Exclusive Review: Jerry Impini – “Been Bad For Me” Single

Some musicians can truly hit it out of the park when they find their versatile niche. This is definitely one of those rare cases. Hailing from the NYC borough of Queens, classically trained pianist/vocalist and Universal Music artist Jerry Impini hits the ground running with his first ever double-dueling piano rock single, “Been Bad For Me.” A contagiously catchy and upbeat song that is brilliant in its execution and multifaceted throughout every measure; which truly showcases Jerry‘s artistic merit from start to finish.

This is definitely a track that is bound to leave an everlasting impression on you. Comprised of dynamic piano licks and multilayered vocal melodies, “Been Bad For Me” is good for the soul and puts the rock into piano like no other artist in today’s modern music spectrum. Utilizing bluesy progressions and a punchy rhythm section with solidly precise percussion, the rapid tempo changes in this track are cleverly placed and the pacing is consistent while also staying completely versatile throughout the track’s duration. The song is a true breath of fresh air for rock fans and will find this song an anthemic and atmospheric piece of music to behold.

One thing about this song is the sustainability and staying power, where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. Jerry‘s vocal delivery parallels brilliantly with the craftiness of each musical element and really delves deep into the skill set he possesses throughout the track and beyond. It’ll definitely entice you to look further into Jerry Impini‘s career, discography and musical presence altogether. Whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning or find yourself just discovering him now, “Been Bad For Me” is an absolute treat and must-listen in every way. The single is available now on Spotify, BandCamp, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad that you gave it a listen.

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Press Release: Big Dawg079 Continues To Hit the Ground Running With His Newest Hit Single “Greedy”

Rappers can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Big Dawg079.

Known for his charismatic vocal delivery, clever rhyming style and unwavering determination, Big Dawg097 began hitting the ground running in the music realm at the age of 12 and since then has developed an insatiable following and industry buzz. Hailing from the metropolitan area of Chicago, the rising rapper has built an incredibly active online presence and has put out a vast array of independent releases that have garnered him critical acclaim and underground praise among the Hip Hop spectrum; acquiring over 20,000 plays on Spotify alone and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

With several catchy releases under his belt with positive reception, Big Dawg097‘s signature sound is reminiscent of industry heavyweights including Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z, Scarface, Rick Ross, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, and others of a similar calibre. Big Dawg‘s recent singles “Body” and “Don’t Stop” are versatile bangers that have received unrelenting support since their release dates earlier this Fall. However, with the newest single “Greedy”, which just released over this past weekend, Big Dawg proves that he has taken his multifaceted skill level to new heights with relatable lyrics that truly delves into his artistic merit and authenticity as a rapper. It’s a next-level track that encompasses his strengths as an artist, showcasing his dynamically crafted lyricism and songwriting structures that make every hook and bar of this track really count to leave an impact on any listener that comes across it. And with the direction currently in place at this point of Big Dawg‘s career, he has a plethora of promise ahead of him as he continues to grind his way to the top and acquire new sets of listeners one fan at a time.

“Greedy” is a must-listen on all accounts and will truly entice you to look deeper into Big Dawg‘s career and discography. The single is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you gave this banger a listen.


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Career Highlights: Rising Artist Christone Participates In High Class Photo Session By Renowned Fashion Photography Team In Budapest

Rising artist Christone has been linking up with some extraordinary photography talent lately and adding a vast array of new photo sessions to his artist portfolio. Since COVID-19 has all but shut down the music industry’s live show circuit and concert experience, artists like Christone have still managed to utilize time wisely in a way that’ll keep his career on the move and upward. Featuring two prominent names in the photo and makeup divisions of the entertainment industry, both of these artists have been at the helm of their artistic merit for several years and have ultimately risen to high profile territories after working alongside many big names in the business. And now we will introduce them to you.

Photographer Jozsef Balogh:

“Photography is my main passion, hobby and true love. I was fourteen when I had my first contact with the magical world of photography. At that time I had an analog filmmaker camera and it was love at first sight. I also had a wonderful teacher, Mr. Papp Janos, who showed me all the basic and most important tips and tricks in this industry.

My hobby eventually became my passion and my life changed a lot when I accidently met Mr. Varga Jozsef, one of the biggest names in the modelling and fashion world in Hungary. After this accidental meeting, I became more involved in the world of the fashion photography and modelling portfolio shoots. It was love at first sight to this industry and there was no turning back; I dove right in.

I’ve attended many photography workshops and improved my techniques with different photography courses. This industry demands a professional with continuous self improvement and a need for becoming better at your craft day by day. I would love to highlight one of my favourite workshops at the Tripont Light Academy where I was mastering the lightening techniques for films and photography. Also, my main mentor, Mr. Vass Tamas, taught me the most important tips and tricks in fashion and modelling photography. I obtained my most useful instructions, critics and appreciation regarding my work from him.”

Makeup Artist Liv Rideg:

Liv Rideg is a Master International Make Up Professional and makeup educator with 18 years of experience in the industry. She has been teaching makeup courses for the past 7 years and is known for giving her students a better understanding of media makeup and the industry itself made them feel more self confident and comfortable working with clients.

Throughout her career, she has worked with several renowned fashion designers (Dubai, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Lebanon, USA, Italy, France, Hungary, Serbia), photographers, TV networks, professional models and TV commercials on an International level. Most of her career has taken place working in the field of Media doing hairstyling and makeup (photo shoots, fashion shows, TV channels). She has a unique style and touch in creating different makeup looks when it comes to classical, fashion and media makeup. Her approach to makeup is more artistic and fashionable than your average makeup artist and is widely regarded for her continued work in the industry.

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