Careers: The Life And Chronicles of Uprising Artist Banknote Mitch

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of BankNote Mitch’s release

A 6 foot, 190-pound ball of pure passion is what some would call Mitchell Similton, better known by his stage name Banknote Mitch, an uprising American Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Equity Trader, Activist, and Writer of the 49th Law of Power. Born on February 20th, 1986 in Concord, NC, he ended up only relocating to Charlotte, NC two years later after watching his parents’ home burn to the ground. Some say he was baptized by fire, but the restless streets of Charlotte would end up eventually stealing his innocence. This would be his introduction to Hell, but luckily, chasing a better life would eventually create opportunities for the young kid to escape the streets before it completely consumed him.

Creating his own lane and brand as a rapper garnered him the attention he needed, utilizing his insatiable love of music to expand into bigger, more profitable ventures. Turning a life of tragedy, jail time and countless funerals into something productive he could be proud of. Upon entering the world of music as a fresh face, Mitch realized the entertainment industry was not what he expected. While creating new opportunities for himself through many major platforms, it also created twice as many problems; hence the saying, “more money, more problems.” Realizing that the cons outweighed the pros, Mitch subsequently returned home to North Carolina, leaving the life he created and once chased with every cell in his body, only to find the grass was not always greener on the other side in th end. These reasons and more, would be why a multimillionaire would disappear into the life of a nine-to-five to never be heard from again.

After in-depth research, Mitch’s net worth stood around 5 million USD. After hearing his story, we reached out to our best lead; a childhood friend by the name of Lamont “Billy D” Smith who was very protective of Mitch, and who he referred to as Royal Redd the big homie. It was basically an interrogation in an effort to learn our true intent on speaking with Mitch. Once he felt we were not a threat, the meeting was set up. I was excited that we got this far. Upon arriving at an undisclosed location, we were immediately frisked by men dressed in all red, who guided us into a fairly empty all-white apartment with all-white furniture to match. Mitchell “Banknote Mitch” Similton. Tattoos wrapped around his neck and arms. Platinum and diamonds draped around his neck, hands and wrist. I thought to myself, how could this guy hide in plain sight? But I was more anxious to learn his story, and so the questions began, and to our surprise, he wasn’t a drug lord, wasn’t a kingpin, gangster, or any of the things that we originally heard. He turned out to be a legitimate activist in the community, helping feed and clothe the homeless with his own money. He spoke on police brutality as well as his own encounters with law enforcement. Starting at the early age of 7, he spoke with such a passion that we couldn’t help but feel his and his community’s pain.

Standard Shot of BankNote Mitch

Banknote is a man of the people and we thank him forQ taking the time out to speak with us. Before we were escorted out, he explained his plans to help others during the pandemic and asked us to quote one thing in this article: “Take action, register to vote & take control of your own future”.

Thanks Mitch!

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Exclusive Review: Vish-K – “Lucky Turned Favored” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Vish-K’s EP “Lucky Turned Favored”

Emerging from the prominent Atlanta Hip Hop scene down the east coast, Rapper & Recording Artist Vish-K began hitting the ground running in the music realm 13 years ago when he came out the gate with a hypnotic and inventive Tra. And since that time has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization with no signs of slowing down his momentum. Now, with over a decade under his belt, Vish-K has brought some of his most diligently crafted material to the forefront of his career with the release of his long awaited EP, ‘Lucky Turned Favored.”

This 5-track anthem is a perfect example of proving that the underground produces some of the best Hip Hop content that exists in the modern musical realm, even though it sits right under the nose of most mainstream labels. This rollercoaster ride of bangers from start to finish showcases Vish-K‘s super charged flow and sonic alchemy of dynamic lyrical structures when it comes to his rhyming techniques, and truly knows how to keep your attention fixated on him no matter what theme he puts forward. “Part of Me” and “Big Truckz” are masterful opening tracks that really emphasize V-K‘s vocal approach that has balance and composure, but still diligently touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving every listener a chance to hear nostalgic old school callbacks in each track, but still also offers up enough of his own innovative qualities to make each song modernized and fresh off the table.

