus. This uplifting track has that classic reggae 2/4 tempo and clean upward strumming guitar parts that we’ve all come to know and love in the realm of Reggae. But this song is anything but ordinary when it comes to Hazeline‘s vocal melodies that truly brings the song far above contemporary levels. Any Reggae fan will appreciate this song wholesomely.

With the piano-led song “Dreams”, we get a beautiful pattern of eclectic measures, diligent brass additions and a ballad-like flavor that really puts Hazeline‘s voice to the forefront. This glowing track is paralleled perfectly between the value of performance and production, giving Hazeline the opportunity to deliver a visceral vocal approach that reels you in with every hook this song has to offer. This song also has a climactic buildup with an arrangement that supersedes the average ballad, which is brought on by Hazeline‘s beautiful vibratos, voice control and lyrical depth that truly gives the song an anthemic atmosphere that’ll give the listener goosebumps every time.

These songs are not only amazing, but are also direct proof that Hazeline Taffe lives and breathes music every time she hits the studio. The detail-oriented compositions of “Strength N Dreams” are unlike anything else you’ll hear this year, and we say that with absolute conviction. The album is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms. Prepare to become an instant fan.

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