The standout of this EP is definitely “Upper-Unity,which was first put out as an exclusive single as a means to hype up this EP, and did exactly just that. It’s definitely the banger of the record that explores many sectors of Vish-K‘s vocal talent in many different angles. This bassy beat is accompanied by a vast array of cleverly executed bars and a flow that really carries the torch from start to finish as each verse carries out. It’s incredibly catchy, energetic and ties in the entire EP’s aura with its direction and artistic merit. But overall, every track is flavorful and serves up a Hip Hop style that keeps the magic coming from the underground scenes. Vish-K does not mess around on this EP and really raises the bar for any artist involved in the prominent Hip Hop genres with every bar and measure speaking for itself strongly, as well as effectively. ‘Lucky Turned Favored’ is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. Pick up a copy’s

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Exclusive Review: THANKYOUCHASE – “Merrick Road” Debut Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of THANKYOUCHASE’s Debut Single “Merrick Road”

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the true magic happens. The greatest music often comes from artists that most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet, but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. Brooklyn-based Hip Hop recording artist THANKYOUCHASE is a rapper on the rise who is doing exactly that with his debut single “Merrick Road,” a song he also produced and mixed himself as well.

Utilizing an atmospheric beat that encapsulates moods and textures that immediately draws you into the song, “Merrick Road” is an ambient and innovative track that really captures THANKYOUCHASE‘s craft in many effective ways that showcases his artistic merit. His sing-songy stylization with auto-tone blends that compliment his vocal structures, this track is quite an impressive feat for a debut release. It’s an anthemic first effort that will definitely leave an everlasting first impression – which in this era, is one of the most crucial parts of starting off a career on the right foot.

On top of the top-tier production value and next-level beat structure, THANKYOUCHASE‘s vocal melody choices are precise and polished, giving the listener an easy way to delve into his lyrical content. “Merrick Road” touches on subject matter that involves one-sided feelings, unrequited love and the realization that the one you love has only a cold shoulder to offer; something almost any music listener can resonate with. Most notable part of this single, without a doubt, is the chorus. It’s simple, effectively structured, and has catchiness that really reaches dangerous levels. So no matter what, you’ll be singing this one in your head repeatedly even long after it’s over. For a debut effort, it doesn’t get much better than this THANKYOUCHASE single. “Merrick Road” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and all other digital music streaming platforms. Expect much more from this artist as 2020 continues to play out!


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Exclusive Review: Cody Tyler – “Thursday” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Cody Tyler’s Single “Thursday”

Jumping back onto the platform for a third time, the long awaited wait for west coast sensation Cody Tyler‘s newest bumpin’ single “Thursday” has finally dropped. And to no surprise at all, it does not disappoint.

This electro-wave track is melodically paralleled by Cody‘s cleverly executed vocal textures both in the forefront of the verses and chorus, as well as the flavorful additives that compliment the song through each measure. It has a very well-paced beat structure that is versatile, multifaceted and attention-grabbing. But when it comes down to it, just like his other songs, Cody Tyler‘s voice truly carries the torch on this track and leads a vocal approach that is multilayered and innovative. “Thursday” is also a very futuristic song that showcases many crucial components of balance, composure and next-level production value to really tie it all together into a track of electronic R&B/Pop goodness with all the right melody choices.

This is easily some of Cody Tyler‘s best work yet since coming out the gate as a YouTube celebrity several years ago. This song is direct proof that he has no intention of stopping anytime soon; he keeps evolving, thriving, composing and creating with the same passion and diligence he’s always displayed as a recording artist. And that’s one of Cody‘s biggest standouts with his artist merit – his heart always being in the right place, and letting his music reflect that.

“Thursday” is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Pick up your copy today and keep a close eye on what he comes out with next!

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Exclusive Review: Owl Green – “Flavor” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art

Cover Art of Owl Green’s Single for “Flavor”

The title of LA-based Hip Hop artist Owl Green‘s new single does complete justice to this track. A catchy, ambient track with a plethora of flavorful bars and hooks that bring OG‘s lyrical facets to the forefront, his newest single “Flavor” proves that the underground is where the true magic is made, and continues to raise the bar for today’s mainstream sector.

With an atmospheric beat that treads with subtle tones and cleverly executed post-production plugins, “Flavor” is a brilliant stroke of talent without the need of a feature artist to sing this song’s memorable hook with Owl Green at the helm of the mic throughout every measure. On top of choosing effective melody choices, his vocal approach utilizes an angle of his singing talents reminiscent of industry heavyweights like Andre 3000, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and others of a similar caliber. By the time the bars come in, Owl‘s flow is versatile, multifaceted and smooth sailing when it comes to his lyrical outbursts and rhyming techniques. He is clear, concise and has focal points of precision that are easy to resonate with both lyrically and performance-wise.

This track’s simple structure is a fine fit for the song’s concept and still gives all the room needed to showcase Owl Green‘s many talented angles. His tightly knit chorus and straightforward bars really emphasize his vocal approaches accurately and really demonstrate his capabilities as a vocalist. If this is your first time giving him a listen then “Flavor” will definitely leave you with a great taste in your mouth when it comes to Hip Hop with an artistic aura. The track released today and is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll definitely be adding this one to your playlist as a standout of 2020.

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